First Fall WIPs & FOs; Contest!

Contest! We’re giving away a yarn pack to knit the fabulous Bauble Shawl from the First Fall issue.

Don’t you want to knit one yourself?

The prize is two skeins of Miss Babs Yummy sock yarn, with a value of $48.

The usual rules apply for our giveaway: Leave a comment on this post before midnight, eastern time, on Wednesday, August 21, 2012. A comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question. If s/he answers correctly s/he will win our prize. If you have already won a prize from us in the past year, please do give other knitters a chance.

Thanks to Miss Babs for providing our prize!

There’s some excellent work going on from our First Fall issue…

To tempt you further, here’s an excellent Bauble, created by Megknitsalot

Perfectly wonderful.

Typewrittenlion‘s fabulous oversized Norma blanket.


Cheriknit‘s Portlander Mitts

Matching one’s nails to one’s mitts: it’s the cool thing to do!

Workwoman‘s Unleaving

Just great. Fab choice of color.

Sndra‘s Anja Beret. Now, it may just be because I love orange, but this picture makes me happy.

The rest of the hat is pretty good, too!

Knitbender‘s Gentle Teresais coming along very well.

Can’t wait to see this grow!

And Lusianne‘s Eisen is very promising…

Love it!

How is your First Fall knitting coming along? Will you be ready when the weather turns cool?

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809 thoughts on “First Fall WIPs & FOs; Contest!

  1. Katie

    I just finished Unleaving in Miss Babs Yummy and adore it! I love that pattern it has plain stitches to show off color of yarn and lace edging to spice it up!

  2. Grace Johnston

    The WIP’s are beautiful. The fall is a quieter time for me and I long to get knitting!

  3. Connie Garry

    I just love this shawl. And I have enjoyed all the Miss Babs yarn which I’ve bought at Stitches.

  4. Silverlotus

    I think Bauble is a fabulous shawl, and I’d love to win some yarn to knit it with.

    All the other FOs and WIPs look wonderful! Very inspirational.

  5. Anne Tebo

    I haven’t tried knitting anything with Miss Bab’s yarn yet, but I can’t wait to win my yarn and knit the shawl !!

  6. Michele Mountain

    That shawl is one of my favorite patterns from the latest issue (though it’s hard to pick sometimes!) It’s in my queue, waiting to be knit after the other five WIPs I have currently going!

  7. Virginia

    More lovely Knitty things to tempt and inspire!
    So many spiffy knitting patterns, sooooo little time.
    (I have scary-stash, yarn is not the problem.)

  8. reWOLLuzza

    As always with Knitty – too many beautiful things to knit, too little time available. I blame you for unwashed dishes and wrinkled clothes in my life! πŸ™‚

  9. Brooke

    All of those that you showed are so gorgeous!! I need to take another look at this issue of knitty and cast on something.

  10. Pam

    The yarn looks delicious, and I’d love to knit the bauble shawl. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  11. Bonnie

    I love seeing works in progress and finished projects. I would love to have the shawl and the yummy yarn to make it with. Thanks!

  12. Sue Tunney

    The pattern caught my eye at once when I opened the new Knitty issue. Definitely would love to knit this one in Miss Babs yarn. Hooray for Knitty all around!

  13. cheryl frederick

    oh that shawl is gorgeous! i can’t wait to pick out a yarn and get started … maybe this weekend!

  14. Steven

    Any of the yarns by Miss Babs are quite possibly my favorite yarns ever with perfect colors and knits beautifully.

  15. Dorothy

    Those pictures make me want to go out and knit them all. I especially like the mitts. I have been trying to ignore the impending fall, but it will be hard to do that soon.

  16. Seanna Lea

    Please count me in.

    I’m about to embark on completing WIPs. I finished one item yesterday, and will be cleaning my craft room over the weekend. I am hoping to find the last 5 blanket squares, so I can actually start sewing the blanket together.

  17. Katy L

    Today I woke up and it was chilly for the first time since April. I was thrilled to wear a cardigan to work for the first time since I’d finished it. I think my bones felt autumn creeping up slowly, because I’ve felt the itch to cast on socks and mittens and scarves….and shawls now too!

  18. Debbie

    Lovely & inspiring projects! Now that the terrible heat has broken here in the mid-west, I am ready to start fall knitting.

