Are you a Fan of Knit,Swirl and Mountain Colors? Have I got a giveaway for you!

The Knitty 10th Anniversary giveaways just keep coming here at the KnittyBlog and today’s is a doozy!


Knit, Swirl!

Are you a fan of the book Knit, Swirl? The folks  at Fiber Wild! in Galena, Illinois are; they sell a lot of the book and the yarns to make the sweaters. When they discovered that the original yarn for the Plum Perfect sweater in the bestselling book was no longer available ,they took up the challenge to create a replacement.

They worked with author Sandra McIver and the wonderful yarn people at Mountain Colors and came up with a gorgeous solution. Plum Perfect knit in Mountain Colors Alpaca Blend (Alpaca and Wool) and Twizzle yarns:

Plum Perfect!

They also have a luxury version  in Mountain Colors Mountain Goat and Jeannette (cashmere/silk blend ) yarns . Yum. Both kits are available exclusively at Fiber Wild.

To help spread the word about these unique kits, Fiber Wild is giving away a kit for Plum Perfect in Mountain Colors Alpaca Blend (Alpaca and Wool) and Twizzle yarns.

Plum Perfect colorways. Some plum, some not so plum.

One reader will win a kit for for the Plum Perfect sweater and a copy of Knit, Swirl!  Thanks to the generous folks at Fiber Wild!

Prize value: $234.90

You know how it works: leave a comment on this post between now and midnight eastern time, November 12th, 2012. One comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question. If the commenter answers correctly they will win the prize. If you have already won a prize from us in the past year, please do give other knitters a chance.


If you are interested in buying a kit for Plum Perfect, Fiber Wild has a deal for you.

When you buy a kit, either the Alpaca/Twizzle or Mountain Goat/Jeanette version  you get both a copy of Knit,Swirl! and shipping free.

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1,142 thoughts on “Are you a Fan of Knit,Swirl and Mountain Colors? Have I got a giveaway for you!

  1. Leslie

    My friends and I were admiring Knit, Swirl type sweaters last weekend at a fiber festival. I’d love a kit!

  2. Jackie

    That is awesome! And gorgeous! Wonderful work by a wonderful team! Here’s hoping I’ll be lucky enough to test it out!

  3. Maureen

    I have noticed that these pattern and style of sweaters are very popular right now. They are stylish and they help with how you look in your clothing.

  4. Jocelyne

    Wow. A sweater’s worth of Mountain Colours? I have only a single skein in my stash. And I seem to be incapable of deciding between the colourways.

  5. Kristen

    I adore Mountain Colors, and would be thrilled to make a garment from this yarn (only MC socks to date). I’m in!

  6. Rannveig

    I’ve been eyeing that book since it was released (or maybe a bit before!), but haven’t bought it yet. Would love to win it + teh beautiful yarn!

  7. Ginny

    Wow! Oh, wow! What a wonderful giveaway. The colors are gorgeous. They are all winners. Good luck everyone!

  8. Theresa

    I saw these (or something very similar) at Rhinebeck and they were beyond awesome. I would pick the Evergreen or Deep Forest if picked!

  9. Linette

    Wow what a phantastic giveaway.
    Those look like some gorgeous colors and yarns.
    Crossing my fingers this will be mine, thank you for a chance to enter.

  10. Carroll

    Beautiful! I’ve been wanting to do a sweater for myself for a while. This one would be perfect. Fingers crossed for a win!

  11. Michelle

    Those make some absolutely beautiful sweaters! I’m terrible at color combinations, so I like that someone else has already done the hard work!

  12. Carolyn Hutchinson

    What an amazing sweater! And such a generous gift! I would love to knit this for my granddaughter.

  13. Laura

    Oh, wonderful! What a great idea to (intentionally almost) re-create a beautiful yarn. And the book is great, too. That Ruby Gems colourway is just awesome. I would love to win this! Thanks for hosting and sponsoring this giveaway!

  14. Elise

    This giveaway is awesome! They all are 😛 I never win so I’m not sure why I am compelled to keep entering, but here I am. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  15. Sarah

    Oh those are lovely! I remember a crocheted pattern for a spiral sweater from a few years ago, when I crocheted more. I think these are even nicer – what lovely shapes!

  16. Aimee

    I love Mountain colors yarn. Although I’ve never tried their alpaca before. I love alpaca, too. And that sweater. Love the sweater.

