A big anniversary deserves a special logo!

And we’ve got one.

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I’m not sure if you knew this, but I’ve been Knitty’s graphic designer since we began. Everything about the visual look of the magazine is in my job description, and I love the graphic part of working on Knitty just a little too much. When I’m stressed, I design stuff for the Knittyshop. It calms me. I’m weird, aren’t I?

Anyway, I worked hard on a logo for this big occasion, and came up absolutely empty. It was too important to me. I was dry. So I put out a call on Twitter, and a lot of really great designers came forward. One really stood out, though, as the most Knitty-esque, and I was very glad when she agreed to work with us! You’ll see why when I show you the result of our collaboration:

This is the work of Cynthia of Green Couch Designs. I think it’s whimsical but stately. Is that possible? Yes. I say so.

This logo feels a lot like us.  Cynthia was wonderful to work with, and I would recommend her without question to anyone looking for a designer. She has none of that pretentious ego that some designers I’ve met [in my past life…it’s none of you, don’t worry] can bring to a project. She simply gave me a lot of options, and was great fun to work with. And fast. Okay, enough of that.

This logo will be used throughout the 2012-2013 publication year, and yes, we’ll be putting up a special Cafepress shop with Anniversary merch for those who like shwag like we do. We’ll let you know with a blog post when it’s ready for y’all to browse.

Cynthia designed this logo to work the way I like to — the current seaside blue can be swapped out for any color we want. Here are a few examples of what we could do, edited to fix my error — I had the 10 in the contrast color, not black as it was supposed to be. Blame me, not the designer! 

So, tell us. What do you think? Do you like the logo? What color would you like to see it in?

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113 thoughts on “A big anniversary deserves a special logo!

  1. Judy

    Generally like the logo, but feel the “heart” symbol for “love” has definitely been overused.

  2. Marsha

    It’s a lovely logo!

    As for color, ANYTHING BUT PINK.

    Knitting is already stereotyped as a “girly/chick” craft. Using pink for the logo would only reinforce that.

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