Knitting Monday: What Are You Working On? And a SweaterBabe Giveaway

My knitting is really flagging. I have at least 8 first tier UFOs (those not in knitting time out or more than a year old) and I was planning on knitting 7 gifts for the holidays.

My knitting mojo has failed me. I am a slow knitter at the best of times, but my pace has been something like frozen molasses lately.  I am happily, but slowly, working on a shawl for me. Bolting by Stephen West out of Glory Days by Briar Rose in a fabulous red colorway. And that’s it.

Bolting in Briar Rose Glory Days

My holiday knitting is stalled dead. I have one gift finished and no juice to start the rest. I’m regrouping. I don’t want to knit panic-y. I don’t want to knit because I feel like I have to, I have enough deadlines. I want to knit gifts to give something I’ve spent time on to people I love who appreciate my work. So I’m slashing my holiday  knitting projects to two.  A pair of socks and a chunky couch blanket that’s a resurrected UFO from last year. Those knitting have-tos really suck the happy out of me. Now that I’ve made the decision, I feel like knitting again.

 SweaterBabe Pattern Giveaway

How are all of you doing with the Daylight Savings time shift? Katherine Lee a.k.a SweaterBabe has given us some of her lovely patterns as a giveaway to take a little bit of the time shift sting out of this week.

SweaterBabe Patterns!

Three winners will get to choose three PDFs each from the SweaterBabe pattern library!

Prize value: $12.00-$24.00

More SweaterBabe Patterns!

You know how it works: leave a comment on this post between now and midnight eastern time, November 7th. Three comments will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question. If the commenter answers correctly they will win the prize. If you have already won a prize from us in the past year, please do give other knitters a chance.



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518 thoughts on “Knitting Monday: What Are You Working On? And a SweaterBabe Giveaway

  1. Maureen

    I am actually working on a few items. I am knitting a dress for a young niece. I am knitting a prayer shawl for a friend of mine and I am knitting a scarf for a Christmas gift and finally I am knitting a sweater for myself. (Most of the time I am knitting for others).

  2. Felicia

    Still working on small projects like hats, socks, and gloves… Would love an excuse to start a “big” project! Thanks!

  3. Anna

    no Christmas knitting for me this year, it’s all about the UFOs and clearing out the knitting basket and bags! Thanks for the give away!

  4. Shannon

    I love the SweaterBabe patterns. She always creates beautiful things that are relevant! Right now, like you I have a lot of irons in the fire so I must begin the choosing.

  5. Micki

    I’ve put aside 3 UFOs to work on 5 new projects for the holidays. But Ebenezer knitting is coming and I’m always on the lookout for a great new pattern!

  6. Donna Warde

    Ooohhh! Love those patterns!! I am working on:
    1. a new aran sweater for my pooch Shandy!
    2. finishing up a VK cable cardigan which I am putting into a raffle for a local event
    3. a tunic in a lush grey/purple color for me 🙂
    4. completing an Aran soft pink cardigan – originally for me…but my Mom might just get it for Christmas!

  7. Karen Hirschfeld

    I am currently working on a sweater for me, bamboo yarn with My Teacher pattern. I am rotating working on a afghan for my son with mitered square construction.

  8. Mary

    I feel your pain. My challenge is finishing the construction parts. I need to go back to socks/hats/gloves and away from sweaters that need ends woven in and voila!

    SweaterBabe has quite a few patterns that will meet my criteria. Please pick my name?

  9. Heather

    Those are some great sweater patterns. Would love to give them a try. I’m currently stalled on a log cabin blanket that’s really a slog. Endless garter stitch.

  10. Valerie

    Those are beautiful sweaters!
    I’m currently planning my maternity leave knitting (laugh with me if you doubt I’ll actually get anything done at all… hahahahahaha). But I could go for one of these!

  11. Sarah

    Right now I have one UFO that I really don’t want to pick up and other then that I have nothing on the needles yet. I am spinning merino wool right now to knit into a sweater for my son and my husband wants a bearded viking hat knit for him so I will have to get busy soon!

  12. Diane

    I’ve just started “Hitchhiker” as a travel knit for an upcoming trip to Mexico. Also have “Leftie” on the needles and am plugging away at it. ALWAYS have a pair of socks going and just finished felting a ZigBagZ. No holiday knitting–all for ME, ME, ME!!