  17. Carol

    Those are all such wonderful colors, I’d have a hard time choosing just 1 if I won. But I’m more than willing to try.

  18. Heather Murray

    Oh, man, this would be great! My LYS carries the book and I want it but haven’t bought it yet.

  19. Ely

    That’s a lovely giveaway. It’s gorgeous and fit for ‘business’ ffice-wearing and at the same time perfectly snuggly.

  20. april

    What an awesome prize! I don’t think I have ever seen that pattern. It looks like it would be flattering for all shapes and sizes. The ruby gems color is really pretty.

  21. Amy D

    Oooh! I saw samples from this book at TNNA and about died from the gorgeousness of them. *crosses fingers in hopes that her name is pulled from the hat*

  22. Ruby

    What an awesome giveaway. Some deserving person will enjoy this prize. Thanks for giving someone a great opportunity to Knit, Swirl to their heart’s content.


  23. Quinn

    Thanks for the great giveaway opp! I’ve been on a yarn-buying moratorium all year…this would be a fabulous prize to win!

  24. Sue F

    I probably shouldn’t post. I’m currently at work on my third Swirl. In my defense, two & three are gifts.

    Viciously addictive pattern 🙂 And lovely.

  25. Liz

    I’ve been swatching for this very sweater, but didn’t feel good about my yarn choice. I must check out these new possibilities!

  26. Kat

    I was lucky enough to stop by Fiber Wild! during a day trip to Galena over the 4th of July. Yes, it was hotter than blazes. 🙂 Such a great shop, the next time we make a stop in Galena (we’d like to see it when it’s a little cooler) I will definitely be going in again. Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  27. Jennie-Pennie

    Gorgeous! I adore Mountain colors and I have wanted to knit a sweater like that one forever. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  28. Beth Rudo

    I have been wanting to make a Swirl since the book came out, but needed to save up for good yarn. I would love to win this. What a perfect, figure-flattering design!

  29. Tracy

    Ooooh! I love that Fiber Wild took it upon themselves to solve the discontinued yarn challenge for the rest of us and then present us with the chance to win a whole kit. Love, love, love!

  30. shelley

    Awesome giveaway! I’ve wanted to knit one of these for a long time. (crossing fingers) Please pick me!

  31. Shannon

    I’ve already finished one swirl, started another and have plans for more. These are so fun and easy to knit, and it’s hard to resist the thought of knitting another!

  32. Sue

    Would love to win. Have no faith in random number generators being truly random, however. Of course I have no faith in the lottery either.

  33. Yolande T.

    I love the look of the swirl sweaters and it’s one of the things I’d love to knit in the coming year. This is a great give-away!

  34. Savannagal

    Wow! What a great giveaway. I’ve been to Fiber Wild. It’s a really lovely store with friendly, helpful owners. I also love the Knit Swirl book. Great concept. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  35. karen

    oh my goodness! I hope i have the chance to make the challenging decision of which is my favorite colour!

  36. Carry

    Oh my goodness, I just found this book at the library and would LOVE to win this. I’ve seen other circle coats and they didn’t quite work for me, but the patterns in this book are amazing.

  37. Sandy

    What a unique design!! Beautiful yarns!! What a wonderful and generous give a way!! Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful book and kit.

  38. Steven

    I actually haven’t seen that sweater before but it sure is stunning and can think of several people that would love to have one. Of course, after I have the pleasure of knitting it.

  39. Linda

    :::I’m fainting, I’m so amazed and delighted:::

    But not fainting so much that I can’t jump up and down and scream ‘pick me pick me pickmepickmepickme!’

  40. Anita

    Oh My Goodness. This is a dream of a giveaway. Sandra McIver’s book is on my wish list and the yarn looks fabulous. Thank you for offering this giveaway! *fingers crossed*

  41. Gina in the San Francisco Bay Area

    I have had this one on my “want to do” list since I got the book. The person who wins will be a mighty lucky knitter. Thank you for hosting this!

  42. Ivanna

    How very cool to re-do a lost colorway! My sister is almost done with her first Swirl and has run of out Knitpicks Golden Glow tonal – a very painful situation.

  43. Marlana

    I’ve wanted this book since it came out and I keep forgetting to buy it. All of the yarn is beautiful.

  44. Sara in Brooklyn

    I actually shrieked a little… what dreamy colors. I almost always tamper with yarn choice, pattern, etc…. but even I would keep this yarn & that pattern together. SO beautiful.

