Obsessing on Project Bags & a Madbird Giveaway!

I’ve been a knitter, off and on, for 20-some years and have only recently started using project bags. Of course, now I have bunches and I love them all.

Before I used project bags I used plastic zip bags, which would tear, needles would poke through and I always stuffed them too full to zip closed.

A small selection of my current project bags.

Project bags are fun. They come in bunches of patterns and sizes. They stay closed. Best of all they somehow make a pile of UFOs, like the one above, seem downright happy. I always felt such accusation from plastic zip bags.

I can also tag them.

Project tag on a project bag

Name of the project, needles size, anything I need to know to grab the right bag.  Another use for tags that I love, too.


For your own project bag obsession, we have a giveaway from Madbird.

Project Tote from Madbird

A Project Tote, gorgeous, no? I reviewed it in this current issue.

Alecia at Madbird has donated a Project Tote for a giveaway, winner’s choice of in-stock fabrics.

Prize value $34.

You know how it works: leave a comment on this post between now and midnight eastern time,October 22nd. One comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question. If the commenter answers correctly they will win the prize. If you have already won a prize from us in the past year, please do give other knitters a chance.



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952 thoughts on “Obsessing on Project Bags & a Madbird Giveaway!

  1. Leigh

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who is constantly collecting bags! I have bags full of bags for projects!

  2. Angela

    I love these! I just started using project bags. I was using the ziplock bags too but that’s just silly when these are so cute and practical!

  3. Sharon P

    I love project bags and have been wanting one from Madbird for a while – thanks for the great giveaway!

  4. Marie

    I’ve also gone the Ziploc route. I have a few project bags (less than 5), and have tried other items (the zippered case bedding comes in, etc.) with little success. Would love to give Madbird a try!

  5. Desiree

    I seriously need a project bag, as I’m always bringing my knitting with me to work/in the car/to parties. And they are so pretty!

  6. Sue F

    I was just saying I needed another bag! And I’ve been admiring Madbird’s bags for quite some time now.

  7. Penny

    I guess I’m behind the times as I am using zip top bags. Would love to put my project in one of these beautiful bags. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  8. Lauren

    Very cool! I am also a recent convert to project bags (thanks to Tom Bihn’s Swift and associated stuff sacks) and I love them.

  9. Karen Plomin

    I keep saying I am going to use something beside Freezer bags and these pretty things will definitely make me want to switch all my projects out.

  10. Kathy Beaumont

    Oooh! Cute! I have 3 big bags 2 were from yarn shops and one is Franklin Habit’s, and one little one that seems to have been taken over by my daughter. I have 2 brand new great nieces, so am doing a lot more portable knitting lately. One of these adorables would get lots of use! Thanks to Madbird and Jillian!

  11. Susan

    Always have room for another project bag. Am getting weary of zip top bags so would very much enjoy using one of these pretty bags. Thank you.

  12. Kathleen

    I’ve always shunned project bags (“I already have a big bag to carry everything around in, why would I need smaller individual bags?”), but lately I’ve been realising (as needles get tangled in yarn from other projects and other annoying hazards of dumping multiple projects in together) that damn, project bags would be an amazing thing to have. I would love one of these purty bags!

  13. Jodi Lorence

    Absolutely love to be organized so project bags are the answer. We all have more than one knitting project going on at a time so it is a great way to keep them neatly organized. These bags are beautiful.

  14. annette

    oh.. I love madbird bags! this would be such a nice upgrade from my current standard (free grocery totes advertising weird commercial building products).

  15. Karen

    Squee! I love project bags. I’m a ‘sewist’, and I keep planning on making dozens for my own use, but as it often happens, I don’t get around to it. (Too busy knitting!)

  16. Summer

    I’ve been doing project bags for years, although in my case they are more of the grocery bag variety than cute fabric pattern variety.

    These are totally adorable.

  17. Lee Ann

    ‘A happy home for UFO’, such a great idea, which would make them more easily accessed to become ‘FO’. =)

  18. Shawn

    I am always looking for a new project bag. I collect these instead of shoes, along with yarn, of course.

  19. Jori Hendon

    I still use ziplock bags for my projects…would be nice to use “big girl” project bags (where the sock needles didn’t always poke through)

  20. Heather

    As a beginning knitter, I’m still going the zip-top bag route. Winning a project bag would be wonderful! (I’m not sure I’ll be able to answer the question… but it’s definitely worth a shot!)

  21. Avlor

    My name is Amy and I’m an obsessive project bag collector. (You never know when you need a specific kind of bag for a particular project!) I love the little owls on the bag in the picture!!!

  22. Cindy

    That Madbird bag is so cute. I’m still using plastic bags, and I know what you mean about needles poking through.

  23. Amy L

    I have recently started with project bags and love them to both enhance the room decor and make travel easy with my knitting projects!

  24. Sarah

    Pretty! I always try to carry projects in my purse and they end up tussling with my earbuds and coming out in an untidy mess when I am pulling out my wallet.

  25. annethologist

    I love projects bags too, and I sew my own, but then end up giving them all away to others. I love Madbirds’s Cocoon. That theme totally applies to knitting, doesn’t it?

  26. Julie Rose

    I’d love to win a project bag! I use plastic bags for a lot of my projects, and your blog post made me realize just how awful it looks!

  27. Fern

    I have a knitting friend who is also a birder, and would love one of these. I would love to give it to her if I win.

