Who Wants to Knit Socks? A Giveaway!

It’s Thursday and it’s hot in most places. We need some pretty and a giveaway!

How about Alison Ross’ Cathedral Grove Socks from our current issue?

Cathedral Grove socks knit out of Sweet Georgia Tough Sock

Thanks to Felicia at Sweet Georgia Yarn, we’re giving away a yarn pack of Tough Love Sock for these socks to 2 different readers. Yay! Value of prize is $24 each.

Our usual contest rules apply, leave a comment on this post by midnight EST Sunday July 1st to be eligible to win. If you’ve won a giveaway in the last year, please give other knitters a chance.


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962 thoughts on “Who Wants to Knit Socks? A Giveaway!

  1. Annalisa

    What gorgeous colorways! I’d love to win a skein to further indulge my nascent sock-knitting addiction.

  2. AmandaT

    I’m one of those crazy “I don’t like knitting socks” people, but I do love sock yarn! There’s so much more you can do with it than make socks. Pick me!

  3. Tammy

    Ohhh, so pretty. Would love to knit these after I have started knitting socks recently.

  4. Stacey

    I’ve been thinking about knitting those…. Just didn’t have the “right” yarn. This would definitely solve that problem! And I’d love to try out Sweet Georgia yarn – I haven’t found it locally. Thanks so much!

  5. Ayse

    I’d love to knit more socks! And green is my favorite color!
    And just a more serious note: thank you Knitty for being around, and congrats on 10 years!

  6. Michelle W

    I would love to knit socks! I just knit my first pair and I am kiiiiind of hooked.

    And by kind of I mean totally.

  7. Kai Mistry

    oh yes please! it’s been hot and humid here in North Germany all day and I could do with a pair of socks to match the summer colours!

  8. Savannagal

    I’ve been eager to try Sweet Georgia Yarn. I’ve read so many great things about it. I can’t find it locally though. Maybe I’ll get lucky. Thanks much.

  9. Angela D

    I’m a longtime knitter, but recent convert to sock-lover. To think – I thought I hated knitting socks!!! I can admit I was very, very wrong.

  10. Beth

    I do! I do! I do! I do! I do! I do! I do! I do! I do! I do! I do! I do! I do! I do! I do! I do! I do! I do! I do! I do! I do!

  11. Rose

    Ooh! I’m working on my first pair of socks now. I can see why they are so addictive. Would love to try this pattern.

  12. Anna D.

    Ooh, what beautiful socks! Would love to give them a whirl. And a generous give-away!

  13. Rusty M.

    I’ve never seen the Sweet Georgia yarn but it looks yummy. And the colorway is my sister’s favorite. I have these socks in my someday pile!

  14. Margery Allcock

    I have knitted aran sweaters, and fair isle sweaters, but never (yet) socks – I think it’s time I started, and this looks like an inspirational place to start!

  15. Bonnie

    Thanks! We’ve broken a heat record here today. I would like to knit socks in the air conditioning while drinking something fruity!

  16. Serena

    The Cathedral Grove pattern is beautiful, and I’d LOVE to knit it in such a beautiful yarn!

  17. Kathy

    I would love to win and give this as a gift to my girlfriend – she’s a newly converted sock knitter!

  18. Michelle

    I’ve been dying to knit my first socks for awhile now. As soon as I’m done with Camp Loopy, I think I am going to try it!

  19. Renee

    I haven’t knit with Sweet Georgia yarn, but I have always meant to. So, really, I’d love to win!

  20. Sally

    Lovely lovely yarn! I have been hesitant to dive into sock knitting, but this yarn could make me do it!

  21. Marion

    Mmmm. Lovely yarn, lovely colour, lovely pattern! I wouldn’t say no to a pack of that…

  22. Erin

    Hurray for socks! Those or a lace weight shawl is about all I can stand to knit when it’s 100+ outside, as it will be here this weekend!

  23. Donna

    What great summer knitting and I love the colour of the sample.
    Thanks for the chance to win it.

  24. Sumiko K

    Ooh, I love that pattern – it’s a fun knit and I’d love to knit it in the yarn it was designed in.

