WWW: Stompy the Bear; cruise knitting; model masterworks

Stomp along with Stompy the Bear

Tremendous knitted music video created for the song “Stompy the Bear” by Caspar Babypants. Not only is the video fab, but I challenge you to resist tapping your foot by the end of it. The video is the work of Charlotte Blacker, who received awards for her previous knitted animation, The Little Red Plane.

Circular knitting on a boat!

To promote Margaret Radcliffe’s new book, “Circular Knitting Workshop”, her publisher is running a sweepstakes. The prize is a trip for two to Maine and tickets for an all-inclusive sailing cruise off the coast of Maine with author Margaret Radcliffe. The cruise is a 6 day event, with knitting classes and instruction from the author. Fun!

Speaking of cruising, I loved this little tidbit about a group of knitters on a 112-day around the world cruise knitting for charity.

There are two big knitting events coming up this weekend: TNNA in the US and and Woolfest in the UK, and there’s a lot of travellers worrying about what knitting they are going to take with them – the concern is always that we might run out. I can only imagine how much knitting I would take with me for a 112-day cruise!

Inspired and inspiring!

A Canadian knitwear designer is collaborating with clothing retailer Roots to promote a line of sweaters inspired by Canadian cities. Lovely designs – I wonder if they’d be willing to release patterns?

Amazing work worth celebrating! An 87-year-old has knit a replica of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee carriage. 90-year-old Muriel has knitted 22 detailed dolls representing Olympic athletes. And another knitter has created an entire replica of the river pageant for the Jubilee. I know that the press often carry these stories for their novelty value, but we love them because we know how challenging these types of projects are. They deserve to be celebrated! (Although I do notice these tend to be UK-centric… I wonder if there are such projects being created elsewhere in the world?)

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4 thoughts on “WWW: Stompy the Bear; cruise knitting; model masterworks

  1. Susan

    We are all slightly bonkers here in the UK, some more than others, eccentric is what we prefer to think of ourselves as.

  2. Johnnie

    Love, love, love! Stompy the Bear. My grandson (1 1/2 yrs) shimmied his shoulders (I can’t even do that!) and danced. Listen once and you’ll be humming the tune later 😉

  3. Meredith MC

    The Knitted life size lions that an artist created for the Olympics really blew my mind.

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