WWW: Demonstrating proFISHcency; Knitted Village; Gratuitous adorable baby in adorable knitted Halloween costume photo alert!

We hope that all our friends and members of the Knitty family in the path of the storm are safe and dry. There are an awful lot of people without power still, but as of this morning the worst seems to be over, and we wish everyone a speedy return to normal.

High School senior Neilson Wong picks out his own fish hat.

The East Bay Knitters’ Group in California is making fish hats to gift to local high school students who achieve high marks on their state math exams. The program was started by Richmond High School math teacher Lisa Holmes. She had knitted herself a Fish Hat, and students loved it so much that some asked her to make them one. She made a deal: if you score a high mark on the math exam, you get a hat, commemorating your prof-FISH-ency. The program has grown beyond the school, and Lisa enlisted volunteer knitters through a local yarn shop, and over 100 fish hats were made and donated to be awarded to students. The students love the recognition, and the program has been an enormous success!

Some of the knitters and their creations.

Knitters in the village of Pirton, Hertfordshire UK are making a wooly model of their village. The work is amazingly detailed, and knitters report having to study the buildings to ensure they are getting the details right. So far, more than 24 buildings are complete, including 2 pubs, the village shop and the parish church.

Fab yarn-bombing in Tel Aviv – ‘tree cardigans’! 2012 is the year of art in Tel Aviv, and I love that this yarn-bombing is part of that. The project was initiated by local resident and member of the Tel Aviv city council Alona Arobas, as a way of presenting knitting as an art. The reactions of the passersby captured in the video are great.

In which a faintly reluctant travel journalist goes on a knitting retreat in Scotland and learns to love the needles…

Following up on our post from last week about Remembrance Poppies, some yarn shops are reporting a high demand for red yarn to make poppies. I also learned that although they are less common, Poppies are sold in the US.

Fifth- and sixth-grade knitters.

Students at an elementary school in Gaithersburg, Maryland have been knitting hats to donate to local charities. These sorts of in-school programs are wonderful, bringing craft to kids who might not otherwise be exposed to it. Many of these school knitters will keep up the craft, and go on to be the knitters and designers of the future.

Knitted Halloween costume, R2-tutu, spotted on Reddit. Trust me, if you like knitting, Star Wars, or adorable babies, you should click.

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7 thoughts on “WWW: Demonstrating proFISHcency; Knitted Village; Gratuitous adorable baby in adorable knitted Halloween costume photo alert!

  1. Liz in Missouri

    Love the story about the Poppies from the other day. Just wanted to add that the poppies are actually very visible here in the US. They are given away and sometimes sold by the American Legion in support of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. My mother (a veteran of WWII) was involved in this project for years and years. I’m so glad that knitters are working away at this lovely tradition.

  2. Irina

    “Knit” and “crochet” are the same words in Hebrew (and some other languages too; Russian, for example). The tree dresses in the video about Tel-Aviv are crocheted, not knitted. The video was shot (or translated) by a no-knitter/non-crafter. But the project is cute. 🙂

  3. Sherry in Idaho

    Poppies. I sold them for the American Legion when I was a kid. That was over 60 years ago so you know they have been around in the US for a long time.

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