TNNA Giveaway – Offhand Designs Bag!

You read that right.

Larissa from Offhand Designs has donated a beautiful Iris bag for a KnittyBlog Giveaway!

Iris from Offhand Designs

It was one of our favorite things from TNNA. You can read about it in our TNNA round up.

To win this beautiful Iris bag for yourself follow our usual rules.

Leave a comment on this post before midnight, eastern time, on Wednesday, July 25, 2012.
A comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question.
If s/he answers correctly s/he will win our prize. Prize value, $110.
If you have already won a prize from us in the past year, please give other knitters a chance

A huge thanks to Offhand Designs for making beautiful things and sharing one with a lucky Knitty reader!


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1,152 thoughts on “TNNA Giveaway – Offhand Designs Bag!

  1. Chloe

    what a beautiful bag! knitting companies and stores are so nice to donate such lovely giveaways!
    what a wonderful half birthday present that would be…:)

  2. Heather W.

    My current tote isn’t living up to its initial promise. I’d love to replace it with this one!

  3. Allie

    Oh wow that is GORGEOUS. I was just talking on my blog about how I’m looking for a new bag. Pockets! Oh my pockets.

  4. Savannagal

    What a lovely bag. A knitter can never have too many bags. Thanks so much for this terrific giveaway!

  5. mellenknits

    I’m a sucker for a bag with pockets and the fabric looks like it begs to be touched!

  6. Amy

    I’m a big fan of Offhand Designs, and that beautiful Iris has me almost literally drooling! I would love to win. Thanks.

  7. Ann-Marie

    I absolutely COVET an Offhand Designs bag! The colors on this one are just great, too!

  8. Heather

    I feel like I never have enough “dress up” knitting bags. This would be perfect for those occasions!

  9. Kara

    What a beautiful bag. Blue is my favorite color and the 25th is my birthday! This would be the perfect birthday present. πŸ™‚

  10. Brandi

    Beautiful bag! I would love carrying it around everywhere with me! Thank you for the giveaway!

  11. Diana

    I am a baglady and I think that would be a perfect addition to my project bags that I love so dearly. I am an original baglady since high school. I carry my purse and a bag that has a project in progress everywhere I go. When I had my baby I carried my purse, diaper bag, and project bag where ever I whet. I would love to be carrying that one.

  12. Barbara

    Wow, that’s beautiful! If I don’t win, I think it’ll go on my birthday wishlist…

  13. Samantha Edwards

    This bag is gorgeous!!! I love offhand designs, they use the most beautiful fabrics around!

  14. Sarah

    What a pretty bag! I like the pattern and the color, and it looks soft. Might have to look into one of these, if I don’t win one.

  15. Megan F.

    I am always on the lookout for beautiful bags that can do double duty as purse and knitting bag. Great giveaway!

  16. Reb

    My preschooler and I are ready for me to move away from the diaper bag . . . (How long can she withstand the indignity of hiding my knitting in there? She needs me to have proper knitting bag.)

  17. Lenor

    Offhand Designs makes the best bags and delightful needle cases as well. Thank you Larissa for this opportunity!

  18. Katrina

    Oh…I so love this bag AND you can never have too many bags! Especially seeing that I have 2 little ones and I LOVE to knit! I have a lot of things to carry around.

  19. Lynn

    What a pretty bag! Love the color, too. Would love to carry my knitting around in that. Thanks for a chance!

  20. Megan

    What a gorgeous bag! That would trump my made-from-old-flannel-PJs bag something fierce!

  21. Karis

    Gorgeous bag – I would love to have one! (Plus, my projects would look so good in it!)

  22. Barbara

    I’m so glad to hear that Off-Hand designs are back in production – that’s a gorgeous bag.

  23. larisakay

    Well, my name is Larisa and I collect bags for my knitting, so this is a perfect match! πŸ˜‰

  24. kelly

    I am in love with Offhand Design bags! What a beautiful bag – I’d love to add it to my collection!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  25. Nicole

    What? Just a giveaway…no wonderfully fun and moving stories to read. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to comment on the giveaway!!!Lovely!

  26. Lindaran

    What a fabulous color! I think this would cheer me up everyday just having it around.

  27. Barbara

    I’ve been needing a new bag for ages (seriously, I’ve been using one my aunt sewed for me about 20 years ago), but could never find something just the right size, with enough pockets, and comfortable handles. But this bag looks just right!