  28. JoAnnaSpring

    This makes me happy because I have been a knitter for about 5 years and only decided in the last week that I wanted to care about project bags. I’m glad I’m not the slowest… 🙂

  29. Tereem

    Hunh… I’ve been a knitter for a long time and have never thought / heard / seen a project bag. I’m a lone knitter. I need to get out to some knit nights and get caught up on new toys!

  30. Mel

    I use whatever bag that is empty & beside me. My sock project is in a reusable book bag (with the 2 yarns in ziplock bags) while my sweater project is in a reusable grocery store bag.
    It’d be nice to have a dedicated project bag, especially one that’s so bright & cheery. Anything for an excuse to start a new project 😉

  31. Jen

    I’ve never owned a project bag. I just use smaller reusuable bags that people give me. But I’d be willing to have a happier looking bag in the house. For sure!

  32. Sarah

    I love it! I also use those clear plastic zip bags… and it drives me nuts when the needles poke through. I have more than a few projects at home right now that would love a nice new outfit.

  33. Cindy

    Too many WIPs and not enough bags….even more planned since Christmas is around the corner. Madbird makes some pretty cool bags.

  34. MJ

    After years of the same experience with ziploc bags, I bought a project bag and haven’t looked back since. They’re great.

  35. The Blue Ewe

    I have been knitting for 50+ years and have never owned a project bag. Until recently my projects were carried in plastic shopping bags, zip lock bags, anything that was handy. Oh joy, oh bliss, to own a project bag…Heaven!

  36. nina

    Oh lovely! I currently have 1 project bag but the rest of my stuff is in plastic bags and of course I run into the same problems you did. Love the Madbird bags! They’re all so purty…

  37. Donna

    I could so use one of these for one of my many projects. I use lots of zip lock plastic bags right now and these would be so much prettier and easier to carry with me.

  38. A Kelsey

    Owls! It would be the perfect bag to hold the Kate Davies’ owl sweater that I’ve been contemplating. Wouldn’t it be best to gift someone who would then need to spend $$ on yarn??

  39. Theresa

    The owls are beyond cute! I use baggies for the cake of yarn, but a project bag for needles and project. This bag is lovely!

  40. Dari

    It has come as an astounding revelation (over time) that I didn’t have to put all of my WIPs in one big bag together & try to sort them out as I worked on them. Project bags are the best!

  41. Barb T

    Project bags are the saving of my house. I can actually find the floor without tripping over yarn. There’s even a way to make them better — buy a coat rack to hang the project bags on. I have a wonderful oak rack with bags on it in my den. 🙂

    Please can I have the cute bag. Most of mine are plain and dowdy.

  42. Kara Rosales

    Beautiful bag! I love your tag idea, too! I’m always opening every project bag before I leave the house to find the right one!

  43. Renee

    With Holiday knitting in full swing, I am DEFINITELY in the market for another project bag. That one looks great!

  44. Savannagal

    What a cute bag. One can never have too many project bags. After all, more bags means more projects.

  45. Sheila

    I do like project bags and I use the few I have, so I’d love to win this one. But there’s still something to be said for the waterproofness of a ziplock.

  46. lisa

    OOOOO! I know that if I had my project in such an adorable project bag that I would carry it around with me always and finish it much faster so that I could move on to the next project (which is already sitting ready and waiting in a gallon zip lock bag recycled, complete with needle poke holes, from a previous project).

  47. Tiffanie

    Yup, I’m one of the plastic project bag peoples. However, this bag could change all that. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  48. Kelly K.

    Such a cute bag. I’ll have to think carefully which one of my WIPs I should “tote” around.

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  49. KMcMain

    That is so cute! I don’t have any project bags being new myself and I use the plastic zip bags. I would love one of these…maybe someday.

  50. Maura Stone

    Tagging the bags with the labels is such a great idea! I am always opening the bags to see what is inside.

    I hope I can win a project bag — they are wonderful in all respects.

  51. AndreaW

    Wow…this bag would look beautiful in my zip lock bags of UFO’s and future projects. Maybe it would draw the eye away from these eyesores!

  52. Michelle

    I love my project bags, but you never seem to have enough of them. They are the best way to round out a gift to a fellow crafter, too!

  53. beckie s.

    Those are so lovely! I do love to put each project in a separate container but this is so much better!

  54. sanae

    This is SUCH a cute project bag, right now I just have a clear plastic one, this would be quite a stylish improvement.

  55. yarnmule

    While I do have a few project bags, I use plastic bags for a lot of my projects too. They really are annoying – I could absolutely use more cute bags like this!

  56. Susan H

    I think I would need to be buying these by the case, to take care of all the random knitting projects in brown paper bags stashed around the house.

  57. lindaran (on rav)

    Huh, I never thought of tagging my project bags. Thanks for that tip! It’ll be so much easier to remember what’s inside now.

  58. TodayWendy

    Those are adorable. My issue is always that I can either afford the cute bag, or the project to go in it, but not usually both. Then again…a really awesome project bag is an investment…

  59. Maureen

    I adore little bags, but am on a divorce budget…so I cannot buy any right now, and must keep to ziplocs. I’ve had my eye on the madbirds for a while, though.

  60. Rachael

    Without a project bag, I am stuck shifting my current projects around to be able to take stuff with me as I go, and any extra project tucked into luggage just sort of floats around with my clothes and shoes. Project bags are a great solution!

