Knitting for fall

In the Northern Hemisphere, September marks the arrival of fall (whether the weather is cooperating or not) and thoughts turn to winter knitting. Soon enough, we’ll be needing hats and mittens and scarves. Where I am, they are forecasting a warm fall but a nasty winter, so I’ll need lots of woolies, but I’ve at least got time to knit them.

If you’re looking for inspiration for fall, have a browse through the archives…

We have hats. This is one of my personal favorites, the Morgan cap:

A perfect hat for early fall.

Amy’s favorite is Urchin she’s even knitted it herself, from her own handspun!

Just perfect.

We have a wide selection of wristwarmers, mittens and gloves, including the elegant Spyogyra.


And of course we have scarves, including the Hug, which just makes me smile.

Who doesn’t need a warm Hug on a cold morning?

and wraps, shawls and shrugs. Jillian loves the Colonnade shawl – it’s cozy and has shaping so it stays on her shoulders. She wears it instead of a cardigan in the house, and when she’s outside it’s a warm layer over her coat.

And a quick knit, too!

I’m thinking of making myself the Nob Hill shrug for those first chilly mornings…

Wouldn’t this look great over a dress?

Although many of our accessories patterns are non-gender specific, we hear from knitters (and knitters’ partners) than good designs for men are hard to find – so we’ve also listed all of the guy-specific stuff in one place, including the Halfdome hat, which will keep my hubby’s head warm.

Sensible and stylish.

Stay warm!

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7 thoughts on “Knitting for fall

  1. Lisha Collins

    I really like the nobb hill shrug. However, I am a chunky gal and feel like I need more length. Don’t see how I could lengthen it an keep the shape. Way cute on the model.

  2. Mary K. in Rockport

    I made my husband the most beautiful Halfdome from two shades of linen. I figured he could wear it in the garden to protect his little balding spot. He tried it on and said, “Nope – it makes me look like a Muslim.” (Which I must admit it does – “not that there’s anything wrong with that” to quote Seinfeld – but since my husband is Israeli, well, he just won’t wear the hat!)

  3. Seanna Lea

    I don’t want to think how long the Nob Hill Shrug has been in my queue.

    I have made Tychus for my husband. It is super warm because once it was done I lined it with fleece.

  4. Nigel Pottle

    Thank you so much for posting all the men’s projects together. It does make life easier. Now of course I want you to do all the rest – the sweaters and other things not shown. Sorry I’m greedy. Although I do find it simple to use the search tool on Knitty, so it isn’t really necessary. Cheers and thanks.

  5. Nigel Pottle

    Oh, and I have knit several Half-Dome hats, for myself and for friends. It’s a wonderful hat and I don’t think it makes me look Muslim, just cool and stylish.

  6. Maggie

    I knit Urchin last Christmas, and it’s still one of my favourite things. This year I think the Halfdome and some others for the men. I love your surveys at this time of year; they’re very handy to start my knitting plans. I wish I knit fast enough to knit them all!

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