  13. Bonnie H.

    I have two different socks going and both are somewhat stalled. I’ve been considering casting on a sweater for my husband. Wonderful giveaway…thanks for the chance.

  14. Theresa

    I need to start some new projects, and i wrapped up a handful of UFOs recently! Time to make more!

    Lovely patterns and a great give-away.

  15. jennybookworm

    I’m getting close to finishing a shawl I started in January – which is good because now I’m needing it! I’ve decided not to do any holiday knitting this year – unless I can gift from my already completed and stashed away pile!

  16. Heather

    Ooh, me please! I am almost done with a couple of shawl UFOs and am having inspiration-problems for what’s next. I could use a few new patterns to jump start me!

  17. Meg

    I can totally relate to the slow knitting progress. I always have such grand ideas for Christmas gifts! The SweaterBabe patterns are all so lovely. It would be difficult to choose. I’ve been admiring them for quite some time.

  18. Sarah Vandenberg

    I’ve never attempted a sweater yet. Winning a good pattern might just be the incentive I need to give it a go!

  19. Kairi

    Maybe your mojo went on a holiday with mine? For a while I was in acute danger of getting kicked out of my knitting group, since I only sat there and mumbled Bleh…

    It came back though, so hang in there 🙂

  20. lindaran (on rav)

    I have a few SweaterBabe patterns; one of which I really need to finish! I’d love another; they’re great patterns – easy to read and the finished projects are just lovely!

  21. Lorysa

    Having recently got back into knitting big time, I’m juggling a few: socks, cat toys (feline dim sum from knitty), Mochimochi’s Boo the bat, the clapotis scarf/shawl (also knitty), a scarf for my mom, and a fun fur Christmas tree for my daughter to decorate her room. Nothing with deadlines though! 🙂

  22. Emily Radulescu

    Lovely patterns! I also would love an excuse to start a ‘large’ project since I’m currently working on a bunch of socks as stashbusting projects.

  23. Terri

    If it’s any consolation, your shawl is going to be gorgeous!

    I need some finishing mojo, myself. I have two gifts for the nephew who’s going to be born this month that I just need to do the finishing on! Instead I keep looking at sweater patterns, so I might as well win some! 😉

  24. Turi

    I’ve got a shawl OTN, that I’ve been working on since June. Otherwise, rehearsals have eaten up any extra time I might have had, so I’ve not even *started* thinking about christmas gifts. Well, that’s not true. I’ve thought about a few, but certainly haven’t done anything about them…

  25. Joanne Neeley

    I am working on a shrug, a scarf, and some mittens. I would love to knit any or all of the patterns featured!

  26. Heather N

    If I could buy those sweaters already knit, I would so wear them… but to have the pattern to knit them… is kind of the first baby step to an awesome wardrobe! 😉

  27. Kristi

    I have four projects on needles: Brooklyn Tweed tam, the pattern for which took some getting used to but it’s very pretty; a MadTosh cardi for my 2 year old niece; a shrug from yarn bought 4 years ago; and a wrap. No holiday knitting this year, except for the cardi. Last year I scrambled to get three stockings done (and lined); the third of which I knit very tightly (due to panic), yet when I blocked it, it turned out slightly larger that the others…go figure…I think by stocking #3, I was no longer intimidated by blocking, and the risk of turning a stocking made to hold gifts into a tiny tree ornament.

  28. novelgirl

    I’m working on mittens for my Dad for Christmas. Since they’ve been in my UFO pile for more than a year, I’m hoping this is the year I finally finish them. I think he’s starting to doubt me! :-0

  29. Carla

    I’m just starting to think of Christmas knit gifts. I’m not sure what to make and in what yarn for everyone this year. These contest patterns all look cool.

  30. Sandi Blanc (The Blue Ewe)

    I am working on a sweater, a mobius & a pair of socks. Only 1 is a Christmas gift and I may have to go out and buy a pair of socks if I don’t get me but in gear.

