It was 10 years ago today…

[I’m hijacking Jillian’s Spinning Tuesday for a time-sensitive post. She’ll return next week!]

…And I had come home from another day of proofreading stuff like this.

The terms and conditions of the average Visa card. Which I proofread approximately 3 times per year…for the bank our Ad Agency represented, which had 6 different kinds of Visa cards. Each had their own agreement to be proofed. How I didn’t slit my own throat, I cannot say.

At my day job, there was also fun stuff to proofread, but the majority of it was this kind of brain-suckingly boring bank stuff. I had been doing this kind of work for almost 20 years. And so during the dull summer of 2002, I began dreaming of a way to escape proofreading…to become a copy editor.

At the same time, knitting blogs were few, and just starting to get interesting, and I had found tons of patterns being given away for free by their designers on blogs all over the place, held together by the most delicate of things: a blogring. Which often didn’t work. RSS was in its infancy, and we didn’t know how to keep in touch with each other without having links to our friends’ blogs on our blogs.

It hit me, sometime in the afternoon of June 19th, 2002, that I could actually start my own magazine, and thereby bypass the annoying process of applying for a job and getting hired by someone else. And wouldn’t this be good for my resume? Most importantly, after 20 years of proofreading things on paper, dealing with the stress created by the smallest typo I might miss after whatever-it-was had gone to print, my magazine had to be hosted online.

So after work that day, I was sitting on the couch with my little white iBook on my lap, and said, “I want to start an online knitting magazine. What should I call it?” Almost instantly, he said, “Knitty”. I looked it up, and no one had taken the URL. And so I did.

A few bucks, a few mouse clicks, and I had my own magazine. Now the work begins!

And that night, this appeared on what soon became the KnittyBlog:

The official announcement of the beginnings of

I still love that blog template…I designed it myself. Note the list of other knitblogs on the right.

Not sure what I thought being “the polar opposite of Vogue Knitting” meant, but hey, I was young and didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I also wrote “young and funky” in a non-ironic sense, so perhaps one could just chalk it up to noob enthusiasm and let it go. Note the mention of my new camera with accompanying bloggy hysteria. My first digital. This was a big deal 10 years ago, when most of us still used film in our cameras. Don’t you feel old now? Anyway, I digress…

Today begins our 10th Anniversary Celebration!

We’ll be recounting Knitty’s history on the blog, and starting with the Deep Fall issue, which goes live in September, you can expect a lot of celebratory Knitty-based fun for the next 12 months. Exactly what, you’ll have to wait and see. But we’re excited, and we hope you are, too. 10 years is a pretty huge milestone, and we’re going to celebrate the heck out of it!

I’ll see you back here on Thursday, when I get to introduce you to our brand-new 10th Anniversary Logo!

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93 thoughts on “It was 10 years ago today…

  1. SaraW

    Happy birthday, Knitty! And thank-you, thank-you, thank-you för all the work which has gone into making Knitty the wonderful resource that it is.

  2. Romi

    So exciting!!!! I can’t believe it’s really been ten years! Congratulations!!!! (Have now used up yearly quota of exclamation points. But it was worth it).

  3. Genny

    Happy birthday and congratulations. I read both the blog and the magazine regularly, although I’m not much of a comments person. Many of my favorite knits are from Knitty. Thanks for thinking it up, keeping it going, and doing such a great job!

  4. Patti B

    I first discovered Knitty with the Sally the Eco Fairy pattern. I was so excited to find such a fun toy pattern to make for my niece, and absolutely amazed it was free. Ever since I’ve been a fan of your site and eagerly await each issue. Thanks for all the hard work you do and Happy 10th!!

  5. Ann-Marie

    I discovered Knitty shortly after I learned to knit, and have been thrilled and excited with every issue. Always something new and exciting to learn, and such smart and talented people willing to teach and share. I’m so grateful for the work that all of you do, and am glad to be part of what you do!

  6. Joe B.

    Happy birthday Knitty! Your site has inspired me and countless other knitters to greatness. Thank you, and here’s to another ten years. 🙂

  7. RichelleCK

    So thankful Visa terms and conditions weren’t fascinating to you! A lot of people owe their livelihoods to your boredom! Thanks for Knitty!!! (And, yes, I have actually knit other things from Knitty that you didn’t design since my apparent stalking of you at the first Sock Summit!) 😉

  8. PattyKnitz

    I remember that first post! Has it really been ten years?? That happened fast, but wow! I know you are so very proud of what your idea has grown into.

  9. Magpie

    Happy, Happy Birthday!!! You have changed the knitting world forever and my world as well. So glad for you! Here is to a hundred years more!!!

