WWW: Beard Knitting, TTC Knitalong, Giveaway!

Knit your own!

Giveaway time! Just in time for what we’re anticipating to be a flaming hot June, a giveaway for a kit to knit the Flaming June sweater from our Spring & Summer issue.

One lucky winner will get enough Lana’s Hemp for Kniting Allhemp 3 to knit this fab design. Prize value is $49-$98.

Leave a comment on this post by midnight EST Friday June 1st to be eligible to win. If you’ve won a giveaway in the last year, please give other knitters a chance.

Thanks to Lanaknits for the prize.

This calls for a yarn with some texture.

The Burke Museum in Beechwood, Australia, has launched an excellent competition, ‘Ned’s Needles. Entrants are to knit (or crochet) a replica of bushranger/outlaw/folk hero Ned Kelly‘s amazing beard.  Even if you’re not going to enter the competition, there is a pattern for a knitted beard available for download, for your Halloween costume needs.

Blogger Stitcherati brings us this tremendous homage to the wonder that is the Clapotis, complete with excellent tutorial on the trickier bits.


A fun Jubilee-themed yarn bomb in the UK.

A very helpful guide to organic and eco-friendly yarns from the Canadian Living magazine crafts blog.

Another gem from the New York Times archive: from February 1883, “Gossip About Knitting“. Includes patterns for ladies’ gloves knitted in silk (for wearing over your dainty leather gloves – the layered look was fashionable even then!), some notes on a babies’ bootees and a rough outline for a sock.

The routes.

Details for this year’s Toronto TTC Knitalong have been announced. Saturday July 14th, look for Toronto public transport to be taken over by hordes of knitters, shopping and knitting up a storm. More info and registration here. As always, there are prizes and deals at the various shops on the tour, and proceeds of the registration fee go to charity.

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677 thoughts on “WWW: Beard Knitting, TTC Knitalong, Giveaway!

  1. Kate

    I love this sweater. It is high on my list for summer knitting. Would love to win the kit.

  2. aprilshowers

    I’m knitting a “Cool June” right now, out of some purply-navy out of deep stash. It’s the wrong weight though so I’d love to knit another out of a more appropriate yarn. Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Whitney

    I have been ogling that sweater for months — I’d love for it to be my “reward” project for finally finishing a cardigan for my mother.

  4. suburban prep

    That is darling. I would love to knit this during the summer. I am sure it would feel wonderful as it glides through my fingers.

  5. MarieAnge

    I would definitely love to knit the cardi!
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway 🙂

  6. Carolyn R.

    I’ve knit this sweater in another yarn but the fabric is not as light an airy as the hemp. I’d love another go at it in the right type of yarn.

  7. Lynnine

    I’m recovering from foot surgery–I need more projects to keep me busy! Thanks for the opportunity.

  8. Liz A

    I love the idea of a sweater that I can wear in the spring and fall without it being too hot. I’d love to win the yarn to make this.

  9. Dibble

    Love the sweater, would love to try hemp.
    I’m going to pass on the beards. 🙂
    (I got that out of my system by knitting a dozen beards for an Epiphany pageant this past year.)

  10. Christine

    I’ve been eyeing this sweater on the site, and would love the opportunity to win the package. Thanks!

  11. Eliza

    I’ve loved that sweater from the moment I first saw it–and it’s probably not a coincidence that I love Leighton’s painting too!

  12. CharlotB

    Would _love_ to win enough hemp yarn to make this in a 3X; love working with AllHemp yarn. Haven’t worked with the AllHemp3, but have made several items with the sport weight AllHemp6.

  13. Alison

    Summer time! I love the really stinking hot days and try to memorize them for February.

  14. Amanda Heyen

    My office is cold year-round, so I am always a big cardigan fan. Having one to keep my arms covered and still be comfortable in the middle of Houston summer would be quite a treat.

  15. mollysusie

    Fun! I love that kind of sweater … easy and breezy! I’ve also always wanted to try knitting with hemp and never have, what a great giveawy! Thanks!

  16. Georgia

    Love this sweater. This would be the perfect thing to knit while at Acadia National Park this summer!