  45. Dari

    Love those patterns!! I am planning to put a Knit Swirl sweater in my ‘to do’ list…..this could help make it happen sooner.

  46. Teri

    I have had that book on my wish list for a long time and I LOVE Mountain Colors – made my first shawl with it…

  47. Carolyn

    This design has been on my want-to list for a while – but how to choose a colorway? They’re just gorgeous!

  48. Kathleen

    Oh my, how could I have missed Plum Perfect? It’s gorgeous. Despite my plan for this year to be all about finishing my W.I.P.s, I must have this!

  49. Renee

    Mountain Colors from Hamilton, Montana!! The nicest people work there and the door is always open to stop by on your way to or from Missoula. I love those guys, and have I mentioned their mill ends by the pound sale? I once had to leave all my clothes in Idaho because my suitcase was completely jammed with jewel-like mini-skeins of their yarn. And I believe you can never have enough of it. It knits up like a dream.

  50. MWknitter

    Love the purple but the Evergreen & Deep Forest are gorgeous also! Now I’m sorry I made plans for this 3 day weekend. I haven’t been to Galena for over 5 years & it’s a lovely place for a short get away. And Fuber Sild is a really nice LYS with great yarn.

  51. browncurls

    Wow, what a great prize! I have been wanting to make a swirl for some time, so winning a kit would certainly push me over the edge of hesitation.

  52. Barbara

    This looks like the perfect cardigan to keep cozy at home during a cold Montreal winter. I have plenty of other things to knit, but this would definitely go to the top of my list.

  53. Louise

    Goodness. You must have read my mind. I was honestly planning for the new year right after I finished the current never-ending sweater. I bought the book a month ago and have been drooling ever since. Thanks for the give-away! How truly lovely.

  54. Niki Rogers

    Oh my goodness. What a generous contest. I would sooooooo love a chance to win this kit aince I have the book on my Christmas wish list and Mountain Colors has been one of my favorite yarns for many years.

  55. Beth Grim

    I know chances are slim, but I have to try…I saw Knit Swirl in my LYS and fell in love. This is such a generous give-away with lovely yarns…this would be so fantastic to knit! love love love

  56. Carolyn Frank

    I have the Knit Swirl on my list to Knit in the future and with mountain colors it would be beautiful….even better if i won this fantastic prize!!! I love Fiber Wild they are wonderful to purchase all your fiber and patterns from.

  57. lindaran (on rav)

    Oh! heart palpitations! I have a copy of the book and pull it out to drool over the pictures every now and then. I actually tried on a Swirl at Stitches Midwest. I’m saving to buy the yarn for my own; this would shortcut that process!

  58. regina

    They’re all gorgeous, but the Ruby Gems makes me go weak in the knees. What an amazing kit! Thanks for letting us enter this giveaway. Wow!

  59. Hester Sturrock

    Wowie Zowie – what gorgeous yarn and what neat things to do with it. I would love some of this yarn. Thanks – Hester from Atlanta

  60. Rebecca

    Oh wow, the Ruby Gems. The Ruby Gems! I’ve seen the book at the public library, and it’s mind-blowing. Can’t wait to knit myself a swirl.

  61. Tami

    Oh my goodness — I love all of the colorways (especially plum perfect) — the book looks truly enchanting. Thank you for the lovely giveaway. Happy Anniversary year.

  62. Sally Allen

    I would love to get this prize andmake the gorgeous shawl
    It is beautiful and would be great to wear. My fingers are crossed.

  63. Marjorie Holme

    Oh, my, this is gorgeous! Sounds like a road trip is in order to that Galena shop. Thanks! And thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity.

  64. Nigel Pottle

    I can see my step-daughter Holli Yeoh wearing this. I could make it for her or she could make it herself if she wasn’t so busy designing patterns for some great knit magazines.

  65. Madeline

    Yet another fabulous giveaway from Knitty! I’ve been a fan of this book for a long time – love it!

  66. Carrie

    That is just too beautiful. Love the patterns and adore the yarn. Those are the best colors too. This is a really great giveaway!

  67. MzTallulah

    The Swirl is a very clever concept, and I love the attitude of the shop owners! Thank you for the very generous giveaway.

  68. Valerie

    Y’know, the concept of a “skill-testing question” intimidates me, but I’m gonna take the leap here and hope I can answer the question. Should I get chosen, that is. Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease.