  25. Danielle

    Given that I have the luck of the Irish I won’t win. But that won’t stop me from dreaming about making those lovely socks.

  26. Merrydew

    My brother has told me not to bother knitting him socks since he can get them cheaper at Walmart, I need to learn how to make socks just for him… lol

  27. Amy

    Those are pretty. And socks are about the only thing that sounds like good idea in this heat.

  28. Katie

    It’s even hot in the UK today, for almost the first time this year. Not sure I can bear to think about woolly socks right now, but sure that’ll change before too long!

  29. Theresa Merkling

    What a fun giveaway. Thanks for a sunny place on the net on a scorching day at home.

  30. Jane

    Ditto to the first comment, we who live in the Pacific NW definitely need the socks (and it is cold enough for them in June)

  31. Anna hj

    I’m knitting socks right now! I would love to try this pattern, too, and that yarn looks beautiful.

  32. nina

    Lovely! I’ve recently favourites this part and I love sgy – she is local to me and I recently finished my first project with Felicia’s sock yarn. I love how it turned out!

  33. Melissa

    Love this pattern! It totally just earned a place in my queue!

    (The yarn is pretty fabulous too…)

  34. Seanna Lea

    These are gorgeous socks, and despite my sweater knitting ways socks are more weather appropriate knitting for the summer. Please count me in!

  35. Dari

    Ooohh, I love socks! The challenge of learning a new pattern is a bonus! Along with great yarn…..BINGO!

    1. Dawn

      What great summer socks! Thanks for a fun giveaway during this hot summer—I can stay inside in the A/C and knit!

  36. Jean Cockburn

    I really adore Tough Love sock yarn. I made myself a pair of Cookie A.’s Monkey Socks from my T.L. yarn, but after two wearings, one sock mysteriously disappeared betwixt washing and drying. Oh woe, were is my T.L. sock? I need to knit another pair and thus need to win this contest.
    Knittingly yours, Jean

  37. Nephele

    Socks are my favorite warm weather knitting. Small enough not to add to the heat but still interesting to work on.

  38. Annie Wilson

    Who doesn’t love socks, or simply sock yarn for that matter? I would love some of this yarn!

  39. Elizabeth

    Pretty socks. I am knitting a shawl in a very similar colorway. Great cool colors for warm (or very hot today) summer days.

  40. Dora

    Crossing my fingers… we are going on a road trip and great new yarn and a fun new sock pattern would be the perfect addition to the trip. Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. Aimee

    Ooh, pretty. Maybe it would be enough incentive to try something other than K2p2 socks.

  42. Dawn

    I only have three socks on the needles. I obviously need more sock yarn and more projects!

  43. Rose Kelly

    The perfect color way! And I am knitting socks for gifts this year, too thank you for a great giveaway.

  44. Kiki

    Ooooh, Sweet Georgia is an awesome yarn. I’d love to try it for socks.
    I might have to cast this pattern on regardless. it’s so pretty…

  45. Sarah

    Nice! I really love socks… They’re just insanely satisfying to knit. Fanciness without the commitment of a shawl!

  46. Katie

    I have been really into sock knitting lately and was just looking at this yarn yesterday! I might have to do up a pair of these this summer!

  47. Lynn

    I am a shawl knitter but it is time to branch out and try socks! What a better way to start?

  48. Ann Marie

    That’s a pretty green color. And it is most definitely warm here in NC. The temperature gauge in the car at 5:30 tonight said 99. And it’s only supposed to get warmer as the weekend moves through.

  49. Jenny

    I love to knit socks – and we can sure use every warm pair in Vermont (where it’s a relatively cool 84 right now).

  50. Shirley

    I love to knit socks….small take with project and the cathedral pattern looks very interesting. I haven’t tried this yarn, but would like to. 🙂

  51. Louise T

    Love to get back to socks. Had a bit of sock overload last year but with new sandals, I need some new socks.

  52. Sara L

    never made socks yet — this is a great place to start! I think I would have to also learn the two-at-once technique so that I would actually end up with a pair.

  53. Xerxes

    I’d want to change the heel to a short row heel. It’d be a first for me as I haven’t adapted a sock with any kind of stitch pattern yet, but it’d be an adventure I’d want to take on.