  61. Kathy

    I’m a sucker for a nice bag. I haven’t crossed over to project bags yet, which is kind of sad – the scarf I’m working on is in an old handled paper bag!

  62. Mónica

    I so want a decent project bag. I carry a lot of my little girl’s handbags with my knitting. Time for a real one!

  63. susan paul

    I need more project bags- already used up my sttuff sacks from my erstwhile life hiking. I also have been re-puposing some swell silk ties as ‘sock kneedle socks”- keeps them safe and all together.

  64. Vicky

    I love project bags! I’m just learning to sew my own, so they’re quite wonky right now. But that owl bag is awesome 🙂

  65. Lisa

    I learned the joy of project bags. Specifically: zippered pockets. Trying to untangle a crochet hook from your ball of yarn is about as fun as a root canal.

  66. Irene T

    Gorgeous bag. I am still using plastic zip bags. It’s true that needles poke through, and after a while, the zipper doesn’t work. I should get me some project bags.

  67. Leta

    I love my project bags. They make it so easy to grab and go my project with everything in one neat little place.

  68. MWknitter

    That is indeed a very cute project bag. I have found that the ziplock FREEZER bags work quite well especially for socks it baby items – anything knit on skinny needles. I love the Tom Bihn bags but I have had size 1 bamboo DPNs poke through. I haven’t lost one yet but I have been poked. I have also had really good luck with hand made double layer fabric bags like this.

  69. Jen

    I love project bags! and they are available in such fun fabrics! Tagging them is such a great idea. I’m always rummaging around to find out what’s in there!

  70. Dawn

    great idea to tag the bags. I hate to have to open the bag to try and figure out what project is lost in there.

  71. zaelia-blue

    I love my project bags. I hadn’t thought of tagging them though. What a great idea! The owl tote is sweet. Hope I can add one to my collection!

  72. mellenknits

    The little tags are a great idea! I also have a pile of UFOs-in-bags, and the tags would be a great way to identify what’s inside at a glance – thanks for the tip

  73. Kathy

    I’m still using paper gift bags and grocery shopping bags. I would love to get some “real” knitting bags!

  74. eleyne

    oh, that project bag is lovely… and I’m running out, what with WIPs quietly crying in bags at the back of my room while christmas knitting takes over my brain.

  75. Ginger

    I would love a project bag, currently my project bag is whatever random grocery bag/purse/ziplock I can find!

  76. Pauline Keller

    Just started using project bags myself. I am using yarn pops now but this one looks cute. Would love to win.

  77. Luci

    I hope the skill-testing question is one I’m experienced enough to answer! 🙂

    I grabbed a bunch of sweet little bags from the dollar store for sock projects, but my somewhat larger projects get stuffed into gallon ziplocks mostly … this would be an especially sweet prize to win! Thanks for offering it!

  78. Solarmama

    I’m a big fan of the little Yarn Stuff Sack that came with my Swift from Tom Bihn, but it is the only sock-toting bag I have. I’d love to branch out!

  79. deborah

    Madbird bags are adorable. I have recently been converted to project bags, now I view them as essential to keeping my knitting contained when on the go.

  80. Ruby

    I love all the different project bags and my UFOs enjoy those better than zip loc baggies which I have been known to use in the past.


  81. Sarah

    I am currently just using a plastic bag in my purse for a project bag and desperately need a project bag. I am so tired of having holes poked into my purse.

  82. Colleen Figley

    I am currently a plastic bag lady and yes, needles poke through and have even fallen out. Plus it looks like heaps of junk in tired old bags. Time to get out the sewing machine and follow the great ideas above.

  83. ellen

    I too have discovered my love of the project bag. (Etsy is such a willing enabler !) I never thought about tagging them though! That is brilliant!

  84. Patricia

    So many cute bags! I see I need to start getting a few more project bags too, especially if I keep starting new projects before finishing old ones at my current rate.

  85. Julie Beaver

    I’m addicted to project bags but don’t have the time to make nice ones such as these. And I always have 4 or five projects on the go, so I would love to win.

  86. Amy J

    Funny how much I love project bags when handbags etc just pass me by with no interest at all….this one is fab. Thanks for the giveaway.

  87. Carry

    That is a fantastic tote! It looks like the perfect shape and size. I was looking over her other bags and I fell in love with Parade Day.

    Thank you for linking her!

  88. Michelle

    Love love love!! I am also a zip lock baggy girl who needs to be reformed. Please help get me started.

  89. Emily G

    I’ve repurposed a grubby, cotton hobo purse as my project bag–works great, looks shabby. so glad to know about Madbird!

  90. Erika

    That is adorable! I’ve recently started using project bags more too. I mostly want to start sewing them so I can really choose how cute the fabric is.

    But I LOVE this bag. I love birds. I have 4 birds. I may have to get the madbird bag even if I don’t win!

  91. Barbara S.

    Those bags look cute!
    I use both cloth and Ziplock bags for projects. The Ziplocks are for organizing upcoming projects, then once I start them everything gets put into a cloth project bag.

  92. Pilaar

    That is an adorable bag! I have to admit, as a mother of expensive teenagers I haven’t invested in lovely project bags, my knitting is distributed across a jumbled variety of giveaway cloth bags from numerous sources. Something so pretty would be such a lovely treat!

  93. thatdarncat

    I love that new project feeling when you gather yarn, and supplies and put everything together in a project bag.

