All About The Roundtables

You’ve probably seen this link, and you might have been wondering what this “Roundtable” thing is all about…

A Yarn Roundtable is, to quote Amy, like a wine tasting, but with yarn.

About once a month, a team of adventurous knitters gets together (most often in Toronto at Amy’s LYS, The Purple Purl, but we have been known to take the show on the road) to play with yarn.

An excellent way to spend a Friday evening!

The purpose of the Roundtable is for knitters of all tastes and interests and skill levels to actually test out the yarn – knitting with it, not just looking at it in the skein – for a more complete review.  The results are published in Knitty. After all, we all know that you can’t always tell what a yarn is going to be like just by looking at it. For many things, the yarn needs to be actually knit: the stitch definition, fabric texture, and how the coloring looks. And so our knitters knit these yarns, and tell you what they discover and experience.

Our knitters knit, and then fill in the all important-form: how does it feel in the skein? how does it feel to work with? what does it look like knit up? what does it feel like knit up?. The most important question is the last: “what’s the one thing you couldn’t know about this yarn until you knit with it?

The all-important form.

Knitters make a small swatch with each of the yarns being sampled… Regular attendees keep their swatches, and are growing a rather eccentric but intriguing scarf…

Maureen’s Roundtable Swatch of Fabulousness
A special guest.

In addition, there is lively conversation (although talking about the yarns being sampled is forbidden, and we have been known to pelt offenders with gummi bears!), there are snacks (gummi bears leftover from the aforementioned pelting), and prizes!

We welcome new participants – and we love visitors from out of town! In the spring, we were lucky enough to be graced with the presence of the inimitable Lucy Neatby. Visit this page to sign up.

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6 thoughts on “All About The Roundtables

  1. Carol S.

    Oh how much I love attending your Round Tables. It isn’t just about the fun new yarns, it’s about getting out, meeting others, and seeing you.

    Thank you for always having such a great event. Thanks to the Purl for being such a amazing host each time <3

  2. Maureen

    Hi there,

    Wow a published photo of my yarn snake. I am honored.

    Tried to RSVP to a tasting but comments are closed. Perhaps the page is not up to date?

    I will try again later.

  3. Seanna Lea

    I’ll have to see if my husband and I can swing a second vacation to Toronto. It has been at least 5 years since we were last there.

  4. Jo-ann

    You don’t do takeout do you? I’m in Australia! Would love to do this. Fondling new yarn ranks right up there. Getting to knit even better.

    (Pity to see the attack of the spammers today. Knitty is usually free of this sort of stuff)

  5. sjw

    And for those of us who are dense, clicking on the button that says RSVP gives a 404, but clicking on the title for that date works.

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