  54. Matt

    never tried Sweet Georgia, but looks amazing. During the hot and humid MN summer, I prefer carrying socks since they don’t create the heat of a larger project.

  55. Michelle

    What a gorgeous colourway. And given the yucky weather we’ve been having in the PNW this June, cozy socks are definitely called for!

  56. Kamigaeru

    Maybe winning sock yarn would actually convince me to start knitting socks? Love the pattern and the colors!

  57. Sue

    Love Sweet Georgia yarns. Felicia’s colours are so vibrant! I love Tough Love Sock yarn.

  58. Sally Sullivan

    Would love to get the beautiful yarn I have been looking into making my first pair of socks.

  59. Kate

    I got sunburned on my legs yesterday. So I’ve upped the A/C to cool them off, but it’s leaving my toes cold! I was just thinking I need to cast on some socks to keep my feet warm while my legs smolder.

  60. Peggie

    I am a relative new sock knitter who is in LOVE with these socks. if the yarn is this color I’m doubly entranced…although I’m a sucker for pink, blue, purple, gold, red, rose, oh and green….

  61. Maya

    I LOVE Sweet Georgia! Unfortunately, the only item I ever knit using this yarn was given away… It’s time for a pair for me!

  62. Jamie

    What gorgeous colors (and I love the look of the heel)!

    Thanks for another great give away! You guys (and your sponsors) rock!

  63. Mary Ellen

    Oh please oh please…. I’ve been dying to try this yarn, and I love the sock pattern…

  64. Esther

    Socks? I am always knitting socks, morning, lunch and evening, it’s my favorite thing to knit! I love socks! And I will knit with my fingers crossed 🙂

  65. Heather

    I have knit a pair of socks in a while – both the pattern and the yarn caught my eye 🙂

  66. lee ann

    I’ve always got socks on the needles! They’re my travel projects. I like the Cathedral sock pattern, it’s in the queue!

  67. Elise

    I have been seeing this yarn mentioned on several blogs would love to get my hands on some!

  68. turtle

    how gorgeous and fun! i would love to knit these… then my daughter would probably take them! 🙂

  69. LizA

    While the question “who wants to knit socks” seems a little silly, the complete answer is: me!

  70. Fei Fei

    I love socks… am working on the Twisted socks right now and would love to have a new Knitty project!

  71. Mary Elaine Henderson

    I am a novice knitter. I like baby sock, plus socks for me seeing my future. Sweet Georgia Yarn I have been drooling over their yarns for a long time…

  72. Dibble

    oooo! so pretty for my green-loving girl child. Thanks for putting together such great give-aways.

  73. dandelionsalad

    Cute design and I love the colors. I’m working on my first pair of socks now; nothing fancy though. Can’t wait to knit a more complicated pattern.

  74. Mim

    I don’t think I happen to have any Sweet Georgia sock yarn right now. Thanks for the giveaway.

  75. Patricia Carr

    I love original Hand Knitted Socks! Best presents to give to my children and grandchildren!

  76. Norah

    I’ve been dying to knit some new socks for myself. Baby projects keep getting in the way but if I win I will definitely make time for a pair of new socks this fall.

  77. Kayteau

    Oh, Sweet Georgia has been in my temptation list for ages now. And it’s been a while since I’ve knit a pair of socks!

  78. AmyS

    Oh my goodness, oh my goodness… *crosses fingers and shuts eyes really super tight, willing the knitting gods to be on her side*

  79. Beverly

    I never win, but I always try and I am really on a sock-knitting kick right now–several pairs headed soon to afghansforAfghans. But these would be for me!

  80. Nancy H

    I’d love to knit those socks out of the Sweet Georgia yarn. I’ve never used that yarn before. Thanks for the chance to win!

  81. Sylvie

    Gorgeous! I’d love that, even if my roommates will make fun of me for getting more yarn.

  82. Eileen Land

    Well, I have never left a comment before but I have been reading knitty for a while and I enjoy checking out the blog. So Thank you for a lot of great knitty stuff. Keep up the good work. And I love the socks!

  83. Janie

    I am new to making socks. Always thought they were to hard. Now I love working on circular needles and double points! Love this pattern!