  69. Hunter Hammersen

    Alrighty, I’m ready to have my skills tested (by this pattern…I’ve never taken the sweater plunge and this sweater would be the perfect thing to push me right over the edge)!

  70. Amy

    Knit, Swirl is waiting on the shelf just begging to have a pattern knit–committing to which one and the yarn has been the problem. So I hope I win to make the decision for me!

  71. Alessandra Parsons

    Wow, just wow. Another greast giveaway. I’ve had this book on my wishlist for a long time.

  72. Sarah

    I LOVE Mountain Colors — they really do capture the colors of the Rockies! ( I love Montana, too…)

  73. Rachel S

    That yarn is beautiful! I’d love the Ruby Gems or Evergreen. That pattern would be great for work and getting cozy at home.

  74. Deb K.

    Oooh! I borrowed this book from the library, and fell in love. I want to make them all! Such a cool idea.

  75. deborah

    wow. amazing book, amazing yarn, amazing 10 years of knitty.

    And one more store to add to my list of yarn stores to visit.

    Thanks for sharing so much with us.

  76. Jane

    I love Mountain Colors! If I win I will have the happiest Christmas break working on my Plum Perfect.

  77. Deana

    Wow, holy cow! That is fantastic, I love the green & the purple colorways. What a beautiful sweater.

  78. Mischa

    Oh, man, that’s a difficult color choice. It’s probably just as well that I rarely win these contests. 🙂

  79. Holly

    I got the book immediately but have been waiting to start the sweater because I couldn’t find the yarn. Good to know someone has it in stock!

  80. KF

    Oooooh! I’ve been wanting to make a Swirl sweater for ages! Glad to hear that kits are available too.

  81. mollysusie

    Oh wow … what a great giveaway! I love knitting things with unique construction, I bet this book is great!

  82. Beverly

    So I have a significant birthday coming up next week and I think winning this prize would be a great present. Thanks for the generous gift.

  83. Alyson

    oohh, oohh! That book is on my Amazon wishlist and who doesn’t love free yarn?? I’m excited. Pick me! 🙂

  84. enidb

    I didn’t realize the yarn was discontinued. The pattern is in my fav’s and I intend to knit it at some point. It’s good to know there are still yarn options out there.

  85. donna

    I have heard so many good reviews of this book and it’s patterns. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  86. Anne

    What beautiful yarn! And what a cool swirling sweater it would make. This time the random number generator has me in mind.

  87. Lisa B.

    Oh. My. Gosh. What a FABULOUS giveaway! This book is one of my favorites and I’ve been longing to make one of the designs. However, it’s more of an investment than I’m able to make right now. It would be sheer wonderfulness to win.

  88. Elizabeth

    I LOVE the book. I’ve already made a Plum Perfect, and I have spun the yarn for Winter Waves, but I would happily make another.

  89. susan

    What a generous giveaway! The book is great and the yarn looks just awesome! I really, really hope I win, thanks!

  90. Sarah

    I love the book AND I love mountain colors! This is the perfect prize, love it! Hope the person who wins this really enjoys knitting and wearing it.

  91. Stacy H

    Sadly, I never made it to Galena to see that lovely shop, and now we’re moving back to TX. I’m sure I’ll find all sorts of new LYS’ to go to once I’m down there. Though this would be a wonderful sweater for those “cold” winter nights in Austin. *smiles*

  92. Tara

    I’m not the biggest fan of the purple, but the other three colors are GORGEOUS, and I need an excuse to make something for me instead of all of these fabulously appointed children… 🙂

  93. Linda

    I’m wild about the fibers in this yarn and the pattern. I especially like the evergreen. I would really like to win.

  94. Kim Dean

    I already own the book, but havent made anything from it yet !! I would love to win the kit and get started.

  95. Patty Cross

    I am in love with the knit swirl patterns! This is on my ‘to knit’ list. And I would love to knit it in the either the plum or not so plum!

  96. Ammie

    Very lovely colors. I can see my MIL in the brown, and me in the green, and my SIL in the purple. 😀 Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.

  97. Diane

    I’ve never seen that book before, but now I am kind of in love with it. I love swirly knits! *crosses fingers for a win*

  98. Zoe

    What a great pairing. Mountain Colors yarns are terrific! The only downside is having to choose among all the beautiful colors.