  31. CharlotB

    Would love to win some of those patterns. OTN:
    Take Two Jacket (working on sleeve caps – finally
    Driving Miss Dalia shawl pattern as baby blanket
    Market Bag using purse stitch w/Nylon size 2 thread
    Shawl w/ Sock yarn (no special pattern)
    Owl Puff variation (Large Snowy Owl) using Pipsqueak yarn.
    Have yet to really get started w/Xmas knitting.

  32. Judy

    Two gift shawls finished. Third shawl (for me) in progress. Of course, socks also on the needles. Sweaters waiting for their turn..

  33. Reanna

    I’m currently holiday crafting as well! I’m trying to give as many gifts as I can that are homemade. Guys are the hardest! lol

  34. Dexter L

    I’m currently working on a tie, a sweater and a couch make-over. Wish I could knit something for myself… 🙂
    We got the time shift in France last week and i felt blaaah for a whole week (weather is not really helping either…)
    But it got better \o/
    Thanks for the giveaway! ^^

  35. Debbie

    I have a pair of socks on the needles (for me!) and will start a pair of convertable mittens for a gift this week. SweaterBabe has some lovely patterns; choosing would be like a kid in a candy store!

  36. Shelly

    Working on the Elephant Vest for a new baby on the way. Really feeling deprived lately, no yarn in my stash. Need to find an excuse to go shopping….

  37. Theresa

    I love the SweaterBabe patterns! I’m trying to keep Christmas knitting reasonable this year, too. I don’t like to add stress to a season that I just want to enjoy and savor.

  38. Karen

    I am currently working on a fair isle hat for my daughter for Christmas.

    The falling back extra hour of sleep was really great but, I really hate that it get dark so darn early, makes me want to be in bed!!!

    Thanks for the fun!!

  39. Leslie

    I’m knitting a sweater from TwistCollective called Peregrine. Loving it. I’m using Malabrigo Rios yarn, and I think I’m in love. I can’t knit this darn thing fast enough!

  40. Rebecca

    Ooh, I like the SweaterBabe patterns! I hadn’t seen them before this.

    I have one gift to knit for the holidays, but a lot of UFOs that kind of just languish, so maybe if I finish the holiday gift I’ll feel more inspired to get those finished.

  41. DianeW

    I took advantage of the time change by making lace with my friends (a Christmas present) and casting on some lacy Orenburg cuffs (another Christmas present). Lots of progress was made, but my list is ambitious! Thanks for having the giveaway.

  42. Janaki

    Currently working on my first sweater, and nearly finished with it. Next project will be yet another sweater. It’s that time of year, lol.

  43. Allison

    I am working on two hats at the moment but I would love for my next project to be a baby sweater! Thanks for the chance to win these beautiful patterns!

  44. Rebecca

    I’m working kids hats x3 for winter, a toddler tunic, a skirt and a scarf…wow, that’s a lot of unfinished business!
    I just wish I had more time…someday, right?

  45. Sylvie

    I’m in sort of the same boat – I knit an okay speed, but I just haven’t had much time recently, so I’m not getting much done. I keep doing virtual knitting though – ogling patterns and buying yarn, even though my roommates already mock my stash.
    The only projects I’ve got on needles right now are mitt 2 of 4 (for two pairs of fingerless mitts for a gift), and a stalled sock where I need to rip out and reevaluate my heel construction.
    I’m debating starting Vivian for NaKniSweMo (I have a furlough week coming up), but I doubt I’ll have time to finish, and I also have two gift scarves planned.

  46. Nancy G

    I am looking at patterns and dreaming about what I will be able to start knitting in a couple of weeks. I am a freelance ballet costumer, so knitting is not an option during Nutcracker season. sigh.

  47. Kat

    Last weekend I added about 15 projects to my holiday knitting, so I am in hat mode. Fortunately they don’t take long, so I’m hoping to finish the bulk of the add-ons in the next two weeks and move on to what I had originally intended to knit for others. It’s that time of year where all projects for me get pushed aside, but always love planning for next year. 🙂 Great patterns!

  48. Mary P

    I am currently working on a sweater for ME, after knitting several shawls and cowls for Christmas presents. It’s been a while since I knit myself a sweater and I am enjoying indulging myself.