  17. Heather

    I’ve been wanting to knit with hemp for a long time, but cost was always prohibitive. I’m not sure if I want to win, because I could very well get addicted….oh well!

  18. Kathryn Hickling

    Well I’ve just discovered knitty and am enjoying that and then I find out I could win yarn to knit this beautiful sweater. Things just keep getting better & better.

  19. Irene T

    This would be a great prize to win. Love to wear cardigans, and this cardigan is so bright and cheerful.

  20. Maureen Foulds

    OMG! I’ve been dying to knit a summer cardigan and have been eyeing this one up. The only thing stopping me was my huge stash (of summer inappropriate wool) and small budget.

  21. Dari

    What a fabulous sweater! I LOVE cardigans! Wear one everyday at the office (dang air conditioners!) Always like to try new yarns, too!

  22. Melanie

    After reading through the linked blog on Clapotis, I’m a bit boggled by the sheer numbers of objects knitted and projects in process. Amazing. Also, I love the style and textures of this sweater – I was tempted even before the giveaway contest, and I would dance for delight to win the kit.

  23. Lindsay

    That is such a cute cardigan! I would love to make that! I get chilly easily no matter what time of year it is

  24. Kathy

    Absolutely love this sweater – perfect layering piece in the air conditioning this summer!

  25. Theresa

    I’ve revisited the idea of making Flaming June a few times since it was issued. Winning the yarn would be fabulous!

  26. Kandace

    I’ll throw my name in for the giveaway – never know what can happen! It’s a lovely sweater.

  27. Laura

    i haven’t knit an adult sweater yet so this project would be perfect to jump in!

    thank you for all the wonderful giveaways!

  28. holly

    I really like this sweater! I don’t often enter the giveaways, but will toss my hat into the ring this time. The colors are great and I really like the added texture as well.

  29. Kathy B

    Would love to win this kit! I belong to a knitting guild, and next month, we are having a special raffle and I know the ladies would love to win this kit. I am just a beginner knitter, and I know several of the ladies who are experts, and they would love to win the kit to make the sweater.

  30. Pam

    Oh, Flaming June sweater – my colors, my style – thank you so much for the opportunity to win! (fingers are crossing as soon as I’m done typing)

  31. Colleen

    Flaming June is on my list (well,the one in my head) but buying more yarn is not. Perfect!

  32. Beverly

    Fabulous sweater in “my” colors and I do need a new summer sweater, so I am going to win, right? A girl can dream…

  33. Angela in Ontario

    As soon as I could, I put Flaming June in my queue. I would love to win the prize!

  34. pocketsize

    Yay, a yarn giveaway that I can attempt, as it’s not wool! I would love a shot at that yarn.

  35. Kathryn Vai

    It’s so pretty! And it’s the color of roses, the perfect June flower in the city of roses, Portland! It would be so great to knit something for myself for once. Thank you for considering my entry. 🙂

  36. Rachel

    I have had my eye on this pattern since the issue came out and would love to make it!!


  37. KittenWithAWhiplash

    I’ve not worked with Hemp, I’d love to try a new yarn. Thanks fore the giveaway.

  38. Maureen

    Ah, those are totally my colors! Love the pattern, as well. Someday I’ll win one of these giveaways…

  39. Rebecca

    Wow, Flaming June is gorgeous. Ever since I learned from Big Girl Knits that chunky yarn makes chunky people look, well, chunky, I’ve been knitting more sweaters at a smaller gauge. This is stunning and breezy. I love it! Thanks for the giveaway.

    knittingwithwords on Ravely

  40. Carol Mulligan

    It would be a “flaming” shame if I didn’t win this fabulous giveaway. Thanks

  41. Rachel

    I’d love to try some Hemp yarn! I’ve never seen yarn made of that, but I’d be interested to just touch it and see how it feels. Flaming June looks like it would be a great sweater to just have around in my car or something when I go to the movies or a restaurant that’s a little too chilly.

  42. Sarah

    What a wonderful prize, and just in time for summer vacation, or as I like to call it, prime knitting time!

  43. Knitter Zero

    OH, I love me some hemp! That sweater has been in my Q since the ish went live. 🙂

  44. Beth

    I’ve never knit a sweater that isn’t wool. Wouldn’t that be cool! It looks lovely.