  94. Laura

    These bags are designed just perfect! How I would love to win one of those. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  95. Amanda

    Love that bag! I can always use more project bags. As soon as I get off the computer I am going to go search my house for a bag to use for the project I just swatched for.

  96. Sarah

    Right now, my current project is in a reusable shopping bag my husband picked up for free at a chemistry conference. Not that attractive. I would love one of these!

  97. carolyn

    I have been knitting for 30+ years and I own ZERO project bags. How sad is that. Maybe this contest will change that :). Thanks for the great giveaway – love the bag.

  98. Becky

    I would love this bag–the details to make it useful to a knitter and stylish enough to make non-knitters jealous.

  99. Andrea

    I love Madbird Project bags. They are so cute and stylish. I have a couple smaller ones and I’d love to get my hands on one of the bigger ones.

  100. Rosemarie Gagnon

    they really are beautiful! i have baskets, pleather bags, cloth, plastic, but not one as beautiful as these. and i always have more wips than bags.

  101. Peggy

    Great bags. I’m still at the ziploc bag stage so the Malbird project bag would be a greater starter to a more sophisticated look when I pull out my knitting on the GO train.

  102. Sam

    There’s no such things as too many project bags! I never thought of tagging my bags, what a great idea!

  103. susan

    Project bags are too handy, and these look gorgeous! I really hope I win! Thanks for the opportunity.

  104. Amanda

    My mother made me a project bag out of plarn. I use it all the time but I could totally use like 5 more.

  105. Debbie

    Soo many projects – never enough bags! I would love to keep my knitting in such a beautiful bag.

  106. Cyndi

    Love it! You can never have too many project bags because you always have another project to start!

  107. Emma

    I lost my favourite project bag – with a nearly finished project inside (6 rows to go on an Ishbel shawl. That I’d just bought a second skein of Handmaiden SeaSilk to make sure I had enough to finish it with). I’m still kicking myself about it!

    This one is cute!

  108. Steph N

    I’ve been trying to get more of my projects out of the brown paper bags the yarn store uses, and this seems like it would make a great addition to the collection. Count me in, please!

  109. Malin

    I love knitting bags and project bags! One can never have too many (says she with 30 wips on Ravelry…)

  110. Beatrice

    I LOVE project bags! Can’t get enough of them. I’m debating starting to make my own because I love them so much. Thanks for the AWESOME giveaway.

  111. Susan

    That project bag is soooo cute! I use anything I can get my hands on, but the few real knitting project bags I own are always in use.

  112. Jacqui T.

    Beautiful bag! I admit I am a zip lock bag user currently. Perhaps soon I will make the switch!! 🙂

  113. Rebecca

    I’ve recently started using project bags. I still sometimes use the clear zipper packages that sheets come in since they’re pretty strong, but sometimes the plastic is hard with sharp corners where it bends and I’m nervous it will pick my yarn or my work. Pretty project bags is better!

  114. Josiane

    Such a lovely bag! It would sure make it easier for me to tote my projects everywhere, which means that more knitting would get done… Hm, I love that idea! Thanks for offering us a chance at winning it.

  115. Kristin H

    What a cute bag! I tend to use the little paper bags with handles that my LYS uses for the yarn I buy, but those don’t hold up quite as well as I’d like.

  116. Amanda

    I also just discovered how wonderful project bags are over plastic bags! I don’t think I have a Madbird bag yet, & they look like so much fun!

  117. Emily

    Yeah, I put everything in ziploc bags and it makes me sad to use so much plastic. So, I’d love a bag like this!

  118. Lynne Phelps

    I would love to win a project bag! I am surrounded by plastic ziplocs, staring at me accusingly, so I could really use the help! How kind of Madbird to let the winner choose the fabric, such fun!

  119. Debra

    I am using plastic ziploc bags to corral my UFO’s and stash yarn. A project bag would be perfect.

  120. Alyson

    How do I never win these things? I actually tend to use free cloth bags for project bags (shoe bags, purse bags, Charlie’s soap bags) and they work well, but it would be nice to have a stand-alone one.

  121. Harriet

    I know there’s always a jillion (hmmm, is that a number?) comments, but those bags are great. I’d love a chance to win.

  122. Tracy H.

    This would be great for Hexipuffs, or for toting a “bus knitting” sock around in my backpack. Love the Day of the Dead themed fabrics!

  123. Ann

    Really does anyone ever have too many project bags?!!!
    Would love one as nice as these!! I’m currently using a diaper bag

  124. Danielle

    My favourite project bag is on it’s last legs (the holes in the corners have been patched and the patches are now getting holes). This would be a fabulous replacement!

  125. Amanda

    Oooh! Mine usually stay in plastic grocery bags, or lay scattered around the house wherever I last worked on a project (I currently can see four from my computer desk…)

  126. Nancy H

    I love your project bags. I also love your idea of tags. Why haven’t I ever thought about that? I’m always needing to peek inside of bags to see what’s there.

  127. Kris

    You can never have enough project bags! Just love this one. The tag idea is wonderful. Beats having to open each bag to see where all my needles have gone!

  128. LauraH

    I love project bags! I’m still working out how they work best for me, but I think they are great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  129. Doris

    I love the project bag. Thats a great idea about using tags. I’ll have to use that sometime. Thanks for sharing

  130. mollysusie

    I currently use totebags with long enough handles to tie, perhaps a step-up from plastic bags but not by much. These are super cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

  131. Gill

    That is awesome! I’m trying to stuff a cardigan into a poly pocket as we speak. Doesn’t fit and the row counter keeps falling out!