  84. Sarah

    I love knitting socks, even in the summer. It makes me cooler because then I think about lovely fall weather:)

  85. Gail Korhonen

    I would love to get this prize. Socks are a great project for hot summer knitting. These are a great knit because of the all of the detail in the pattern. They look as though they’d be fun to do:)

  86. Beth

    I love both the pattern and the yarn, and even the color featured. Would love to knit these!

  87. Martha

    I love these socks and I bought a skein of tough love sock yarn this spring that is wonderful. I would love to have the pattern and yarn

  88. M. Peterson

    That is beautiful yarn! And I’ve molested some Sweet Georgia in my LYS – SOOO yummy.

  89. Harriet

    I’d love to win some sock yarn (as if I don’t have enough already). hahaha. That pattern looks very tempting, even if I don’t win the yarn.

  90. eileen

    it would be hard to choose one color. glad you featured this yarn – it is wonderful to work with!

  91. Aimee

    I love knitting socks and have been wanting to knit with Sweet Georgia yarn for a while. And that pattern is super cute.

  92. Yvonne

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway! I’m from Vancouver and I love Sweet Georgia 😀 Fingers crossed!

  93. Sue James

    It’s been over 100* here for the last 3 days……….sock knitting is about all I can handle in the heat!!

  94. haloroundmyhead

    I love working with greens, and this green is completely unique to the other greens in my stash/knitted stuff.

    And small projects like socks are excellent for Central Texas summers…the highs have been above 100 all week and it isn’t even July yet!

  95. latifa

    ooh sweet georgia wants to come live at my house!
    yes it is very nice and toasty outside (110 on Tuesday) but oh so nice and cool inside.

    thanks for the contest “)

  96. Fleur

    Yay for the sock yarn giveaway! I am a sucker for knitting socks, from time to time I just need – like really need need – to knit a pair of socks.

    Ciao, Fleur (Fleurtje-Eliza on Ravelry)

  97. Kelly

    I’m down with pretty and grateful for a giveaway. Impressive color range for Tough Love Sock and the pattern looks like great fun. Thank you!

  98. Helen S

    Would love to win this – only managed one pair of socks so far but I’m willing give these a go!

  99. Janine

    I love the pink and purple stripe variations in the SweetGeorgia range! I reckon this pattern would look gorgeous done in one of the range. I’d love to give it a go so hope I win!

  100. Anna

    Yes! Me! I want to knit socks! Who doesn’t want to knit socks? Surely no one who’s completed a pair of socks would not want to knit socks. Addictive…

  101. Carol-Alyce

    Love the cable pattern in these socks and the fresh colourway of yarn! Would love to knit up a pair!

  102. Kristi

    What a beautiful pattern! I’d love to knit those!
    My email: Naturally.artsea at gmail dot com

  103. Jen Simoneau

    I’m having a “Summer of Socks” and these are beautiful. I would love to knit them!

  104. amy g

    These look lovely and fun! And the yarn is beautiful – yummy! Thank you for the opportunity. -asg

  105. Dave

    Yum! Since I’m just getting into sock knitting, this would be great to add to my project list

  106. Heather

    I’ve just figured out how to knit socks that actually fit my feet. I’d love to try that yarn and pattern.

  107. maget

    Love the pattern!! I have always wanted to try Sweet Georgia Yarns, but I never seem to encounter them “in the wild” at my LYS. Thanks Knitty for another awesome contest!

  108. Teri

    A girl can’t have too many pairs of socks – especially in the great white north! Thanks!

  109. Heather W.

    I want to knit socks! And any sock yarn with “tough” in the name sounds good to me!

  110. Anki

    These socks are gorgeous and I would love to knit them! One can never have too many hand knit socks.

  111. Lynda

    I love knitting socks, but have never had the pleasure of using Sweet Georgia Yarns before. And this yarn looks sooo scrumptious! I’d love to have the opportunity! LOL

  112. Chloe

    i love those socks! this would save me the trouble of having to pick out yarn for them.

  113. Sarah

    Just finishing my second pair of socks ever – it went much better and faster than the first! Maybe time for a third pair…

  114. Katie

    Squee!! I just started making socks–for babies–and I’d love to try making some for myself! And the Tough Love Sock colors are to die for.

