WWW: Still Knitting in Public, I Hope!

World Wide Knit in Public Day continues all week! I know it’s raining in a lot of places, but knitting in a dry coffee shop still counts as being in public, you know.

Making excellent progress!

Artist Christen Mattix of Bellingham, Washington knits in public for an hour every day: she’s knitting a rope to reach through her town from her home half a mile down to the ocean. The artist is a sculptor and painter, and conceives of this rope as “an urban drawing”.

Julia Gillard, the Prime Minister of Australia knits in public – and has a special knitting bag labelled “Prime Minster” (I think we all would, in her position!).

A perfect target for a yarnbomb!

A group in Shipley, West Yorkshire, is knitting in public to yarnbomb the town. Wool has an important role in the area’s history – the village of Saltaire was founded in the mid 19th century to house the workers from the region’s important woolen mill – and the knitters are celebrating that with some fab public displays.

Wearing one’s knitting in public, for better or worse. Much discussion kicked off by a letter to an advice columnist about a small business owner’s rejection of a potential employee because of her discomfort over the interviewee’s vest knitted from dog hair.

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6 thoughts on “WWW: Still Knitting in Public, I Hope!

  1. Sarah

    In my local city, we are hosting the OKMozart music festival. It is held every year beginning the 2nd full weekend of June through the following Friday.
    The local fiber guild contact the offices of the OKMozart festival and asked if it would be permitted to yarnbomb the trees in front of the office along the street. They loved the idea and gave the go-ahead! The guild did not tell them when they woudl do the bombing, but surpised the offices on the Monday morning before the festival began! It was very noticable and even received news coverage by the nearby big city who had a news crew come by and video the beautiful decor and do a small story on it. what a great way to celebrate OKMOzart and WWKIPD!

  2. Allison

    On the topic of dog-hair knits. I am collecting fur from my small dog to spin/knit. My brother thinks it is gross to collect my dog’s fur. I asked, “Why is it gross? The dog is WAY cleaner than your average field sheep; and her fur requires significantly less preparation before spinning.”

  3. Kathy

    There are any number of dogs in the knitting/spinning/crocheting group I hang around with. We are all saving dog hair. Let’s face it, if you use the hair it makes combing the pet a whole lot more fun.

  4. Chloe

    i wish knitting in public day/week was about 2 weeks earlier. i have exams, and spend all my spare time studying. 🙁

  5. Tami

    This is the 5th year I’ve organized a local WWKiP, unfortunately, I can’t attend this year!

    I’m sure everyone will have a great time and I’ll be checking in during the class I need to take for my license.

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