  132. Jo Alcindor

    I’m about to embark on a big trip. Going to need plenty of bags to keep me in sock knitting for a year!

  133. Saan

    OMG, the cuteness! The one project bag I have is currently being used as a purse that also fits knitting projects.

  134. Heather

    I am getting ready to start some mittens for my friend’s son….a new project bag would be handy!!

  135. Crystal

    Ziplock bags are useful,but these project bags are way prettier. They just make you happy to look at them! 🙂

  136. RachelG

    Ooooooo!! I need. I want.
    My poor ziplocks are already shaking in their boots, but they deserve to since they seem to enjoy ripping and coming un-zipped and spilling so much. I would love a cute little project bag like this!

  137. Rose Kelly

    I so need a project bag! My current bag, a free Whole Foods shopping bag is finally fraying. Help!

  138. Kristen E

    I, too, have only recently discovered project bags. I used to use a general “knitting bag” and insert whatever project I was using sans-protection, along with wallet and keys and all sorts of other knit-destroying objects. Yeah. Project bags are my new favorite thing!

  139. Turtle

    I love project bags too. We travel alot as well and i find it is something nice to pick up for myself at far away yarn shops that don’t usually cost too too much as a souvenir .

  140. LindaR.

    I love the giant octopi; also Azucar…it would be hard to choose, but I’d manage somehow! thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  141. Kim

    Cute bags! I’m still using some very ratty looking ziploc bags, although I have a few zippered bags from comforter and sheet sets, too.

  142. Tracy

    I too have been obsessed with project bags of late. I swear, I felt like you peered into my brain with this post! I even picked up a couple of new lovelies from erin.lane at Stitches this past weekend. What a way to make knitting even more pretty and fun 🙂

  143. Jo-ann

    I knew there was something I was missing. No project bags yet – just the odd old pencil case to transport the socks in progress. I love this one. Currently having a little bit of an owl obsession.

  144. Emily

    Dear random number generator –

    You’re looking very lovely today. I really like what you did with your hair, and aren’t those new jeans? They really make your butt look nice.



  145. Emmie

    I agree, project bags make me feel so much more productive than those nagging plastic bags. And this one is charming!

  146. Elizabeth

    I recently learned the joy of fabric project bags. Wonderful. Much better than plastic bags for inspiring take-along knits. Thanks.

  147. Meg

    Ooh… pretty! I’ve been looking on Etsy and through the Cool Stuff and it seems I have found one at the perfect price: FREE!

  148. Cynthia Christie Peven

    I need another project bag, and Madbird bags are the best! Hope I win one of this new design!

  149. sharonj

    Such a great bag! I am sadly a plastic baggie girl,I could use some sprucing in the project bag department!
    Thank you!

  150. Yolande T

    I currently have my projects in Ziploc bags…I think I need a project bag with a little more class, eh?

  151. Cathy

    OH NO another obsession to start…project bags…I agree my zip locks are looking pretty crummy.
    So pick me please and start on this road….to bag heaven

  152. RichelleCK

    I love project bags almost as much as I love yarn!!! These are so gorgeous and seem really functional. A next for my collection, I think!

  153. Megan

    My projects don’t even get put in bags… they just take over everything. I really should make the switch.

  154. jtlhmmwabodf

    Awesome bag. I’ve got all my WIPs crammed into a little shelf right now, getting all tangled. A couple project bags sound like a good idea.

  155. Joanne G

    Project bags are great… I have 1 which is mostly always ready with a mindless project when I can be the passenger!

  156. Susan

    I too love project bags. So much goodness inside! Madbird has awesome sizes and the cutest fabrics!

  157. Kady

    Ah. Lovely! Never had one before…but I’m sure my husband would appreciate my having ONE designated tote for my projects! Currently I stuff them into whatever purse or grocery bag I can find and he hates it. He likes everything to have one ‘home’. So pick me!

  158. Ginny

    Beautiful bag. I have just started using non plastic bags for projects and I wondered why I stuck with plastic so long. Great giveaway.

  159. Meg

    My mom grew up in the great depression…and so did I. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard “I could make that for less than it costs!” ARGH. Free is a very nice price even though I know…you know.

  160. Janice Mosley

    I like being able to see the contents of a clear plastic bag. Tagging a project bag solves this problem in a much prettier and sophisticated way.

  161. Angelbis

    I love project bags! Right now all of mine are full… Rather than finishing off the projects I think I need more bags!

  162. Kathy

    Project bags are the best way to corral current in progress items. Also they hide them from less obsessed friends.

  163. Lisa

    Excellent timing. I could use a new project bag. My homemade one has holes in it. Some nice fabrics there!

  164. Michelle

    Much like sock yarn, you can never have too many project bags. Thanks for the chance to add another cute one to the mix.

  165. Martha

    I am loving the few project bags I have. It makes your project look so interesting and important when you pull it out of a cute bag. I like the owl bag in the blog.

  166. Diane U

    Brilliant! I could really use some of these to keep my Christmas gift, Charity hat & mitts and BFF Cowl projects all sorted.

  167. Rita Goshorn

    thanx for this giveaway … i sure need a pretty project bag … for the last fifty years i’ve been using grocery bags. before that i just left my project on the windowsill by my ‘perch.’

