Spinning Tuesdays: Keeping Track with Tyvek

Here’s a great suggestionI heard from Sasha of SpinDoctor  who heard it from one of her listeners for labeling skeins of handspun.

Tyvek wristbands, the kind folks use for events and amusement parks are quick and easy. They’re about 1″ x 10″ and sticky at one end. Write your info, wrap around your skein, stick and go!

Tyvek wristband - yellow!

I got mine from here kitty kitty on eBay. They’re about $10 for 200, and come in a variety of colors.

I also cut up used tyvek envelopes for tags, the kind that my fiber club packages come in, and either tie them on, hang tag style, or make a wristband and use duct tape to stick the ends together. This version is great for recycling, if you have a lot of info you want to keep track of or if you tend to write big (guilty!)

A sheet of wristbands and a tyvek envelope

Here are a few in action:


Both versions will withstand the hottest soakings and fiercest whackings. If you write all of your info in Sharpie, it won’t wash off.

All kinds of notes to myself

I write all kinds of info and I often go back and write more after I’ve set the skein: colorway, fiber company, fiber type, wheel set up, drafting & plying methods, even what I want to use it for.

Please weave me!

I love this method of keeping track. It’s great for sampling, when you can’t decide how to spin something and have 10 little skeins. It’s also great for classes – I used to use paper hang tags for my samples and they would dissolve or the writing would wash off as soon as they hit water.

Mostly, it’s really easy, which is key for me.

Also, Sharpies!

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8 thoughts on “Spinning Tuesdays: Keeping Track with Tyvek

  1. Nancy

    So smart! What a great idea. I’ve been using folded post-its or scrap paper to tag my skeins – which didn’t worked well when the cat decided to nap in the great big skein bowl and managed to rip a whole mess of the tags off while kneading the yarn to his desired consistency. 😐 Tyvek would be a lot hardier! (Also Sharpie markers are super – but did you know they make a pen now? I won’t leave home without one.) Many thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

  2. Rickie

    I’m a huge fan of tyvek too! Great for dyeing, labeling. I cut used envelopes in strips (each strip runs down the both sides and over the fold of the envelope – long strips!) and tie the ends – tape and yarn is not a good combination for me. Thanks for the tip about the wrist bands – I’ll have to check them out.

  3. Liz A

    I started using surveyors flagging tape after watching Rita Buchannan’s video. It works great. It is about two dollars a roll and comes in several colors. I have marked with Sharpies on it and run it through the washer and dryer with no problems.

    Just one more alternative you can get locally.

  4. Anonymous, too

    In case you need to erase something, try rubbing alcohol (or cheap vodka) on a cotton swab or cotton ball. I’m not sure if it will work on Tyvek, but it does work on glass, shiny-polished stainless steel, and some plastics. Might be a tad easier than writing a whole new tag.

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