  45. Lori

    I’ve been loving the Flaming June and would love to knit it! Woo-hoo!

    Also, the UK yarn bomb is too cute.

  46. Minna

    Thanks for the chance to win! I’ve never knit with hemp, this would be a great chance to try it out!

  47. Joanne

    I have lots of winter sweaters but hardly any summer ones. I’d love to knit Flaming June!!

  48. Kelly

    I’ve never knitted a sweater before and am a bit scared. But I love the look of this cardigan. I think I could do it!

  49. Cari

    Want to knit a beard just so I can have an answer to “What are you knitting?” that makes people go “?!?!???”

  50. Erin

    Flaming June is lovely, and I’ve never worked with hemp before! Of course, I’ve never knit a beard, either…hmmm…

  51. Sue Lowe

    I could definitely handle a Flaming June. This one really caught my eye when it first came out in Knitty.

  52. Carrie

    We are ready for a “flaming June” down here in DC. It is already hot! Love the sweater too.

  53. Carol

    I know someone very special who would LOVE the Flaming June Sweater. Good thing she’s bery knitworthy.

  54. Catrina

    Ha, holy eclectic post!! Flaming June, chicken scarves and knitted beards. Awesome!

  55. sharmie

    wowza. i’d love a chance to win.

    i’d also love to join the TTC knitalong. i wanted to last year but couldn’t make it out. maybe this year…

  56. Steph N

    It’s a lovely pattern and I’m curious about working with hemp, so count me in, please.

  57. pam

    Wow. Its my 51st birthday today and I’d love the chance to win the knitting kit!! Ha. I’ll have to find out about the knitted beard.

  58. Cyndy Landers

    Love the color!! Just the thing for fall (since I’m in Florida!)

    BTW yesterdays tip on the Tyvek arm bands was the bomb!!! I can’t believe no one thought of it before!

  59. Sarah

    I was secretly hoping that “beard knitting” would be a picture of a man with a long beard half knitted into a very scratchy scarf. Yarn beards are cool too, I guess…

  60. Michelle

    Love that sweater! It’s the only one of Cheryl Niamath’s Knitty patterns I haven’t already knit (or am knitting….looking at YOU, Mr. Darcy!!).
    What a lovely giveaway!

  61. Maya

    Ooh, I’ve had my eye on that sweater since you first published it. And hemp! Oh my 🙂 Please pick me.

  62. Holly

    I LOVE this sweater and I have soooooo been wanting to try the hemp. (pick me! pick me!)

  63. ikkinlala

    I’m not sure I’d want colours that bright for myself, but I do love the sweater!

  64. Lisa Barrett

    What a lovely cardigan in spectacular colors. This would be my first sweater project! Thank you for the generous giveaway.

  65. Kim Wand

    Ohhh! This is such an awesome cardigan — I want to knit it RIGHT NOW! Pick me pick me 😉

  66. stella

    I love the hemline and cuff details on the sweater.

    I have so many friends that I need to tell about the knitted beard contest.

  67. april

    i really want to knit that sweater in the colors the designer used. its sizzlin’ hot!!

  68. Abby

    This sweater is exactly what I want to make, because I know I can wear it for more than one season!

  69. Val

    Let me win the cardigan please!

    I was in Dorking on Sunday going to the bead fair. How did I miss the chicken. Thanks for showing us what was under our noses!

  70. Tisha

    I can’t even imagine changing the color of this sweater. It’s beautiful and I’d love to make it mine!

  71. Liz

    I just looked through my stash for yarn to knit Flaming June… and came up empty. Hence this comment!

  72. Knittingdancer (Teresa)

    Beautiful pattern. Thanks for a chance to win the pattern and yarn to make it.

  73. Ingrid

    Lovely sweater (just what I’ve been looking for), and a beautiful yarn choice, especially for us wool-sensitive types. Throwing my name in the hat.

  74. Shannon

    lovely sweater. I’m sure it would look great in a variety of colour combinations.

  75. Roz

    Gorgeous cardi. I’ve been thinking of knitting it since I saw it in knitty so it would be excellent to have the yarn provided.