  115. Carrie

    Yay a giveaway. Socks are wonderful and Knitty is fabulous. Would love some Sweet Georgia to play with!

  116. Rebecca

    I love, love, love these socks! The pattern is great – but the yarn is even better!!!!!

  117. Julie

    I was at Cathedral Grove just a month ago – a beautiful, beautiful place! Thanks for the chance to win this contest and knit up these gorgeous socks!

  118. Matthias

    I would love to knit these socks! I’ve just started making socks, and it’s the best thing ever!

  119. Theressa

    I love knitting socks and using Sweet Georgia Yarn is on my wish list! Thanks for the chance to win and wonderful assortment of sock patterns this issue.

  120. Heather L

    Cute socks! In 10 years of knitting I have not been much for socks but in the last 6 months, 3 pairs! I’m ready for you socks! 🙂

  121. Carol R

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

    I looked at the website for Sweet Georgia Yarn and the colors are wonderful.

  122. Jill_R

    I looked at the website for Sweet Georgia Yarn and the colors are very pretty, any of these would be great to own.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  123. Alice

    There are never too many socks to knit, and hey, we even drove through Cathedral Grove this year!

  124. Purplepenguin

    Oooh, what a lovely giveaway! I have knit socks and just checked out weet Georgia Yarns web page. Great colors! I would really like to try this. I hope I win!

  125. sangeetha

    this would be my first one, i have just been putting it off for a while not, so may be incented to actually try

  126. Carolyn

    The colorway in the photo is pretty exciting! And I love the way it knit up stripey, not splotchy.

  127. Melanie

    I want to knit socks… thats who!! And to knit them with such fabulous yarn, that would be even more fun!

  128. JenC

    Who doesn’t love to knit socks? I always have some in my purse. that wool looks awesome, would love to try. thanks!

  129. Rachel

    Comment! Very cool socks! I have to say that I am glad contest entry is always so simple, that I don’t have to like your facebook or send five different tweets about you or something like that. Especially since I don’t even have a facebook and I don’t tweet!

  130. Lucianne

    Who wants to knit socks?! Me! I always have a pair on the needles, with umpteen more waiting their turns. I loooove knitting socks…

  131. connie

    I met Felicia a couple weeks ago here in Colorado and her yarns (and her samples!) are BEAUTIFUL! And, well, I like yarn. And socks.

  132. Jen

    TLS is gorgeous stuff. PrairiePoppins, if you don’t win it (because I will – ha! 🙂 break down and buy a skein. You will love it! All her bases are fab, and the colours… The COLOURS!!

  133. Susan

    I am constantly knitting socks, and have been looking forward to trying out the Cathedral Grove Socks pattern.

    Pretty yarn, and beautiful pattern. What a great opportunity! Thanks for the giveaway.

  134. Birgit

    sweeeeeeet! What a beautiful price!!! Pick me pick me pick me! :o)

    Happy Canada Day everyone!

  135. Jen Alexander

    I love socks, and I love sock yarn even more! Second sock syndrome is not something I’m susceptible to, thus far!

  136. Rebecca

    Love this sock yarn. And what a lovely name for this very appealing pattern. Thanks for your contests.

  137. Solarmama

    You might as well have posted “Two people will win free hits of crack!” as far as I’m concerned. I love sock yarns, I love sock patterns, I love socks. I almost wish I had four feet so I could wear two pairs. Thanks!

  138. Amanda Heyen

    Those socks are definitely on my list and I LOVE the yarn. Thanks for the giveaway.

  139. tara

    Ooh, I’ve been wanting to try Sweet Georgia yarns (although I’m a pretty slow sock knitter these days…)

  140. Josiane

    I’d love to try that yarn – and have such a lovely pair of socks as a result! Thank you for offering another sweet giveaway!

  141. SarainBrooklyn

    Oooh, sock yarn! Really, really *beautiful* sock yarn! I am crossing fingers and toes… and noting that I’m pretty far behind in my no-more-storebought-socks mission.

  142. Tina_R

    For all the years of knitting I’ve been at it, I have yet to do socks. It would be nice to have my first be this lovely pair!