  19. Kari W.

    Lovely shawl paired with lovely Miss Babs yarn. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great duo.

  20. Leslie

    So many beautiful pieces! As to the weather, I’m just grateful that the awful summer heat broke in time for my wedding on the 11th!

  21. Michelle

    Oh, I love to see all the “real world” examples of the patterns! I always end up adding more to my queue!

  22. Elizabeth

    I love love love this shawl. Especially the orange in the pattern pictures. And I love Miss Babs, too!

  23. Christine

    I sure will be ready!!! and am knitting shawls right now!

    The wool shawl I finished and blocked will be ready for the first crisp we get.

    oh my…Miss Babs to possibly win…..coooooooooo

  24. Carol

    I hear such good things about Miss Babs yarns, so I’d love to try some out! Oh, and August 21 is a Tuesday, not a Wednesday.

  25. Irene T

    It’s starting to feel like Fall already. Temperature will drop to 13 C tonight! Love Fall, with all the colours, cooler weather, and opportunities to wear knitted garments. Bring on Fall! Stash diving to start knitting presents. I’m determined to knit small presents for everyone, so a Miss Babs yarn will be most welcome.

  26. Peg Hosky

    Tweet from me, @PegHosky today —
    #FF Insightful: @Amtower Delightful: @Knittydotcom Formidable: @FedInsider Watchful @rick_tracy Laser: @FedNewsRadio

    Love to win!

  27. stella

    I would love to knit the bauble shawl. it looks amazing and like it wold be a lot of fun to work on.

  28. melissa

    Throwing my name in the hat for a chance at the bauble pack. That’s such a beautiful shawl! πŸ™‚

  29. sandee

    Wow, I love this shawl it is already on my “I will knit it one day, when I get the yarn”; if I win one day will be sooner rather than later.

  30. Sarah

    Everyone’s work is so pretty! I’m trying to finish a full-sized shawl before cool weather hits, but I keep thinking how I really need a shawlette too. It is a very distracting thought.

  31. Linda M.

    The Bauble pattern looks like it would be interesting to knit. I enjoy watching lace patterns unfold.

  32. Mimi

    This shawl caught my eye when it was first released. It’s so beautiful and I’m blown away that it was designed by someone so young. What an amazing talent!

  33. Katherine

    I love Bauble, I’m almost through the yoke of Eisen, it was my Olympic project. Obviously I didn’t finish.

  34. Anne

    I’ve had my eye on this pattern since it was released. I love it! I’ll be knitting it eventually but, winning would make for such a fun story! Thanks again to Knitty for another favorite pattern!

  35. Patti

    I love the pattern and will definitely be making one. I love the fact that the designer is only in high school, she is so talented.

  36. Ruby

    Thank you Miss Babs, and Knitty. I love this Bauble Shawl and have it ready – I just have to find the right yarn to make it happen. Looking forward to this shawl.

  37. Martha

    Bauble is such a gorgeous pattern! It has leaped to the top of my “must-knit” list, & I’m waiting impatiently for my next payday to go buy yarn for it. It’d be unbelievably amazing to win yarn for it!

  38. zaelia

    Gorgeous patterns, and it’s always fun to think you might win something and get to try a new yarn. Thanks!

  39. drMolly

    Now those are some lovely items. I have to admit I don’t much like the orange Bauble, but the white one – very nice! What a difference color can make.

  40. Sam

    I love that shawl. And I agree with Dorothy, I want to knit them all. (and apparently I’m in a rhyming kind of mood today…)

  41. Marie

    Bauble is stunning. I have it in my queue on Ravelry already. Would love to win the yarn to do it in.

  42. Natalyon

    Oh what a beautiful firery orange, I would really love to make a shawl out of it

    Thanks Knitty people

  43. Sarah

    Oh, I do love that Bauble shawl and was thinking about my handspun for it, but I certainly would not pass on some Miss Babs.

    Yes, I am ready for cooler weather. I’m hoping that working on an unfinished pair of mittens will help.

  44. DianeW

    Is this a test? On my calendar August 21 is a Tuesday. (And also my sister’s birthday.) I’m all about the shawls recently, and haven’t knit one in this shape so it would be cool to win.

  45. Ellen

    The Bauble shawl is fantastic! I would love to try the Miss Babs yarn. Thanks for the chance to win!