  76. Nancy

    What a great sweater! When I win (!), please have patience as I am leaving on a knitting vacation for two weeks. Norway and Scotland (yay). I promise to log in and respond as soon as I return.

  77. Elizabeth

    I would love to have this sweater for my chilly air conditioned office this summer!

  78. Sara L

    That sweater is great!

    On a different note, I made a Clapotis scarf for my partner’s grandma, using an Incredible Sweater Machine! It was pretty quick, though I had to detach the whole thing and move it back to the other side of the needle bed twice (machine users, you know what I’m talking about).

  79. Nikki

    oh, fun! I’m wishing I was a little closer to Toronto now so I can join in on the public knitting shenanigans!

  80. Joanne

    OK – how about the sun is not shining in Vancouver and it would be nice to knit something with colour other than grey.

  81. Trina

    Such a cute sweater! That color would be a huge departure from my normal colors. It would be fantastic to get out of my box. Thanks for the chance to win.

  82. Anita

    Thank you, Lanaknits, for the generous prize – and thank you, knitty.com, for another wonderful WWW. Please count me in!

  83. mary!

    cardigan giveaway? perfect timing for a slow knitter like me – i bet i can get this done before fall begins! fingers crossed and crossed and crossed!

  84. Jen

    Very nice! I’ve never worked with hemp before and would love the chance. Looks like the care for the yarn is pretty easy, too.

  85. Peggy

    Great looking sweater. This is my first time entering your give-a-way. Beginners Luck? (hopefully)

  86. Kristen

    Oh, I love this sweater!!
    Let it be me.

    And I’ve crocheted a lot a beards in my time for my friend at beardbeanie.com

    Thanks for the contest info!

  87. Lisa

    Love, Love, Love, the flaming hot June sweater, and it is certainly going to be HOT here!

  88. Kim

    I love using fiber like linen and hemp because it is HOT here in South Florida! No wool sweaters for me!

  89. Nicole P

    I’ve been dying to make that sweater since the Spring/Issue was released! Do want.

  90. Nancy

    Lovely sweater! Thanks Lanaknits for the donation and Knitty for the chance to enter! 😀 (Also – love the TTC knitalong map – The Riv was the centre of my universe when i lived in TO. Glad to see it is still going strong.)

  91. Kristin

    I’ve made hemp bracelets before but I’ve never knit with it and I’d love to try!

  92. Holly

    Would love to knit this cardigan! Plus the sample is in my (upcoming in August) wedding colors!

  93. Aoife

    Love it! We are in the depths of grey winter here and need a pop of orange and red to know that summer will come again eventually!

  94. JoannaCos

    I’ve never knit with hemp before but I love that cardi and would love to give it a whirl! And my birthday’s in June, so there’s that too! 😉

  95. Becky

    My beloved city is already sweltering, and I have been regretting my choice of starting a project in wool. I would love to try knitting with hemp, and especially in such pretty colors.

  96. Rachel

    I love how that cardigan looks, and I’d be curious to knit with hemp, which would be a new fiber for me. Looks like a fun project.

  97. Jessica Smith

    Oh please please please pick me! I love this sweater with all of my being! 🙂

  98. Andrea

    Like so many others, hemp is a new fiber for me to knit with. I think it would be wonderful!

  99. Esther

    I love trying new things. I’m about to start knitting my first handspun sweater. It could be of this pattern.

  100. Kady Webb

    Between Anatomy and Pathophysiology – I need SOMETHING to look forward to about this summer! And I think a fun flaming pack of yarn would be the perfect study break. 🙂

  101. Carol C

    I would love to make this sweater. Hemp is one fiber missing from my stash, so this would be a great opportunity.

  102. Lori G

    That sweater has been in my queue since the issue was released! I would love a yarn pack!

  103. Kathy

    I’m so allergic to wool it makes me sneeze and itch. I saw this in your summer issue and was intrigued with the pattern and fiber. Would love to touch it, knit it, wear it!

  104. nina

    I love this sweater! I placed it near the top of my queue when it first came out. I was thinking of using some wool yarn but have been thinking lately that I would be better off with the yarn used in the pattern, so thanks for the chance to win some!