  28. Meredith K A

    Beautiful!! I’m just ramping my knitting back up after going back to work after having a baby, and a gorgeous new bag would be just the ticket to keep me motivated & my projects extra-portable!! Fingers crossed!

  29. Jen Alexander

    Oh oh oh. I LOVE these bags!! Someone is going to be very lucky. Probably not me, but maybe! Here’s hoping.

  30. Seanna Lea

    Oh goodness, pretty please! It’s bizarre, because I’ve been searching for a new bag for the past two weeks and this looks perfect!

  31. Joan

    Beautiful bag!!! Is it really wrong to covet pretty knitting bags?? Because if it is, my daughter and I are in trouble!

  32. Lisa Barrett

    What a lovely bag! It would be such a treat to own. Thank you for the generous giveaway.

  33. Pam

    I am ALWAYS on the lookout for the next best bag!!! (as my husband says, it needs to be bigger on the inside than the outside)

  34. Heather O'Connell

    My birthday was yesterday, and there would be no better gift than this bag! I hope I win!

  35. Christine

    Do you have any idea how good that would look if I were to carry it!?!?!?! I should totally win. πŸ˜‰

  36. sharon

    What a gorgeous bag and yes I have tons of yarn and wip’s I would gladly stuff into it! Thank you!

  37. Hunter

    Ooooh…can I pretend it’s an overnight bag? Will it make me all fancy and pulled together when I go away for the weekend?

  38. Aimee

    Ack! What an awesome bag. I love awesome bags, for which to put the awesome bags I’m making in. Kind of like a Russian nesting doll…

  39. Aimee

    What a pretty bag. I love the fabric. Heading to her website now to check her other stuff out.

  40. Anna C.

    That’s a fabulous bag. I’m going to have to look through all of their stuff now as I’ve never heard of them.

  41. Shirley B

    That pretty bag needs some new beautiful yarn to go in it. I should go shopping πŸ™‚

  42. Dallas Ann

    What a gorgeous bag! My knitting bag just bit the dust, so this would be perfect timing.

  43. AmyBB

    Oh. My. Head. That it’s an amazingly beautiful bag! I love baby blue with green. So pretty!

    Pick me!

  44. G.K. Green

    Yes, please, enter me to win the gorgeous and practical Offhand Designs bag! Thanks for the giveaway, too … G. K. Green / gkgreen on Ravelry

  45. Judy

    What a beautiful bag, and it’s one of my favorite colors! it would be a wonderful to get picked to own this bag πŸ™‚

  46. Ana

    Wow, that is gorgeous! So far my knitting bags consist of spare grocery or diaper bags so this one would be a real treat!

  47. Meg

    Lovely bag! I love lovely bags, really, I do. I love to knit lovely things and lovely things ought to be kept in a lovely bag, don’t you think?

  48. Beth H

    This bag is in my favorite colors! Plus, my husband would love to have my yarn and knitting in one place instead of scattered all over the house.

  49. Kara Payne

    That’s such gorgeous fabric. My daughter would love it. Maybe she’d even finish her knitting . : )

  50. Jen

    That is a gorgeous bag! I think the only thing I might like more than new yarn is a pretty bag to carry the yarn!

  51. Shawn Morris

    I love that bag, the colors are gorgeous. I need to knit a lucky rabbits foot out of angora for it!

  52. Amy

    I’ve never had the opportunity to own an Offhand Designs bag. Thank you for the chance to change that!!

  53. MadTatter

    Oooh, pretty, pretty bag!!! I’m so totally drooling right now. Thank you, Knitty, for having awesome giveaways, and thank you, Larissa, for donating such a fab gift!!

    pickmepickmepickmepickmepickme…(*sending a powerful mental signal…*)

  54. Heather N

    That is a gorgeous bag! Hopefully the ‘challenge question’ isn’t too tough. πŸ˜‰

  55. Karen B

    Wow…that is a stunning bag. I love the way Offhand bags are rich with quality materials and striking in appearance. WANT!!!!

  56. Jennifer F.

    Gorgeous bag!!! I would feel so spoiled carrying my project around in that! πŸ˜‰

  57. Jessica H

    eeeeee. i want this bag!! It’s so hard to find a good knitting bag and this looks near perfect!

  58. Diane DeLille

    The bag looks like waves swirling on a beautiful blue sea. I would look good with this bag!

  59. Joanne

    This bag is so beautiful. I would use it everyday to the office and out at night with knitting nicely tucked inside.