  46. Jenny

    I was just wishing for a shawl this morning – we live in northern New England, where the first frost is right around the corner πŸ™‚

  47. Knitography

    Beautiful! I’ve been on a big shawl kick lately so the last thing I need is another shawl in my queue, but it’s so pretty!

  48. Cynthia

    That is a beautiful shawl, and already in my (extremely long) queue. Winning a kit would really bump it up the line. πŸ˜€

  49. Jill F.

    Love Miss Babs -I made the color affection with 3 skeins of Yummy and it is gorgeous! Would love to win this! πŸ™‚

  50. Jan

    Beautiful WIPs and FOs!!! I DO want to knit a Bauble! Thanks to Knitty and Miss Babs for the contest!!!

  51. Jude's

    Loved this pattern when I first saw it, and really impressed with the young age of the designer. Miss Babs yarn ain’t too shabby either πŸ˜‰

  52. Mandi R

    What a lovely shawl I would love to win. πŸ™‚ I’m not quite ready for fall. I have a 1 yr old in need of some more sweaters and vests. πŸ˜‰ got to get my needles busy.

  53. Mel brock

    Those were great looking WIPs and projects, I do love Bauble and I think that might be the next project when I finish what I have on the needles now!

  54. Cat

    I would love to knot the shawl, just in time for the evening chills setting in. I am so excited about Fall I feel like a giddy schoolgirl!

  55. Mia

    This shawl went into my queue as soon as Knitty’s First Fall issue came out! I love the twisted stitches and would be thrilled if chosen. Simply gorgeous.

  56. Sandra

    All of the pieces and the contest shawl are amazing. I’m a big fan of the color orange since it goes with almost anything. And it always makes me smile as well.

  57. Cindy from Dallas

    That is a lovely shawl! It is still very hot here in Texas, therefore I am working on small items, mostly baby clothes. I hope to be able to pick up shawls again soon, but it has got to cool down before I can.

  58. Viv Minor

    hmmm…is this a little too ambitious for my first shawl I wonder? Oh what the heck – what’s the worst that can happen. Rip it up and start again πŸ™‚

  59. Jean Ashley

    This issue of Knitty is fabulous, and the Bauble shawl is lovely. Thanks for having a giveaway!

  60. Dana

    I am so ready for fall knitting, and for wearing the vest I made this summer. This means that I have to (eep) steek it soon so I can FINISH finish it…but I seem to have gotten distracted by a little pattern known as “Bigger on the Inside.” Hmm. thanks for the giveaway opportunity. Love the new issue!

  61. Rebecca

    Stunning! I actually do want to knit one myself, and I’m not even a shawl person. I love that st patt, might also use it elsewhere. πŸ™‚

  62. Peggy aka PickleSoup on Rav

    I would love to try answering the skill test question!! Thanks for the opportunity. πŸ™‚

  63. Marg

    While I’m not so thrilled about summer ending… winning that kit would make it a lot easier to take πŸ™‚

  64. Heather W.

    It’s amazing how inspiring these photos are! Now I want to knit everything in this post.

  65. Kathleen

    Bauble is easily my favourite pattern from the whole issue. Just love it. I can’t wait to see what else that young designer comes up with!

  66. Jennifer

    I am planning on making the Eisen and the Unleaving, and so many others. This latest issue is full of things I want to knit!!!

  67. Becca

    Ready when the weather turns cool? Never! (I haven’t yet got the hang of knitting things so that they’ll be done at the time of year when they’re useful.)

  68. Patsy V. Schaaf

    Bauble is one beautiful pattern! I think I’ll be making it whether I win yarn or not, but winning would be nice!

  69. czupirek/Ewa

    I fell in love with the Baube pattern at the very first sight, so I’m going to make it regardless of this contest. It would however be nice to use this lovely yarn. πŸ™‚

  70. Caralyn

    Ooooh!! Pick me!! Pick me!!! Bauble went into my queue as soon as I saw it, but I never buy two skeins of sock yarn, so there was nothing in my stash to knit it from. Poor me!

  71. Holly

    Wow the Eisen looks so totally different in the lighter color, the baby cables really stand out!

  72. Carrie

    Beautiful projects! It is lovely to see how things look in different colors and on different people.

  73. Lisha Collins

    I love this shawl. The designer is such an amazing young woman. I can’t believe she is a high school student. I can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve next!