  105. Wendy

    A sweater from hemp is something I could really use in Florida, year-round! How I’d love to win this yarn.

  106. Francesca Reitano

    Awesome! I am knitting this right now with cornflower blue edging and main color purple in mercerized Aurucania lonco. But I could easily knit another one out of hemp if I win!

  107. Josiane

    Oh, the Flaming June sweater really looks like the perfect spring/summer cardigan! Thanks for this opportunity to win the yarn to make it; I’d really love to try Allhemp 3.

  108. megan

    thats neat that the metro lines go to all the yarn shop. that’s what the map means right? The summer sweater looks really pretty.

  109. Beth

    That sweater would be the perfect thing to throw on when the sun goes down here in So Cal.

  110. Barbara Kennedy

    This sweater is totally rockin’ and I have never knitted with hemp, so I would love the opportunity to try it.

  111. amy

    I’d love to try knitting with hemp, and the sweater is adorable. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  112. Jo-ann

    I love the shape and drape of this cardigan. And I’ve never knit with hemp before. I could cross that off my bucket list of fibers to try. Please?

  113. Aimee

    I love the different color at the bottom. Such a simple thing, but it makes a huge impact.

  114. Cas

    Loved this sweater as soon as I saw it – and really want to knit with hemp – so know I will have this sweater one day even if I don’t win!

  115. Shannon O.

    I want to knit that sweater so very badly. I do hope I win! Thank you for the chance.

  116. Sarah

    Please toss my name in the hat for this giveaway. The cardi is cute, and I have never knit with hemp before.

  117. Pam

    Happy thank you — more please. I’d love the yarn to knit flaming June — I’m going through another red sweater crave.

    If I could knit myself into looking like Cheryl Niamath in it, I’d really be set.

  118. Angie

    Flaming June is one of my favorite paintings of all time. This gorgeous sweater is truly worth of the name. I’d love to win!

  119. jltrask

    I’ve been wanting to try knitting with hemp, but haven’t seen any around my area to try. Thanks so much for the opportunities you provide and the great ideas on this site!

  120. DianeW

    This would be a great project for the summer! Especially since the men in the office keep the a/c so cold that I end up wearing a jacket all summer.

  121. Amy S.

    A flaming June would be appropriate, as New Mexico has at least three fires burning around the state right now.

  122. Jennifer

    Wow! Another great price. Also if I was just a little closer to australia I would be extremly tempted to knit a beard just for the fun of it!

  123. stace

    I would love to win this prize, as I sit looking out the window at the pouring rain, yes some Flaming June would be nice alright! 🙂

  124. Sue

    Hope it’s mine as the colors are stunning- my favorites and it’s my birthday. Thank you.

  125. Stephanie

    Love the Flaming June sweater and would be most interested in trying knitting with hemp!!

  126. elaine

    as if i don’t have enough projects to do…but i can’t resist the cute sweater and hemp yarn, which is great to work with!

  127. Sarah

    I love this cardi. I have never knitted with hemp, but I bet it is a great fiber to wear in our Southern Georgia heat!

  128. Catherine

    ooh, Flaming June looks like a perfect Colorado summer sweater! Haven’t tried the yarn, it would be fun to win.

  129. Alexandra

    Oooh, yay !! Love this give away !
    Flaming June is my favorite pattern in the issue. Always love Cheryl’s patterns, but this one is a real stunner.

  130. Katie

    Have been looking at this pattern for a while now – would be perfect for late summer!

  131. Bren

    Lana’s Hemp yarn looks very interesting. I’m always learning something from this blog.

  132. janmaus

    i’ve been wanting to knit something with hemp for several months now–I would certainly love this prize!!

  133. Tinfo

    I want to encourage planting and using hemp. It’s a fantastically useful plant. The yarn is wonderful and I’d love to win some. Thanks for the chance!

  134. Jaclyn

    Ooo, I need another sweater’s worth of yarn like I need a hole in my head, but I have few non-wool sweaters! Pretty!

  135. jeanne sandrie

    I left Zimbabwe 16 years ago in june, it reminds me of the beautiful sunsets there.