  99. koreakiwi

    These yarns are stunning! I love them all! Wonderful of Mountain Colors to create these yarns. The Knit Swirl patterns are divine~ what a fantastic giveaway, I’d love to win of course 🙂

  100. Lisa Comeau

    I have been eyeing that book at my local yarn shop for some time .How fantastic it would be to win it and the yarn to knit the sweater : )

  101. mercy

    knitty is the best! would love to play with this yarn. so beautiful. thanks for running the giveaway!

  102. Kathy

    Oooh, that yarn looks lovely! And the patterns are very interesting, I’d like to try one of them.

  103. Charlie

    Pick Me, Pick Me!! I fell in Love w/the Knit,Swirl book- the first time I saw it last Winter – can’t decide on yarn to use…would love to win the Plum Perfect kit!!!

  104. Zach

    Oh, I’ve been intrigued by this sweater for a while. Would love to win! It’d make a perfect Christmas present too.

  105. Peggy V.

    This would make such a great surprise gift for my friend Terry. She loves Mountain Colors yarns and purples and never makes anything for herself.

  106. Cinnamon

    I am just going to go ahead and channel my 5 yr old and yell, “Pick me, pick me. I want the book and the kit!!” I really, really do.

  107. Susan

    I have been admiring this sweater for some time. Would be thrilled to win it! Thank you for the chance.

  108. Mary

    Thanks to Fiber Wild for working with the Sandy McIver and Mountain Colors for coming up with a beautiful new color!

  109. Beth Gray

    Oh dear Lord, the Ruby Gems colorway!!!!! I do so love me some Mountain Colors, they were my first foray into “real” yarn….

  110. Tami

    If I were so lucky, I would be hard pressed to choose between the Plum Nuevo or the Ruby Gems. The Evergreen is pretty too! Oh my!

  111. BARB G

    It has been quite awhile since I was at Fiber Wild. I love that place! I always look at their newsletter. I would sure love a chance at this excellent project.

  112. Emily

    Mmm… All those colorways are so nice and the pattern is beautiful! Thanks for having so many great giveaways!

  113. MmmYarn

    I tried on Plum Perfect at a trunk show 2 weeks ago and I’m sorry to hear the original yarn is gone (it was quite divine), and glad to hear a substitute is available. What a great giveaway; count me in!

  114. Tasha

    I love the book, and have been contemplating knitting it for a while…this would make that much easier.

  115. Amy

    Wow this is beautiful. I have a friend in my knitting guild that did one of these and it is just the lovely. Thanks for the giveaway.

  116. Anne

    Another amazing giveaway… This book has been on my dream knitting list for a while. I’d be thrilled to win a kit.

  117. Moorecat

    I would love a jacket like that, and if I start now it would be ready for our next winter (down under).

  118. Melanie

    Oh wow what a great give away! I am making the sweater already, but not that particular one, so the yarn to make that one would be amazing!

  119. Chris

    Although I’d not heard of Knit, Swirl until today, I’ve loved Mountain Colors yarns since I first found them 3 years ago. I don’t see how it can be anything but a winning team. I’d be honored to win this prize and explore all Knit, Swirl has to offer.

  120. Karen Collins

    I just finished Sheer Beauty from the book and I can’t wait to start another! Pick me please!!!

  121. Nancy Warren

    Wow! I’d love to win this. Just give me a chance to get the right answer – I hipe I know, I hope I know….

  122. Caitlin

    I have been eyeing this book for awhile. The blue colorway would make a great work/night out sweater!

  123. Tracy Wright

    That is amazing and in my favourite colour too!! I would have to go for the plum nuervo if I win (fingers and everything else crossed!)

  124. DBlake2

    I just love the Plum Perfect sweater and the yummy yarn used to knit it! I wish I had this sweater wrapped around me on this cold New England morning!


  125. amy

    I wasn’t familiar with this book, but now I can’t wait to check it out. What a gorgeous sweater, and what a great giveaway. Thank you!

  126. Margaret

    My mom would love the Evergreen colour, it’d make an awesome birthday present for her if I’m lucky enough to win. Thanks Knitty!

  127. Donna

    Wow! Gorgeous yarn, gorgeous sweater/coat. Wasn’t familiar with the book, so now have to go check it out!

  128. Patricia Walters

    I LOVE Knit, Swirl…simply brilliant (all puns intended) designs, especially with a Mountain Colors kit. What a wonderful prize. Thank you to the sponsor.

  129. CherylfromCreemore

    Love the Knit Swirl designs! Really enjoyed meeting Sandra McIver at Rhinebeck. Can’t wait to knit my own!