  60. Lin Reuther

    This bag is gorgeous! I have been searching everywhere for the perfect summery bag for the last 3 months – and this is it!!! Sure hope I win!!!

  61. Martha

    Gorgeous bag!! Oh, pick me, pick me please!!! I adore Offhand Designs & spend tons of time ogling their beautiful bags, wishing to win the lottery so I could afford to buy one of my own.

  62. Rebecca Wilson

    This bag is gorgeous and any knitter worth their salt would be proud to have it.

  63. Beverley

    Oh yes please ! Would love to come to TNNA but living in NZ hasn’t made it easy either has working full time in costume on shhhh the Hobbit πŸ™‚ never win anything so fingers crossed πŸ™‚ thanks for the chance.

  64. Jody

    Lovely bag–some of my favorite colors and designs! You can never have too many bags…

  65. Niki

    Is there such a thing as too many bag? Either way, this one is beautiful, would absolutely love to own it!

  66. Sherry Smith

    How very lovely! Nice and roomy for lots of yarn and needles. Perfect for all my WIP. Seems I can not have just 1! LOL Thank you for the awesome giveaway.

  67. Michelle

    I need a knitting bag. My knitting group is sick of me coming with my projects in a ziplock. Fingers crossed you pick me!!

  68. Patricia

    Beautiful bag!
    Would be proud to carry my knitting on such a glorious bag.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  69. Natasha Carty

    This is a gorgeous bag, my favorite color and I would be honored to win it! Thanks

  70. AmyS

    Oh my goodness – that is heaven in knitting bag form! Please, pick me – I am willing to do whatever is necessary… you can even have my first born, we’ve got others…

  71. Annette

    Gorgeous fabric, fantastic design (love all the pockets!), and made in the USA – what an awesome combination! Please enter me. πŸ˜€

  72. Bonnie Pinkerton

    Wow! What a gorgeous bag! How I would love to carry my next project in a bag just like this. It is even one of my favorite colors.

  73. Frances Keefe

    Oh my….this bag is heavenly! The color is stunning, I would take my knitting EVERYWHERE with me!

  74. Josiane

    That looks like a great bag! I think it’d be perfect to carry the stuff I need when I teach… Thanks for offering us a chance at winning it!

    1. Terese

      There would be no dropped stitches in a project that lives in this cheerful bag! Love the colors.

  75. Michele Mountain

    What a beautiful bag! Only beautiful projects could come out of such a bag — all that bright cheeriness would rub right off!

  76. PleaseLouise

    I can think of so many uses for this beautiful bag…a million projects are calling out to it….

  77. mary mcmahon

    would such a bag outshine whatever knitting was put in it or would it enhance the said knitting? Mary in Cincinnati

  78. Rachel

    What a beautiful bag… I can definitely see myself sporting this in style. Winning this would make my day and I could use something positive in my life right now! Good luck to all the entrants!!!

  79. Karen

    Ooooooh, it’s my favorite color! I’m sick right now, I’m sure this would be just the perfect pick-me-up πŸ™‚

  80. Rhoda Yazza

    Love the color and design of the bag; had to get my comment posted before I go in for knee surgery tomorrow morning (Tuesday, 7/24). Would be great to hear that I’m the winner to help me in recover quickly. πŸ™‚

  81. Stella K

    I love Offhand Design bags. I own a few of their bags. And this bag would be on my “WANTED” list.

  82. Kathy Irwin

    Very beautiful bag! I would love to have that hanging off my arm with a project poking out the top.

  83. Kathy Irwin

    Such a pretty bag! I would love to have that hanging off my arm with a project poking out the top.

  84. Annie Wilson

    That is very beautiful! Only pretty knitted things would emerge from such a beautiful bag.

  85. Cheryl Gould

    This is an amazing bag that I would love to have and flaunt it to my knitting friends!!!

  86. Diy

    This is such a cute bag. I can totally see myself using it to carry my latest knitting project.

  87. LeeAnne Schwan

    Love the bag! I can image what a great knitting bag it would be for all of my projects.

  88. Debra Walker

    This is one fabulous bag- dreaming of all the wonderful yarn, notions and patterns I can work on from this!

  89. Peggy aka PickleSoup on Rav

    Might as well give it a shot! Thanks for the chance- it’s a gorgeous bag!

  90. Bonnie (Boo)

    That bag is GORGEOUS!!! I never win anything, but what the heck…..ya can’t win if you don’t play, right?

