WWW: P3 Retreat returns; Establishing a Knitting Heritage Museum; One Hat Every 2.5 Days; Cupcakes!

Join Knitty's editor, Amy Singer, and podcast goddess Brenda Dayne in Wales for the Retreat of the Year!

The brainchild of our editor, Amy Singer and her friend and colleague Brenda Dayne [creator and host of the Cast On podcast], the Plug+Play Pembrokeshire Retreat is returning for a triumphant second year, this October 2012! You’ll find all the Retreat details here.

Registration opens May 15th, 2012.

To make it easier for you to ask questions, Amy and Brenda have set up a forum in Ravelry, where you can ask anything and get an answer pretty quickly. Lots of last year’s attendees visit the forum, so if you want some of their perspectives, just ask!

Okay, we’re biased, but we think this is the event not to miss in 2012!

Important & exciting

A group supported by the Wisconsin Historic Society and The Yarn Group of the The National NeedleArts Association is planning a symposium this November to explore the formation of a Knitting Heritage Museum. The kick-off speaker at the Symposium, Dr Susan Strawn, author of Knitting America: A Glorious Heritage from Warm Socks to High Art, will provide an historical perspective of the craft.

The group is seeking active participation in interactive forums and discussion groups to help determine how best to preserve and secure the valuable legacy of our knitting and crochet heritage. The symposium will be held Nov. 8-10, 2012, on the campus of the University of Wisconsin in downtown Madison, WI.

Additional information is available at the project’s blog.

Just about perfect.

Instructions for creating knitting-themed cupcakes!

Knitting catches on at a high school in Connecticut.

In the past 20 years, knitter Betty Robb in the UK has knitted over 3000 hats to donate to charity. That’s a little more than one hat every 2 and a half days!

Some Canadians have noticed that knitting is catching on… “In Manitoba, everybody needs a warm pair of mittens.” Truth.

Fibery fun

We just missed this year’s spring Carolina Fiber Frolic, but planning is underway for a fall event November 9-11, and the dates have been announced for next spring, March 22-24, 2013.

Starting them young!

A fun slide show and profile of the Gorilla Knitting Crew, a yarn-bombing group in Sacramento, CA. What’s notable about this crew is that it’s a family! Candice and Adam Foster and their four kids, Bella, 13, Nieyah, 7, AJ, 6, and Lukas, 4, started the Crew last summer. In addition to decorating the city and its landmarks, the team also makes hats for the homeless and leaves them lying around for the needy to find.

Speaking of yarn-bombing, a group of clergy and church members in the UK yarnbombed some local statues in an effort to bring attention to an initiative to raise funds to repair the roof of their church. I love the slightly cheeky use of pom-poms in the photo…

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    Love the cute little knitting themed cupcakes – check out the cake a gorgeous friend of mine made me for my 40th birthday this year! Pictures are on my blog.

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