  10. florapie

    Wow-ten years! But then, a big part of me says, only ten years? It feels like Knitty and especially the Knittyboard has been part of my life forever! Thanks for the great community, and I’m thrilled to discover that Knitty shares a birthday with my mom!

  11. Amy V

    Knitty was my intruduction to knitting beyond the garter stitch scarf, and it really fuelled my budding obsession with knitting.

    Tridactyl and Spirogyra were among my first Truly Awesome knitted projects back in 2009, and I still wear them!

  12. Chriscatsknits

    Happy Birthday Knitty and thank you Amy for having the vision and the courage to start this wonderful adventure.

  13. Diana

    9 years ago, I was a newbie knitter, and I stumbled across Knitty. I was shocked and thrilled that it was relatively local, really reliable, and held super neat patterns I could actually follow. Now I teach knitting, and send my newbie knitters to you. Thank you for being absosmurfly amazing, and fundamentally fluffy.

  14. christi

    That is an awesome milestone, and I bet a million people told you it couldn’t be done. But you did it anyway! You go, girl! Congrats!

  15. Marie

    love, Love, LOve, LOVe, LOVE Knitty. You inspired me, encouraged me, challenged me, and made me happy. You rock! Happy Anniversary, dudettes.

  16. Jo-ann

    Thank God for Knitty! Thanks for 10 years of awesome patterns and fascinating reading. It is really appreciated. I knitted long before the internet was the internet. I remember text-based web browsers in 1996. But now I am part of a world wide fiber arts COMMUNITY. Knitty is definitely part of that!

  17. LA Bourgeois

    Knitty. I recommend your site to all of my students, it’s the first search I make when looking for a cool new pattern, and you give me inspiration as I learn and grow as a teacher and designer. Thank you so much for all you’ve done. Happiest of birthdays!

  18. BeadedLaceHoar

    Happy 10th Anniversary! I am so glad you started this magazine and continue to feed our happy addictions!

    Thank you!

  19. Leslie

    Awesome! Congratulations! I love Knitty — the blog and magazine and it seems like the majority of the things I knit come from Knitty. Thanks so much for the blog and this wonderful magazine — you guys do a great job!

  20. Another Sarah

    Hoorah! Happy Birthday Knitty.

    Amy (and team), thank you for all of your awesomeness over the past 10 years. Here’s to many more.

  21. E. Engman

    Happy Anniversary! I’ve loved Knitty since I discovered it, lo these many years ago, and enjoy making patterns from it or just browsing through it. My Rav queue is full of potential projects from Knitty. Thanks for the wonderful idea you had and thanks for keeping it up!

  22. Anonymous, too

    Congratulations on 10 years of Knitty! And yes, it is a worthy and needed alternative voice to Vogue Knitting and the other wood-pulp or vaporous-in-the-cloud publications!

    Knitty wouldn’t have started without one bored proofreader (Yay, Amy!) and the “help” of a few wascawwy wabbits. Speaking of which, how aww those wascawwy wabbits? (Elmer adds: “No, it’s not wabbit season; it’s duck season. . .I think. Maybe it’s wainbow twout season. I’d bettuh go check. . .wouldn’t want to get Mistuh Wanguw upset at me.”)

  23. KittenWithAWhiplash

    Congratulations! I’d like to tell you all that knitty has done for me over the last five or six years that I’ve been knitting, but I’d run out of space long before I ran out of words. I’ll just leave it at Thanks a million and many happy returns.

  24. Karen R

    Happy anniversary! You’ve made such an amazing addition to the knitting world, and among the people I know at least, a household name. Congratulations!

  25. Debbie

    Happy Anniversary. And wow! You took a chance on something you loved and ten years later, look at the success. I wish I had the nerve to do something like that.

  26. Marsha

    I adore knitty and today’s blog entry is so fun! I am really enjoying your photo entries and photos and advice. I have a good camera, but I don’t do very good photos. You’ve inspired me to be more serious about my shots of knitting and everything else.

    BTW Cookie A’s Monkey Socks from 2008(?) knitty were the first socks I ever made.

    Thanks for all the great stuff and HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY!!!

  27. Jayde

    10 years, already?

    I love Knitty, I’ve knit so many patterns from it. It’s the first place I refer people to when they tell me they’re looking for knitting patterns.

    Amy, thank you so much for your dedication to the magazine – and your fans 🙂

  28. Tia

    Woo-hoo! Happy Birthday! I may not have realized it in the past, but Knitty has shepherded me through many techniques and skill sets (hard to say no when the new designs are up and you absolutely must make something). Even when I use a search engine to find new patterns or tutorials, Knitty pops up in the forefront.

    And after learning how to spin…so much appreciation for Knittyspin. And your blog posts.

    Thanks so much for being around and being a part of our knitting lives!

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