WWW: Wool in Fashion, Arm Knitting, and Nintendo Knitting Machine

The winner of our Bauble giveaway is Lisa in Chicago. Thanks to Miss Babs for the prize!

An excellent piece on the Guardian about the resurgence of wool in fashion.We knew all along how wonderful it is, but it’s nice to see the fashion industry catching on.

Love. (With apologies to Amy.)

The Woolmark company has launched a website, Merino.com, which promotes and highlights the properties of wool and shows off some of its uses in fashion and design. Great eye candy!

Yarmbombing of a bus. Image courtesy the Reykjavik Underground Yarnstormers.

Lovely article about yarnbombing in Iceland, highlighting the work of the Reykjavik Underground Yarnstormers, who are dedicated to making the city “more interesting and beautiful” with their “yarngoodies.”

Their most recent project was the decoration of a city bus, and there are spectacular photos on the Yarnstormers blog - definitely worth a visit.

A little bit more eye candy: handsome actor in handsome knitwear, on the NY Times magazine fashion blog.

Designer Andrea Breana is creating home furnishing with giant knits, worked with his arms instead of needles. Love the video. More pictures and info at the designer’s website.


In the 1980s, Nintendo apparently built a prototype of a knitting machine to be controlled with its NES gaming system. It was never launched, but you can take a look at it and some of the marketing materials…

The world record for knitters knitting together in the same place has apparently again been broken… This was part of the Wrap with Love initiative that has knitters create blankets and wraps for donation to charity.

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5 thoughts on “WWW: Wool in Fashion, Arm Knitting, and Nintendo Knitting Machine

  1. Seanna Lea

    Is it wrong that I would love to see that record broken again with a single instance of Natalie’s community blanket project? I know that means the blanket would be double plus enormous!

  2. Kristi

    Re the actor in a sweater: Why can fashion companies sell sweaters for $989 when crafters can’t sell handmade sweaters for the cost of the yarn?

  3. Janis

    Lovely eye candy — so nice to see young men looking like humans again and not criminally insane piles of unwashed laundry.

    Love the arm knitting … although I’d hate to be turning a heel and have the phone ring.

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