  74. Iris

    I’ve been so anxious to knit bauble, but haven’t found the time yet. Each new project I see knit in that pattern makes me so jealous!

  75. Jennifer

    I am so into orange right now… The Norma is so inspiring! I’ve been wanting to start on a new baby blanket.

  76. amy

    This looks like so much fun to knit! Just the right complexity! And the yarn color selection – WOW! Thanks for the opportunity!

  77. Rita Goshorn

    how could i have missed finding this shawl then?! love it … shawls are my thing to do now, and am making one for all my older family members and friends. would love to have this patter to work up! thanx for the opportunity to win it.

  78. Jennifer

    Fabulous! I enjoy seeing things worked up by others, it makes me look at the pattern in a new light. I am working on a.d.cardigan for my 4year old.

  79. Gretchen

    Oh, my. That shawl is stunning, and Miss Babs has beautiful colors available. Pick me, pick me!

  80. Anne Marie

    That shawl is beautiful, and I’ve only ever heard about the yarn. Would love to give it a try.

  81. Angela

    I could really use a shawl kit right now. We are getting ready to move and it is not going smoothly. I love the orange color in the first picture.

  82. susan

    I really love this design! And to make it with the same yarn Kathryn used would be wonderful! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  83. Aimee

    I’m using Miss Bab’s yarn right now for a Color Affection shawl, it’s been wonderful so far.

  84. Emily

    I just ventured into knitting shawls this last month, and I loved it! I think I’ve found a new passion!

  85. Martha

    Oh, I would love to be entered in the Bauble contest! I put this pattern into my “favorites” as soon as I saw it, and I just finished a project with Miss Babs’ wonderful yarn, which I would love to use again.

  86. Cinnamon

    I really love seeing projects from Knitty done by other knitters. It always makes me want to cast on immediately! Keeping my fingers crossed for some Miss Babs.

  87. carole

    i love, love, love the orange hat (my favorite color because it’s happy) and the Portlander mitts rock!
    Bauble is beautiful! I adapted Gemini for my SIL with 3/4 length sleeves so she’ll wear it in the South American spring πŸ™‚

  88. AsilomarKnitter

    Lovely shawl – perfect Christmas gift for my sister! And now I am also inspired to start an Eisen of my own…

  89. Deborah S.

    I just discovered the site today – which then led me here….which then leads me to say “why didn’t I find this site sooner??!! I love it!!!

  90. Char

    That’s a gorgeous shawl pattern. Even if I’m not lucky here, I’m certainly going to make one of my own.

  91. Isabeau

    Ohhhh gorgeous. I want! (And several of those patterns may have tripped and fallen into my queue, just sayin’.)

  92. Jo-ann

    You guys are just so generous with your giveaways. I really love the orange. As yes, I would knit it for ME! Sometimes I think I do too much gift knitting

  93. Alan

    I’m going to make the longitudinal socks, if only so I can say the word “longitudinal” in everyday conversation.

  94. florapie

    Oh my, that orange yarn! Fall is mitten time for me, although I just frogged my latest pair due to completely forgetting to make the thumb gusset. But I’m looking forward to another crack at them!

  95. Heather

    So many beautiful projects! I haven’t had a lot of knitting time since my son was born this spring, but I’d love to cast on a little shawl once I finish my current project.

  96. Ana

    I’m still working on last Fall’s WIPs! However, I think my local group will be doing a KAL of Bauble soon, and the Miss Babs would be absolutely lovely!

  97. Heather J

    I have tried several times to knit lace and haven’t succeeded but that shawl means I am due to try again. LOL

  98. Diane Mountford

    I would love to win the yarn pack … it’s one of my favorite patterns in the issue, and I’ve been wanting some Miss Babs yarn!

  99. mollysusie

    I love coming across a pattern that’s so unique! And double love the chance to win yarrrrn! Thanks for another great giveaway!

  100. Beverly

    The shawl is absolutely stunning! I’d love to win some Miss Babs to make it. I’ve never used Miss Babs before. Does that give me an automatic double entry since I obviously need to get some of this yarn?????

  101. Elizabeth

    I’d love to win some Miss Babs. And yes, I’m working on things I want to wear this October to Rhinebeck (including my own Trellis Waistcoat), and a submission for Winter Knitty. We’ve just had our first cool day after a hot summer here in Kingston and it’s definitely put me in the mood for fall.