  136. Stephanie

    I NEED flames! Thanks for the Clapotis link. I’m looking for something to put on the needles.

  137. Pilaar

    I loves me a good giveaway, but a hip hemp sweater happens to be a really great one! Here’s hoping…and thanks to all for the chance 🙂

  138. Shannon Larson

    Already knit this one, but would love to knit again for a gift for a SIL. Love the sweater.

  139. Diane Mountford

    Please enter me for the Flaming June kit … I’ve had my eye on that one since the issue was released!

  140. Jean Ashley

    Please enter me in the contest for the amazing Flaming June kit! I love this sweater!

  141. Jenn

    Wish I could figure out a way to knit that beard! But I’d happily settle for something flaming …. 🙂

  142. Kathleen Champlain

    Having a Flaming June in June would be a wonderful way to remember my Mother June and to celebrate my June birthday and my daughter’s June birthday. Oh, and to remember my husband’s June graduation from college and graduate school–and my June college graduation. Would love to win this one! Thanks for the chance.

  143. Nikki

    Ooh, nice pattern kit! And knitted beards reminds me of the knit helmet/beard combos to make yourself look like Gimli. 🙂

  144. latifa

    It is flaming HOT already here in Texas. And I do love the hempathy.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  145. Susanne Scheurwater

    What a wonderful prize!!!! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!!
    All in fun but wouldn’t it be fun to win???
    thank you….
    Susanne in Edmonton, AB

  146. Karen

    WOW! great looking yarn with a great pattern! Would love to try hemp – and this would be my first cardi! Thanks for the giveaway!

    KarenE1969 on Rav

  147. Karina

    I like the hemp yarns and that looks like a fun project to try. Thanks for offering it!

  148. CeltChick

    My goodness, I usually don’t get to the blog in time to enter the giveaway! Nice lookin’ sweater — the DD would love it.
    AnnBan on Ravelry

  149. Hester Sturrock

    Hemp Sweater Kit – I would look fabu in this kit. thanks for the drawing and all your good stuff.

  150. Christie

    LOve that sweater! I’m trying to be braver about my clothes, so this would be a good step for me…

  151. AmandaT

    Oooo, I’ve been eyeing this pattern since this issue went up! Me like, me want 🙂

  152. Valerie

    I don’t own anything that color & I’ve just finished a project…….this would be a great one to do next!

  153. JenMo

    OOH! What a great pattern/yarn pairing! Perfect to work on now- and have done for late summer/early fall!

  154. Aimee

    I’ve wanted to knit with hemp forever, but I can never find it in stores. Even when I lived in Humboldt Co. California.

  155. Mary L

    Also ridiculously hot here in AZ already. I would love to work on a sweater as I hide in the air conditioned spaces waiting for fall!

  156. Katharine T

    Oooh, I haven’t won yet!

    BTW, I’m so glad I’m not the only knitter who was silly enough to knit a Clapotis with a mohair blend. Those stitches will NOT drop by themselves!

  157. June

    I have to win the flaming june contest. The Flaming June (by Lieghton) is my favorite painting cuz I’m June, love the colour, someday I want to have my photo done a la FJ. Have to make this sweater.

  158. Amber

    I’m really sick and really tired AND I don’t live in Toronto so no TTC knitalong for me…definitely need the pick-me-up of a bright design today!

  159. Whitney

    Planning to make the Flaming June this summer anyway! Love the beard story–I’ll have to keep up and see the FOs on this one!

  160. Kathy

    I love allhemp3! It was the first yarn I knit a lace item with and I love the colors and how soft it became after washing. What a great sweater for warmer climes.

  161. nb

    would love the chance to knit with hemp, but i’m also interested in that knitted beard thing. good grief.

  162. Lynn

    All hemp sounds very cool. New York Times had knitting patterns? This might send me into the archives – what an interesting idea!

  163. Dawn

    Two tone hemp cardigan using yarn from the wonderful Okanagan in BC. I hope to parade this proudly this summer……..

  164. Tamar

    Crap! Missed it! And I really really want to knit this one too. I’ve had my eye on it since the issue came out.

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