Yarn in the Barn

I ran away this past weekend. Two of my fellow fiber fanatics and I drove across the state of Michigan to hug people and buy pottery and yarn.

Chris Roosien of Briar Rose Fiber had her first (we hope, annual) Yarn in the Barn celebration. A knitting celebration featuring Anne Hansen teaching and a few artists, fiber and otherwise selling things.

The three of us aren’t going to Rhinebeck this year, so this was our fiber fun for the the fall.

There was a barn, for real:

Barn for Yarn


We ran into Chris right away:

Dying genius, Chris Roosien

Some lucky knitter is going to make a throw out of that gorgeous yarn Chris is holding.

There was a special guest star all the way from Minnesota:

Jennie the Potter taking a break from making Knitty Anniversary mugs.

Yes, she has a bunch of new stuff for Rhinebeck, she didn’t sell it all here.

We shopped:

Briar Rose yarn brings the love.

My wee haul. That is a crappy iPhone photo, the colors that look pink are really fabby lipstick red and the bluish looking skein is really indigo and a purple just as rich and deep.

One skein of Glory Days and two skeins of Peaceful.

I bought yarn for two shawls and a skein just because the colors were so beautiful (the indio/purple one). One shawl is the fault of the Empress of the Enablers, Karen from Shall We Knit. She waltzes in from Ontario wearing a Bolting that she finished on the drive down and steam blocked in her room the night before (go knitters!). I fell down, hard. I bought the yarn in the barn, bought the pattern on my phone, wound the yarn in the car and swatched the whole way home.

As son as I got home, I cast on and started.

A red, red Bolting for me.

A perfect Fall outing!

Are you going to Rhinebeck or are you making your own fall fun?


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16 thoughts on “Yarn in the Barn

  1. Fiona Ballard

    That sounds completely fantastic! I’m going to Knit City in Vancouver this weekend. Really excited to meet Kate Atherley, Kim from indigodragonfly, Felicia Lo and so many others. We need more events out west!

  2. Nancy

    Yarn in the Barn — That sounds really fun! I love blues and greens, so that yarn Chris is holding would be just perfect for me!

  3. Kelly H.

    That shawl is delicious! I don’t blame you for falling. If I weren’t so swamped in little mittens and little sweaters I’d be buying and swatching right now, too!

  4. susan

    Rhineback would be awesome but as a Canadian living in southern Ontario, Woodstock Fleece Festival is fun, close and full of fibery goodnes

  5. Lori

    staying at home. I have the swatches for 3 sweaters done, I just need to do the math. And I need to finish inputting the patterning into the computer for DON Mt. Rose. Yes I have the yarn for 3 sweaters and a twin set in silk ready to go. My dilemma is what to start first.

  6. Seanna Lea

    Last month there was a chance I could make it to Rhinebeck, but that isn’t going to happen again this year. I haven’t been since 2008! I keep hoping that things will be calm enough that I can make it out there but no such luck!

  7. Tracy A.

    What fun! I too will not make it to Rhinebeck this – actually not to any fiber events (boo hoo). I Thoroughly enjoyed tagging along with you virtually!

  8. Knitter Zero

    Now you know why my WIP mountain looks as it does – I spend EVERY DAY with the Empress of Enabling! She haz mad powahz, yo.

  9. Robin F.

    I was at yarn in the Barn. Your restraint at purchasing yarn is admirable. I came home with yarn for 3 sweaters and a shawl. Anne’s class was awesome.

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