WWW: Wool Weeks, 1800 ft Scarf, I Love Yarn Day

The winner of our Springtree Road Navarre sock yarn giveaway is Diana from Massachusetts. Thanks to Maya of Springtree Road for the prize.

There is so much to love in this story: Mrs. Thomas, a knitter in Shropshire, UK, has completed a project to knit a 1,749ft scarf to stretch across a local beauty spot. The slideshow is tremendous – I particularly love the shot of the rolled up lengths of scarf. Insane!

The scarf was designed to bridge the chasm in Titterstone’s Clee Hill, a hill that was divided in two in the 1850s when it was mined and quarried for coal. The scarf is the first time that the chasm has been bridged since then.

The project took 18 months, and knitting groups from across the UK contributed.

I wish I could be there!

Our own Amy is in the UK at the moment, and she’s speaking Sunday October 21st at Armley Mills, Leeds Industrial Museum, as part of the Yorkshire Wool Week festivities. Tickets are still available, but they are going fast.

Yes, yes I do.

This Friday, October 12, the Craft Yarn Council of America’s official “I Love Yarn Day“. (I have to be honest, I celebrate this particular holiday every day of the year.)

A fun video of the team at Toronto LYS Lettuce Knit yarnbombing their fence. I enjoyed the befuddled looks on the faces of the passersby.

We are very pro-wool.

This week is Shetland Wool Week, part of the ongoing Campaign for Wool. Wool Week in the UK is marked next week. There are Wool Weeks in many countries around the world, but sadly not in Canada. I’m thinking we should start our own…

Celebrity knitter alert! Lauren Conrad is making a scarf for her boyfriend.


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4 thoughts on “WWW: Wool Weeks, 1800 ft Scarf, I Love Yarn Day

  1. Maureen

    Nice story on the chasm closing scarf, though I ad mit to being somewhat bemused by the use of Mrs. in the article, its something we never see this side of the pond, especially when referring to a woman of 40. Can’t imagine anyone calling me Mrs anything, despite my marital status.

  2. Diana

    I was so excited to learn that I’d won. Thank you Knitty and Springtree Road … I am so in love that yarn, you have no idea. 🙂

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