  168. Keisha

    I recently bought a Swift, and have come to love the little Tom Bihn bags – the tags a wonderful idea, thanks for that! The bird bag is adorable, and would be a cherished addition to the project pile, as well. 🙂

  169. latifa

    I love madbird’s bags!! I have her interchangeable needle case. Jillian, you hit the nail on the head when you said the plastic ziplock’s were accusatory…

  170. Jaclyn

    Oh, what a happy bag! I’ve come around to project bags, too, and I love them. The only one I have, though, is the Ravelry anniversary bag.

  171. margaretk

    The bags look lovely, and well made. I keep thinking I should try to make a knitting bag, but I’d rather buy one from someone who has already figured out all the details!

  172. Natasha

    Project bags are just the best – you can coordinate them with your project, and they look so much nicer when all piled up than ziploc bags (although I still have to use those when I run out of the pretty ones!)

  173. Julia

    Oh my! My projects feel severely deprived, since I don’t have many project bags. This one is so cute!

  174. StitchyAlli

    SO cute! That bag makes me want to squee! I always tend to default to ziploc freezer bags for my projects…

  175. Amy

    I too love my project bags. Unfortunately I have more projects than bags! Must remedy that…going to their site now…

  176. Denise

    I definitely need some more project bags. Some of my current projects are in grocery shopping bags and the needles are poking through the plastic. I carry them on the bus and are afraid they will poke someone or something will fall out of the bag and be lost forever. The horror!

  177. NVD

    I could do with a nice project bag. It would be a good size for my socks on hold as well. Please pick me.

  178. Rannveig

    I’ve recently started using project bags instead of plastic bags too, but I haven’t got as many as you do yet! Would love to win!

  179. Ty

    I actually don’t own any project bags! This would be an awesome thing for toting my current project(s) around and being pretty! 😉

  180. amy g

    Who doesn’t need another project bag? Those few people who only have one project at a time. I need to take lessons from them! This is a great opportunity – Thank you.

  181. Betsy

    Ohh, if I win there could be a big battle here with my girls over who gets this bag! Thanks for the contest and the great website/blog. I love Knitty!

  182. Lisa in Toronto

    Thanks for the excellent contest – that looks like quite an amazing project bag indeed.

  183. JudyAnn

    I’d love a Project Bag! The tags are a great idea, too—especially to keep track of needle use.

  184. Jan

    Like Jillian, I have only recently discovered the joys of project bags. A stack of plastic bags around the house just never worked as well. Currently, I only have large bags so far. A small one like this would be great for small projects!

  185. Word Lily

    What a great project bag! My love affair with projects is, so far, from afar. I’m afraid to fall off the edge! That one may be worth it, though!

  186. Johnnie Boughner

    Oh dear! I have so many totes; I realized the other day that I might be obsessed. This a beautiful tote and would feed the obsession quite nicely 🙂

  187. Susanne Scheurwater

    What a cute bag! Would love to have something like that for my “collection” of zip loc bags….! Thanks for a great contest.

  188. maget

    I’ve finally gotten my hands on some of the cotton drawstring bags to contain my projects, but this one is so much fancier! The owls are adorable!! Thanks for another awesome contest team Knitty!

  189. LizA

    You’re 100% right about those plastic zip-top bags. They’re such gossip mongers in the basket of UFO’s.

  190. Lynne

    Would project bags stop my dog from stealing my yarn?? Last ball she got ended up wound around the hedge, as I was trying to catch her! very cute = very naughty!

  191. Samina

    1. There’s no such thing as too many project bags!
    2. What a lovely upgrade from the ziploc version! I’m always on the hunt for new, pretty project bags, so thanks for telling me about another.

  192. Susan

    After looking at the fabric selection from these bags I now want about 5 more project bags! Thanks for helping feed my addiction.

  193. Tanglophile

    Oh heavens, I love that tote! Between the dots, and the owls and the colors-just looking at it makes me smile.

  194. Laura Duren

    Very Cute! My projects would look much nicer in that than the zip lock bags they are currently in.

  195. Lauren

    I would love a real project bag. Right now I use a variety of cloth bags I’ve collected over the years as well as cloth grocery bags and Ziploc ones. 🙂

  196. Julie

    I love project bags! They make knitting even more fun. It’s always fun to see the new and interesting ones people come up with.

  197. Karina

    I am currently living with one tote and a number of plastic zip lock bags. I can definately see the value in more totes. Thanks for offering this.

  198. Carolyn Frank

    What a wonderful project bag. I also love the idea of tagging the bags with the project….that is going to be a project for me this weekend!! (Now i have to find the tags!!)

  199. Barb Boehler

    I am in the whatever I have around to stuff the knitting project into camp. I’d love an actual project bag!

  200. M. Peterson

    That bag is super cute! I love project bags, but only have 2 and have way too many works in progress right now. Definitely rocking a few Ziplocs.

  201. Liz in Missouri

    I love project bags almost as much as I love the projects themselves. I find that I can become quite obsessive about matching the color/fabric of the bag to the yarn I am using. I bundle up intended projects into bags, then take them out and start over. I have a constant bag that stays with me in my purse. I think they are one of the fun perks that come with knitting!

  202. Liz in Missouri

    I love project bags almost as much as I love the projects themselves. I find that I can become quite obsessive about matching the color/fabric of the bag to the yarn I am using. I bundle up intended projects into bags, then take them out and start over. I have a constant bag that stays with me in my purse. I think they are one of the fun perks that come with knitting!