  102. Patti B

    I haven’t started knitting from first fall yet, because I’m trying hard to whittle down my WIPs. Down to 9 now, a couple more then I can start something new!

  103. Lark

    Lovely shawl, and I love Miss Babs yarn. I’m working on my very first shawl now; this would be a fun one to try next. Must add to Ravelry queue. (Is there a term for Queue Beyond Reasonable Life Expectancy?)

  104. Jessica

    I have to get knitting so I can have some more sweater this fall. And do some longitudinal socks!

  105. KathyR

    Knitting this lovely shawl would be a welcome relief from the sweater I’m knitting (or attempting to knit) at present.

  106. Josiane

    Those FOs and WIPs are terrific! Gorgeous work everyone!
    As for the Bauble shawl, it was love at first sight for me, so I would be absolutely delighted to won the yarn to make it. Not that I wouldn’t knit it otherwise, but that would help make it happen sooner than later!

  107. hotshoe

    The orange yarn makes such a dramatic statement – though having seen Miss Babs’ website, I’m sure any of her other colors would be lovely in this shawl. Thanks for the inspiring photos!

  108. sophie

    I am moving into a new house and I know the den is going to be a great place to curl up and knit. The Bauble shawl is lovely and would make a great first project of fall.

  109. Sylvie

    I’ve been ogling the Bauble Shawl, and some lovely yarn to make it with would sure be encouraging.

  110. LindaR.

    What a beautiful pattern! And so many beautiful colorways! Thanks for the chance to put them together!

  111. KatsoKnits

    I have bookmarked this pattern as a Christmas gift, so I’ll try it regardless, but I’d love to win the yarn! πŸ™‚

  112. Rose

    Those FOs and WIPs are looking good! Love that dark blue Unleaving – perfect colour choice indeed!

    (And wow, the prize yarn is gorgeous!)


    I love this shawl! When I saw the name before seeing the picture I thought, uh-oh (I really don’t like bobbles). Then I saw the rave-y comments and had to look. Realized I had mis-read bauble. This is fabulous, particularly from such a young designer.

  114. Chandra

    I’d love to make the bauble shawl, the cables in it remind me of strands of DNA and DNA is beautiful.

  115. Cinda

    I absolutely love the Bauble Shawl and already purchased the pattern. Please count me in for the give-away! Thanks!

  116. Carla

    All these projects are inspiring! Finishing of 2 cowels this weekend and starting on sweater by Kim Hargreaves in Rowan Drift.

  117. jen

    love the unleaving-working on the “featherweight cardigan” from knitbot now (it was supposed to be done for summertime πŸ™‚ )

  118. Deanne Thompson

    I love the Bauble shawl and have been looking for yarn to complete it since I opened up the first fall issue. I love the twisted design.

  119. Terri

    Oooo, I loved the Miss Babs booth at Stitches Midwest, but my budget was sadly limited! Would love to win this! Thanks.

  120. Sarah

    I have yet to transition to fall but I’m already ahead on my Christmas knitting! 20% of 2 at a time toe up socks done for my dad, Mom’s shawl is 50% done. and I have 12 skeins left on my husband’s garter blanket… he wants it king size. *cries*

  121. Sarah M

    I’m in denial that the summer is coming to an end…beautiful yarn for a beautiful shawl would help.:) Thanks for the chance to win!

  122. Jocelyn

    A truly lovely shawl pattern, and I’m not usually a huge fan of shawls! This one looks like a lot of fun to knit.

  123. Tiffany

    Beautiful shawl! I really love everything about this early fall edition. Gotta start knitting everything!!!

  124. Lisa

    I really liked the Miss Babs yarn I tried. Would love to use it again and this is a great shawl pattern. Love the project photos. The Norma blanket caught my eye before too, but I’m not ready to tackle such a large project yet. Keep the inspiration photos coming, please.

  125. Sophie

    I’m so not ready for fall! And by the time I get anything done, it will be time to knit up Christmas presents instead. :C

  126. Bridget

    Love the shawl pattern so I hope I’m picked. Also major kudos to typewrittenlion for the blanket.

  127. Heather

    Thanks for reminding me about this wonderful pattern! Even if I don’t win, I’m totally knitting this πŸ˜€

  128. Linda L. in WI

    Oh, random number generator, you need to pick me.