  143. Sharon Holloway

    Love these socks and would really love the challenge of knitting a pair, and for once these would be for me. Hope Im a winner.:)

  144. Susan

    Those socks are eye candy for sure! Would love to knit a pair in some Sweet Georgia! Sweet! !

  145. Emily

    My favorite thing to knit! Haven’t used sweet georgia yarn before, but would love the chance to.

  146. Aaron Strich

    …and here I was, just thinking it was about time for another pair of socks on the needles.

  147. Mary Anne

    The generosity of the knitting community never ceases to amaze me. The socks are gorgeous! Good Luck, everyone.

  148. janmaus

    Love socks for summer knitting–or fall, winter, spring, for that matter. Yummy yarn!

  149. Kady

    What better way to keep my hands occupied while memorizing all of the origin and insertions of the muscles of the back (yes, I’m taking Anatomy) than knitting with this lovely yarn?

  150. Emmie

    I’d use this lovely yarn to kit socks for the two grandboys, who love their “grandma socks”.

  151. Barb Boehler

    Socks, I can’t get enough of them because they are the perfect gift. EVERYONE loves hand made socks.

  152. Shannon Larson

    I love to knit new sock patterns and try new sock yarn. I have yet to try Tough Love Sock yarn, so I am excited about this give-away.

  153. Melissa Doerr

    I need to add socks to my knitting. I’d love to start the adventure wit this yarn.

  154. Christine

    Gorgeous! I have never won anything in my life, and I would love to win yarn for these fun socks 🙂

  155. Maggie

    Green has been growing on me lately… and yes, it’s been hot here. Ah, Texas. At least our air conditioner is fixed now…

  156. Margaret

    I’ve always wanted to try some Sweet Georgia yarn — what a great opportunity! margaretgracemills AT gmail DOT com. Thanks!

  157. Anya

    Gorgeous– and, coincidentally, the exact color of my daughter’s Irish dance school thingamabobbies. 🙂 Here’s hoping!

  158. Candace

    Lovely pattern and beautiful yarn! I’ll keep my fingers (er…toes) crossed for luck that you all will draw my name!

  159. LoriAngela

    I miss knitting socks and I love Sweet Georgia! This year I’m trying to knit scarves for the Christmas Eve turkey dinner soup kitchen.

  160. Tiffany

    I love sweet Georgia yarn! Would love to knot these socks two at a time and have them done just in time for colder weather.

  161. Karen Sobel

    Wonderful pattern and would love to have some yarn to knit them – as if I need more sock yarn

  162. Christine

    Socks – the perfect small project to work on when in the middle of a heat wave! Thanks for the contest and Happy Canada Day on July 1st.

  163. Debby G.

    My needles are empty, just waiting for me to start a new pair of socks. Love the colorway and pattern.

  164. Amanda

    Can’t ever have too much sock yarn! Would love to get my hands on some Sweet Georgia Yarn!

  165. melora

    Thank you for the giveaway, it would be good to have an excuse to bump the cathedral socks to the top of my queue!

  166. Kim R

    Gorgeous…my daughter’s favourite colours…could be a perfect project for her!! 🙂

  167. Claire

    I just got told about this blog. I can not wait to go through the whole website and knit everything!

  168. Katrina

    Ooh, lovely! It’s BOILING in Montreal right now, so I’m making hot knitted necklaces (seven circle). Right. Smart.

  169. Denise

    The pattern and color combo are so quirky and fun. I would have to walk around shoeless as soon as they are done.

  170. Kim

    My question is, who wouldn’t want to knit socks? It’s the best thing to knit in the summer and these socks/yarn are gorgeous. I hope I win 🙂

  171. Kathleen Champlain

    Can never have enough sock yarn–preferably in every color of the rainbow! All kidding aside, the yarn comes in some very beautiful colors and it would be great to have some.

  172. Anne

    Hello from Iceland. On a trip round Iceland, visiting the sheep who make Lopi possible and keeping up with Knitty while having my morning coffee.

    1. Mary Ellen McCormack

      Beautiful colors! Wonderful design, I would love to use this yarn to make these socks.

  173. Michele

    The socks are pretty, but I think as more tone on tone sock would really bring out the pattern.