  203. Sarah from Ctown

    I can never have too many bags! And winning it would be so much easier than telling my husband I bought another bag to store more yarn in 🙂

  204. Sylvie

    I’m still in the ziplock bag phase, and would welcome the opportunity to experiment outside of that.

  205. aprilshowers

    I’ve seen that owl print in fabric shops a few times and swoon every time I do. I’d love a madbird bag out of it!

  206. Gina in the San Francisco Bay Area

    Those little bags are absolutely adorable. I’m still with the plastic zip-locks, so a project bag of any kind would be an upgrade.

  207. Carol

    ooh! Pretty! And a give away!

    I have to admit I am a bag maker, not buyer. I would love to have this, so I can make more!

    I know what you mean about those plastic ziplock bags staring accusingly at you! I have this one with a red shawl staring at me now!

  208. Carla Billings

    The functional aspects of this bag intrigue me. I’ve always been fine with ziplocks but this product begs me to rethink my minimalist approach.

  209. DianeW

    Beautiful bag! I’m a new convert to project bags; I used to keep everything jammed in one big bag and had to rootle through to find what I wanted to work on.

  210. tara

    Ooh. Yeah, these are way better than the ziplock bags I’ve been using — especially since my cat is obsessed with plastic bags AND yarn … not a good combination!

  211. Beth Rudo

    Love the projects totes, especially the Lagoon color. They look just the right size for a medium project.

  212. MadTatter

    Oh, yeah, I can soooooo relate to the project bag obsession! The way I see it, if I’m going to put in the time to turn a beautiful yarn into a beautiful FO, then during the time that I’m making it, it a)deserves to be kept safe, protected and together, and b)deserves to be housed attractively! And those Madbird bags are so adorable! Hooray for awesome giveaways!

  213. Jan

    Another great contest! I’m still using heavy-duty ziplock bags I got from work, but they’re starting to wear. I have some fabrics that said I’d sew into project bags, but that hasn’t happened yet!

    Thank you for the chance!

  214. sarah

    with the holiday knitting in full gear, i could use another project bag. all of mine are full and at least one is pulling double duty! that’s dangerous.

  215. Kim

    I loooove project bags! I still use the clear plastic zip bags to store and sort my yarn stash, as well as project it from the universe of spill and splatters that is a household full of pets and young children =)

  216. Carmen

    Thank you for the chance to win these wonderful bags – most of my project bags are HUGE! I would love something smaller to just grab-and-go

  217. ardosa

    I am sad to say i am one of those ‘zip bag’ or grocery bag girls. of course i’m never happy when they rip or something goes wrong…
    but i never had the cash to buy one of those gorgeous bags… i knit and felt one, but then i wind up using it as a purse, or giving as a gift or donate to charity for auction.

    this would be a wonderful thing to win. thanks for the chance,

  218. edenknits

    My “project bags” are a mish-mash of cloth shopping bags and the “free with purchase” cosmetic bags (which are great for small projects, like socks!). But I’d love to have a project bag that was designed expressly for that purpose. 🙂

  219. Bettina

    Pretty pretty project bags! I will have to sit down one of these days with my sewing machine and make some (hey, I have a few nice fabrics that will work a treat!)

  220. Laura

    Love this bag, and also love the clever idea of using project tags. I will still probably have “what the heck was this going to be?” moments when I open hibernating bags, but the mere fact of writing down the details should help me remember. Thanks.

  221. Aimee

    Ooohhh, I love Madbird! All my hooks and needles are in ’em, and several pattern wallets (mini and deluxe). It would be awesome to have a bag to put my yarn in, too.

  222. Carol R

    These bags are beautiful! They would make great holiday gifts for my ‘knitterly’ friends.

    I have a few project bags and I love them using them. They make it easy to grab the project I want to take with me. I feel better organized and I love the idea of adding a project tag.

    Thanks again for hosting such a great giveaway.

  223. Ann K.

    I’m still in the “plastic ziplock bags=project bag” stage and would love to graduate to a nice project bag! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  224. SusanH

    Love those project bags! Since I have multiple projects going all the time, I need multiple project bags!

  225. Lee Wells

    Those project bags are much nicer than what I tend to use, including mesh sweater storage or washing bags and other odds and ends. (I sew, and could make some small drawstring bags, but I’d rather knit than make project bags.
    Thanks for the offer and the contest! Lee

  226. Nike Eve

    I have a few reusable bags I use for project bags, strewn haphazardly about the house or wherever I last happened to be working on them. I’m sure one more wouldn’t hurt–it’d be an excuse to cast on another project 😉

  227. Amanda Underwood

    Oh, I have one of her clutches for sock knitting. So well made and really cute too. I’d love another. 🙂

  228. Summer

    I’ve been knitting for almost 20 years and don’t have any project bags. I use paper LYS bags, or a cloth grocery sack, for projects that don’t fit in my purse. Or just work on them at home. I do have a lovely vintage amethyst glass bowl for projects at home.

  229. Artemidorus

    The tote bag stands up by itself! My only complaint about my Swift bag is that it falls over. A lot.

  230. Shelley Johnson

    I have a cute little madbird project bag and I get compliments on it every time I step out with it. I would love to have another!

  231. Marg

    That bag would indeed lend some dignity to any of my WIPs 🙂 Let the poor project know that I still love it and will get back to it sometime.