    Especially since it’s finally cool enough in WI to knit a shawl. Or to knit anything, for that matter.

  129. Christine

    First Fall – already?! The promise of autumn and the return of sweater weather – yipee!

  130. Courtney

    Gorgeous knits, as usual. Bauble looks like the perfect remedy for my current indecisiveness.

  131. Beth

    I love this pattern, and in more than thirty years of knitting, I’ve never had the chance to knit with Miss Babs! Maybe soon…

  132. Irene

    Wow! The Bauble Shawl indeed look like the perfect first fall project. Light enough to knit in the last summer heat, yet warm enough to layer over clothing at night when the temp dips. Thank you!

  133. Carol

    Oh, how pretty and funny thing, Miss Babs yarn just happens to be a favorite of mine. I would love a chance to win the yarn pack.!

  134. Moira

    I love that shawl was planning on making the project- doing it with “won” yarn would be great!

  135. Mary-Cate

    too awesome: a goooooorgeeous shawl and in a gooooooorgeous orange…life could only get better were such a thing to come and live at my house!

  136. Jen

    Beautiful shawl and yarn! Hope I get to try both. In the meantime, the rest of the WIPs and FOs from First Fall are making me take a second look at the great patterns in this issue. I think my Ravelry queue is definitely going to get longer!

  137. Karen

    I’m still in the midst of summer knitting – not yet ready for fall! Though I do love Workwoman’s Unleaving and hope to cast on soon!

  138. Nephele

    I love Bauble. I printed that pattern out as soon as I saw it. Haven’t started knitting it yet though so… I’m open on the yarn choice πŸ˜‰

  139. LauraBeth

    Miss Babs is definitely on my to-try-when-the-stash-is-less-saturated list. Such pretty colors!

  140. kelli

    Lovely shawl. My kitting is progressing slowly this summer. But, it has been to the beach, the park, the zoo and to many other states on vacation!

  141. Jen V.

    I love this shawl pattern! If I don’t win, I have two skeins of cashmere blend sock yarn that I think I’ll have to use on this…

  142. Cyndi

    I am in the middle of moving so I haven’t knit anything yet but I have a few of them queued & waiting! Love Miss Babs & that shawl would be so wonderful to knit up in so many of her colorways!

  143. Tamar

    yayyayyay! I want to give this one a shot so badly! And I just have to block my flaming june before it’s done. So clearly it’s time for a new knitty project!

  144. Eleanor (undeadgoat)

    I can never pass up an opportunity for free yarn . . . never mind my mountains of WIPs!

  145. Denise

    I just have a few summer knits to finish and then I hope to start the “first Fall” projects soon. The Miss Babs yarn is a top-pick for me. It’s beautiful to work with.

  146. Sue F

    Baubles is a lovely pattern and I can just imagine how delicious it would be in Miss Babs yummy yarn.

  147. Danielle

    I just downloaded this pattern and added it to my “someday when I find the right yarn” collection. What a treat it would be to win the yarn to knit it right away!

  148. Jennifer

    Wow! I loved the Bauble Shawl patten the minute I saw it and now an oppurunity to win it myself, that just beats all!

  149. moiraeknittoo

    The oranges in this post make me very happy. And yes, I would like to knit one for myself! πŸ˜€

  150. Christine

    Sadly, I probably won’t be ready!!! I remain in denial of the end of summer for as long as possible and then scramble when it gets chilly and I realize how close the holidays are!!

  151. Anna D.

    Oh, that shawl is so gorgeous! I love that it’s at once sort of geometric and curvy.

    I have just moved to a new state, so between packing and unpacking I haven’t been knitting at all. Which is terrible! I can’t wait to get my new place completely unpacked so I can break out the needles! I’m maybe 75% done but it’s always the last stuff that’s the worst.

  152. Marti

    Wow! The Bauble shawl is so beautiful. I’ve been knitting more shawls than socks lately, and I’m going to have to put this one on my list too.

  153. Heather N

    My fall knitting is going well. I have almost finished a nice sized shawl and I am using the rest of that yarn to knit some fingerless gloves, so I will have a matching set! ;D

  154. jennybookworm

    I’d love some of that yarn! Nice shots of all those projects too – very inspirational!