  130. Ricki Koppel

    Currently knitting one of these swirls and am loving it. Would LOVE to knit another and with Wild Fiber yarn….devine. PICK ME…PICK ME…

  131. Janie

    I would love this kit. Especially because it comes from FiberWild! Every time I visit Galena (which isn’t often enough) stopiing in their shop is a must. They have an incredible selection of yarn and are very, very helpful!

  132. marie may

    This is my new favorite wishlist book. I saw some variations of the sweaters made up at the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival and decided that I need to add this sweater to my project list. I love the colorways especially the deep forest!!!

  133. Meghan

    Those yarns are gorgeous! I’ve been trying to win a contest on this Site for a few years now and this would be a great win.

  134. stella

    gorgeous. that would be amazing to knit as a winter sweater project. I would especially like the green.

  135. Sandra

    I am SUCH a fan of Knit, Swirl!! Love this book, and have bookmarked a few already! And the evergreen colourway – well, that was dyed, JUST FOR ME!!

  136. Carolyn

    Love the patterns and yarn. It would be so awesome to win so I could knit one for my 77 year old mother who is always chilly.

  137. Niki

    The Knit Swirl is on my “gotta knit it” list. Great prize, would love to win and get started knitting.

  138. Julia

    ::drool:: I adore Mountain Colors, and the sweater is gorgeous (hadn’t heard of it before). I hope that, maybe this once, the random-choosing bot picks me!

  139. Rachel

    I checked out Knit Swirl from our library as soon as it came out and loved it! What a beautiful book and gorgeous yarn.

  140. Mary Cervantes

    I have used Mountain Colors yarn & love their colors. I’m looking forward to seeing the book.

  141. Dawn

    Wow, what an amazing book—I have been eyeing it for a while now but haven’t purchased it yet. The yarn looks beautiful. I would love to win this kit. Thank you for Knitty and 10 years!

  142. Katk

    OMG, I can’t believe someone is so amazing as to donate this wonderful prize. Thanks for giving all a chance at it.

  143. Natalie

    The mix of colors will make this sweater go with a lot of different shirts. I love it when a sweater goes with so many different things. Great for traveling.

  144. Bridget

    What an amazing giveaway! With a baby bump this winter, I really appreciate that so many of the sweaters in this book are worn open and Plum Perfect has a nice high button closure 😉

  145. Amanda

    It’s a gorgeous pattern and a gorgeous yarn. I’m really into purple right now, so I’d love to win this 🙂

  146. Judy Bowman

    I have the book on my shelf and my fingers are anxious to find the perfect yarn for this gorgeous project.

  147. c8h10n4o2

    I want this very much! My mom got the book for me and I’m already working on the Noro coat. I’m loving the technique!

  148. Angela

    Holy smokes. You have to choose? Those colors are beautiful. I would choose….Deep forest. Or Emeralds. Or Ruby Gems. I think Deep forest…

  149. Beth

    oh my! I just checked out the Knit Swirl book from the library for about the 4th time. What a great gift. Pick me!

  150. Jenny

    I made a swirl jacket many years ago when I first learned to knit, and my yarn choice didn’t go well with the pattern so it eventually left my possession. I’m intrigued to give it another go with better yarns, because I definitely like the unique fit of one!

  151. Joy

    I saw a swirl sweater on display at my LYS and it is gorgeous. This book is on my wish list. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great give-away. The evergreen colours looks lovely.

  152. Missamite

    I love how the sweaters in the book flatter so many body types. One of these has been on my to knit list for a long time.

  153. Jeri

    I have already used Mountain Colors River Twist as one of the yarns in a Plum Perfect Swirl. It’s such a wardrobe staple I would jump at the chance to make one in another colorway.

  154. JS Marino

    Live in the Nutmeg State but visit family in southern Wisconsin. FiberWild is just over the border in northwestern Illinois. Love that store (and the great service from their website)!!! Knit a swirl using the first edition book; I would love to try my hand at another using the “corrected” later edition. The tonal colors offered in the FiberWild kits are right up my alley!

  155. Carol

    I have this on my wish list, it would be great to win the kit. The colors are absolutely beautiful!

  156. Jan

    I have been eyeballing this book for a while, and I love Mountain Colors! I’d love to win this kit!

  157. Shannon O.

    Stunning! I’ve been wanting to knit one of those Knit Swirl sweaters. Now I have a new yarn to lust after.