  232. Savanna

    Very nice! I don’t have a project bag, I usually just throw it into my purse when I’m on the go. Projects at home have a wicker basket to stay somewhat safe in. My children tend to get my stuff on occasion…I would love to try this out!

  233. Tami

    Oooh I love project bags too — the madbird bags are so adorable! I finally broke down and sewed a bunch of bags to hold all of the UFO’s (and share with knitting friends)… now they are so easy to grab and go….

  234. Irene

    Oh wow! I’m still using ziplock backs most of the time to hold my projects. Thanks for showing off these awesome bags! I’d love to win one!

  235. Sandy

    I have recently started using project bags myself and I love them. It is fun to tote your project in a colourful bag with needles where they should be and your precious project securely inside.I used zip lok bags in the past also. Thanks for the opportunity to win a beautiful project bag.

  236. Erica

    I’m a project basket gal, but the baskets are always snagging my projects…this would be the perfect excuse to switch!

  237. danielle nabozny

    DOH! *sound of smacking myself in the head* I never even thought of tagging the project bags! LOL

  238. G.K. Green

    Here’s my comment … Please enter me in the giveaway! Thank you. By the way, have you seen the gorgeous Lagoon fabric? Oh, be still my heart!!!

  239. Deb

    I love the bags! I have also gone through many plastic bags, not a great way to carry knitting needles.

  240. Chels

    Beautiful project bags! Always need another. Doesn’t everyone? Thanks for a chance in this giveaway! LynnIL ravelry

  241. Jen

    Oh this is beautiful! I really should start using project bags; I usually just leave my projects on the couch where the cats end up messing them up!

  242. Candace

    Hmmm… I have always used ziplock type bags–wasteful. I would love to win this and help the environment….honestly!

  243. Maureen

    That’s such a great idea! I also feel judgment from the plastic bags glaring out with unfinished projects… these are fun and happy instead!

  244. Norina Bourget

    Oh, these are so cute… I should have a few!

    The zip lock bags and bowls under my end tables look so shabby. Time for a change.

  245. Alia

    I am definitely in the same boat, of using all kinds of random bags for my projects and having needles poke through or bags fall apart, etc. So I could definitely use a nice, well-made project bag like this!!

  246. Kathy

    I have lots of knitting bags, but only a few project bags, which are only glorified plastic zipper bags. I’d love a cute one!

  247. Shannon O.

    Love it! I just found some needles poking through my favorite project bag. Time for sturdier bags.

  248. Vicki Bolton

    This is a terrific idea. I’ve been knitting for a year, and those ziploc bags are annoying. Your blog is always a source of learning and inspiration for me, and the project bag idea is just one more example of your ingenuity. Thanks!

  249. Karen

    A beautiful project bag can be the inspiration for a beautiful new project–kind of like a new pair of shoes can be the start of a whole new outfit! This bag is seriously pretty and could provide lots of inspiration.

  250. Sue

    This bag is so cute. My knitting bff has a birthday coming up. It would be so much fun for me to fill it with yarnie goodies for her.

  251. AmyS

    It’s the perfect storm of project baggy goodness… owls, muted tones and pink polka dots. I may die from the wonder of it all!!

  252. LoonyNuna

    There is no such thing as “too many project bags.” I’m trying to transition from plastic market bags to project bags, but still need several more to contain all the UFOs. Would love to win this one!

  253. Frankie

    I use totes and those make-up bags you get as a free gift with purchase (or some I just bought). But my totes aren’t near as cheerful as these bags! (Some of the make-up bags are, and thus would go perfect!)

  254. AmberL

    Just started to organize my knitting supplies and projects recently, getting ready for a Christmas knit-a-thon! This project bag would be absolutely lovely.

  255. Mari

    Very cute. I use ziplock plastic bags and the needles always wind up poking through. I guess since I am keeping up with this knitting hobby I should move up and get something as cute as these. I thinkI’ve found something for my Christmas list…….

  256. eileen

    thank u for the link to madbird. i’ve ordered project bags from etsy, churchmouse, tom bihn, della q, slipped stitch studios, and now have another place to choose from! 🙂

  257. Stacey Caruana

    Love project bags, never can have too many! Madbird has great products. Have a pattern holder from them, would love a matching bag!

  258. nikkapotamus

    OH, its lovely! I have about a million bags, but no actual project bags right now. Just those canvas totes that they give you at conferences. It’s time to get rid of those ugly totes and move on to pretty project bags!

  259. Kate in VT

    Hmm, I don’t have any project bags, and my needles are always poking though the bags I carry things in. And I may just sometimes have more than one WIP….

  260. Tish Painter

    I would love a project bag, and this one is adorable! It seems I never have enough of them. One needs to have a variety of projects on the needles I think, so you always have the type of thing you are in the mood to work in at that moment. ^_^

  261. Rita

    I’ve lost my knitting mojo…maybe a cute project bag would lure me back. I miss knitting but not sure how to get going again. So uninspired!

  262. Nicole P

    Ohhhh, I have been coveting some Madbird products for a while now. I would love to have one of their project bags!

  263. Cindy

    I never “got” project bags until I started to use them. Then I needed more, because I hated to have to move a project from its assigned bag because I needed that size bag for something else. these Madbird bags look like great fun!

  264. Amy S.

    Cause I need another bag, like I need a hole in my head…maybe a small hole will be fine! Great bags!