  91. Sara Lennertz

    I love the “Bigger on the Inside” shawl on the previous blog post. Oh, and I love this bag. Hope I win!

  92. danielle

    OMG OMG OMG…..that is bee-you-tee-full!! Dont know if I coudl answer the question…..but it is defiinetly worth the try to get that bag!

  93. Sarah

    I have never seen one of these in real life, but I would love to find out what they’re like!

  94. Heike Horn

    This bag is just gorgeous! I would be so proud to carry it wherever I go with my knitting!!

  95. cceluikidikiest

    waouh ! very beautiful !!
    a chance for french people ??
    thank you for this bag !!

  96. Kathleen Champlain

    I would be in 7th heaven with all those pockets! Thanks for the chance to win.

  97. Cheryl

    Love the design, the pockets and the fact that it stands on its own…would love to see my Sangria in it – both my project and something to drink!

  98. Maggie

    That bag is amazingly gorgeous. Who wouldn’t want the chance to win it? Count me in please!

  99. Rike

    A beautiful bag, would be perfect for my new job/school erverything would fit in plus knitting things πŸ˜‰

  100. Tracy Schiff Mynhier

    That is the most beautiful shade of blue. I love the fact that these bags have an old fashioned look about them, not like something that you bought on sale at Macy’s. When I first saw one of the Offhand bags at my knitting store, I kept going back and touching it…. Lovely.

  101. Gunilla Lunde

    What a wonderful bag! I would love to carrry my knitting projects in such a piece or art.

  102. Bibiana

    The bag is gorgeous. Well done TNNA and thanks Knittyblog for the opportunity to win it.
    Me encanta!!!

  103. Mona Sandstrâm

    Super nice bag. And I realy like the stoff. My favorit color. πŸ™‚
    I need a new bag so I realy hope I’ll win it. I have already post a pictur of it on my Facebook page so my friends can see it.

  104. Terry Murray

    Loverly bag! Beautiful colors, great design–oh the use I could make of those pockets!

  105. Patsy

    This bag is gorgeous! I need it so I can stay in and knit all day in these 100 degree temps!

  106. Lisha Collins

    I absolutely love this bag and I have a knitting project waiting for it to ride in. Wouldn’t my project be happy. 

  107. Becca

    That bag is the combination of my two favourite colours! Hmm, I do need a new bag, my current one is broken, off to follow the link.

  108. Stefanie M.

    So pretty! And just the kind of bag I’ve been looking for. I would use it well, and use it often.

  109. Jamie

    Oh my goodness! I love bags and keep all my knitting projects in bags of all shapes and sizes. This is the perfect color and I really like the style.

  110. LoonyNuna

    What a lovely bag! One can never have too many project bags. For years I’ve used plastic grocery bags, but now I’m trying to invest in “real” bags. This would be a great addition to my small collection. Thanks to Larissa for her generosity!

  111. Sarah Corrigan

    It’s so beautiful!! And I’m in desperate need of a new project bag that can accommodate some toddler entertainments too… Nothing squishy in this beauty, mind you!

  112. Jerri Michael

    This is one of the most beautiful bagsI have seen. Love the design of diagonal pockets

  113. Nancy

    All of my project bags are reusable grocery bags from Trader Joe’s. I would love this bag!

  114. Quinn

    WOW what a gorgeous bag! My fingers are crossed. Which is making to difficult to knit, so I’m glad there is only a short time til the drawing πŸ˜‰

  115. SarainBrooklyn

    That is a truly beautiful bag! I keep thinking I’m going to make a bag. You know, via the miracle of sewing. But every minute one spends sewing is Not Knitting. Crossing my fingers πŸ˜‰

  116. Christine

    What a gorgeous bag! I have tried to knit myself bags, but I have half a dozen sitting in a corner waiting to be lined…This would solve that issue and I could re-purpose the yarn!

  117. Louise

    Those are so totally my colours! I’m wearing a tshirt the colour of the print and I buy anything aqua when I see it. Bag’s pretty too!

  118. susan

    Beautiful bag! I really hope I win and I thank you for the opportunity! And thank you to Larissa from Offhand Design for her generosity!

  119. Kathy

    I have never purchased a knitting bag, using one that is barely adequate for a small project. This one is beautiful and looks very functional. Would love to win this.

  120. Debra Yocum

    I love bags and this one is the bomb! It has everything to make my heart pound and it’s in the perfect color combination too! I hope I win it. Fingers crossed πŸ™‚