WWW: Mulberry promotes the value of craft; the next generation; Nordic knitting eye-candy

You might recall us telling you about the Nordic Knitting Conference held earlier this month in Ballard, WA. A fab slideshow and report on the event. If this doesn’t put you in the mood to knit mittens, nothing will…

It’s great to see the work valued so highly.

As part of the Wool Week festivities in the UK last week, fashion label Mulberry launched a new item for the new season: a handknitted chunky scarf. What makes it special is that they have recruited knitters in the UK to make the scarves. I adore the video of interviews with some of the knitters who are doing the work: “they’re fairly easy to knit.. until you get to the pattern.” I want to hug these women.

Although the price of the scarf might seem absurd on one hand (£995), on the other hand, it’s good to see craft valued so highly, and I love that Mulberry is making their market aware of the work and love that goes into creating the items.

From the sheep to your needles

Terrible pun of the week: “Kath raises the baa with her wool”… a nice profile of knitter Kath Foster who, when forced to give up her career as a dental nurse, turned to raising sheep. Her business, Little Houndales Knits, is thriving, selling her own wool and other knitterly goodies.

The next generation

An 11-year-old boy in Vancouver, Canada, has received a grant to teach yarnbombing workshops in his neighborhood.Nathan Coburn has been crafting since he learned origami at the age of 6, although he picked up knitting 2 years ago when he read about yarnbombing: “I like how I can do something illegal and still get away with it.”

In addition to running workshops, he has a knitting blog, and he sells his work at his school, through his blog and at a lemonade stand in front of his home.

Quick Hits: It’s a DailyMail link, be warned, but I LOVE the sweater that UK TV personality Fearne Cotton is wearing in these pictures. Great yarn-bombing in Birmingham, Michigan. A yarn-bombed bike goes on display at Cambridge University.

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    Oh my gosh! Ballard Washington, my old stomping grounds. You can’t swing a dead cat around by the tail without hitting a pub, or a fisherman.

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    the 11 year old boy from Vancouver has a CROCHET blog, not a knitting blog… (?)$!@(&($Y&!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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