  155. Joyce

    So many nice patterns in this issue… I hardly know which one to do first! (Of course, winning the yarn pack would make the decision much easier.)

  156. Anne

    Everyone is so productive! Thanks for showing how the Fall WIPs look. Please enter me for the Miss Babs.

  157. Deb White

    Love that orange- as I get older, I am going further away from black and purple and moving into a whole new palette. Hmmm- I wonder if I started to dye my hair if I would go back to the old colours?????
    Anyhow- count me in, please.

  158. Candace

    From the very first moment, I’ve wanted to knit a Bauble Shawl and Miss Babs yarn is scrumptious.

  159. Beth

    Love the delicate, closed cables with the lace insets. A perfect combination that I would love to try!

  160. Miss Bunt

    Really interesting pattern, I love the stitch design. Would be thrilled to win some Miss Babs yarn too!

  161. Julia

    I would love to win this one! My mom is moving from oh-so-warm Texas to somewhat-cooler New England this autumn, and it would be great to be able to make this shawl for her as a “hooray for seasons!” gift. πŸ™‚

  162. MimiD

    Thanks for the chance to win some Ms Babs yarn (have not had the opportunity to see/try any yet) and enough to make this pretty shawl!

  163. Tiva

    I love fall knitting. It is my favorite type. All cozy. Knitty reflects that so well in this issue. Thank you for all the wonderful work!

  164. Liz H.

    I love almost every one of those patterns. Wish I had at least ten times the time for knitting than I do, just so that I could do a slightly larger fraction of the knitting I wish I could get done. (Especially that shawl – might just have to hunt that pattern down when I’m finished with the one I’m working on now)

  165. Emily

    I think I’ll be ready for Fall this year! I have a nice pair of toasty slipper socks, which turned out a bit big to be regular socks, a scarf that’s long enough to wear however I like, and I should be knitting another hat here soon. But I’d always be up for adding a shawl to the mix. =)

  166. EllenQ

    As a south Texas knitter, I love sock-weight shawls for nippy over-air conditioned buildings. This yarn looks amazing and I love the modern pattern!

  167. Betsy

    The Bauble Shawl is my favorite pattern in the First Fall 2012, and Miss Babs is my favorite dyer. What a perfect combination!

  168. theresa calter

    learned lace shawl’s this summer but this one really casts a spell on me…may have to hurry up and finish required cardi to get a chance at this before holiday party season

  169. peggy connolly

    wow; I’d love to make this for my daughter who graduated from Princeton. It’s the perfect Princeton orange!

  170. Marlitharn

    I love that shawl! Fall is my favorite time of year, mainly because I get to wear my handknits.

  171. Ann

    I really must learn to check here more often; I almost missed the window of opportunity on this one! That’s a seriously super shawl. I’d love to have the yarn!

  172. Tina_R

    Perfect for when one sits in a cold air conditioned office, like we do here in Arizona (one always needs a wrap!)

  173. Maryanne

    A lot of times, I must not be thrilled about the yarn the original pattern’s knitted in, because I completely pass some patterns over and forget all about them. Then, when I see someone else’s work, I go have a second look at the pattern and the possibilities finally dawn on me. It makes such a difference to me to see a range of projects, and not just the original pattern.

  174. Jacelina

    Stunning pattern! I am working myself on a lace pattern with a ‘ladder’in the center top down… you have to concentrate while working on it…. else you lose track during counting! Beautyfull yarn!!! Espescially this color…

  175. RichelleCK

    I’m totally embarrassed by how long it took me to figure out how to make comments in the new layout. But, now I’m commenting that I love, love, love this pattern and have my fingers tightly crossed!

  176. Kristi

    Great timing for a giveaway! I’m just finishing up a pair of socks & a shawl! Beautiful patterns you featured today, thank you!!!

  177. Martha

    I had already favorites that pattern. It is a beauty . I would love to have that beautiful yarn to make it.

  178. janice

    Really lovely in the orange, (not organ as my auto correct wants me to say). We knitters will crawl across broken glass for free yarn and contests! The comments #s are way up there because the pattern is gorgeous and well Miss Babs, you cannot say enough about what a nice hand her yarn has and the colors are divine.

  179. Sarah

    hopefully I squeeked in before the deadline, as today is Wednesday the 22nd… either way, beautiful shawl, looks like it will be a fun knit!

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