10th Anniversary Issue: WIPs & FOs

I must confess: I love stalking the patterns from the latest issue on Ravelry.

paulinespinksBFF cowl

Pauline and her BFF

liznight‘s fabulous Mr. Bluejeans

Love it!

kaete‘s Emmisha-Jay‘s hats – knitted for twins!

What a great baby gift!

teresat2t‘s beautiful – and beautifully photographed – Geschenk shawl.


Ruatha‘s Call Me Al socks.

Genius yarn choice.

onlylouise‘s perfect rainbow Stitch Surfer socks.

Can’t argue with those!

And shejoh‘s Uhlan Cap.


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4 thoughts on “10th Anniversary Issue: WIPs & FOs

  1. Seanna Lea

    I need to go through my sock yarn stash, because I really wanted to make the stitch surfer socks. They have such a funky construction that I just know I have to make them!

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  3. Victoria

    Happy 10th anniversary! I love Knitty and thank you for sharing your time and efforts. Knit long and prosper!

  4. Savanna

    These projects look gorgeous! I am fairly new to knitting, and I am trying my hand at socks this week. I would love to knit these elaborate sock designs!

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