  49. Ann Devine

    Oooh, I love the Sweater Babe’s designs! As for my knitting, I too am an incredibly slow knitter. However, I just finished the knitting part of a large cowl/scarf for a coworker, including knitting matching button covers for the buttons! Now I’m re-thinking the buttons for my Every Way Wrap; decisions decisions! Not much gift knitting happening this year; I’m going hog wild on sewing (!!!) instead.

  50. Cissi

    I’m in =)
    I’m also trying to find my knitting mojo for christmas presents. I’ve decided to only knit fun stuff for me, until I feel ready.

  51. Meg

    I’ve just given up on knitting for Christmas – things will either get done, or they won’t and I’m okay with either!

    Those sweaters look awesome!

  52. Robin

    I’m slowly working on a laceweight cardi, and would looooove to break up that knitting with a sweater for myself!

  53. Ingrid

    Working on a wingspan scarf as a special request from a friend, but I’m itching to start on another requested knit for my sister. Like you, I find I’m not knitting at all most days, and I’ve got to find a way to tip the balance of time back in knitting’s favor.

  54. LoonyNuna

    I’m currently working on a bias knit baby blanket, a beaded necklace and an Aran cardigan. None will be presents this season.

  55. bridge

    I am so behind on holiday knitting, as usual. I really would like to knit a little something for everyone. Maybe ornaments?
    The SweaterBabe Patterns look amazing! I can’t believe I’ve never stumbled upon them before.

  56. Kate

    I’m fighting the urge to start another sweater instead of working on the shawl I’ve been working on for the last 7 months. I keep getting distracted by small projects. I did manage to finish two hot beverage cozys so at least a little gift knitting is done but I doubt I’ll have as many done as I would like.

  57. tabitha

    Knitting is in full swing for me. I have two shawls on the needles and I am also working on pieces for a fish blanket for my son and hats for charity. I also have been itching to cast on a sweater or two.

  58. sjw

    That green vest is gorgeous. I have socks to finish, and then next year, I’m thinking a sweater and a blanket, and not having any other volume promises to anyone (including myself).

  59. Hilary

    I’m currently working on some Chouette children’s hats, a cardigan for my oldest daughter, and a pair of mittens for my middle daughter. I have some gorgeous yarn waiting for me to make a Colour Affection shawl once I’m done all this knitting for others—can’t wait!

  60. Gretchen

    Currently working on: a cable scarf, a lace shawl, socks for me, a cabled capelet, and a baby bib. Just bought yarn for a baby sweater (sweaters are a first for me!) and hoping to start that in the next few days.

    Yes, I’ve got startitis. Why do you ask?

  61. Jackie

    Hello – I am a slow knitter also, but it is so relaxing…. I hope to finish 2 mobius scarfs for Christmas.

  62. Brittany

    I’ve got three projects on needles right now, and I need to buy more yarn to finish a 4th. Those patterns would tempt me to start a 5th project!

  63. Deborah

    Just finished a baby sweater to give at a shower yesterday. Now I’m feeling overwhelmed by the idea of Christmas knitting. Onward!

  64. Carrie

    Love the red color you are using for that shawl. I am a slowish knitter too! Working on some socks right now and trying to decide which of the many projects in my head I want to start next!

  65. livvi

    I have three sweaters in the works right now, although one just needs seaming, and I’m already scouting out yarn for a fourth.

  66. Laurilee

    I’m suffering from a knitting slump at the moment. Picking out some new patterns would be a great pick me up

  67. Bonnie

    Galiano, Casandra,and Lace-Petal Vintage cardigan are my knits underway, and with the cool wet weather and the time change knitting keeps me grounded in the moment. Sweater Babe is a new find for me! How exciting!…and thank you for Knitty!

  68. Lisa in TX

    Oh, those are cute patterns!

    I need to get going on my holiday knitting. Thanks for the reminder/kick in the pants!

  69. Ellen Andresen (lnand)

    I’m hard at work on my Xmas presents! Everyone on my list gets a handmade (mostly knitted) present, and so far I’m good. Quite a few will be getting my stranded bulky Eskimo Hat (pattern due later this month on Ravelry).

  70. annemone

    I am so delighted to see that it’s not just me who’s knitting mojo is out of batteries: finding stocking stitch too much to contemplate! How wrong is that…..

  71. Liz in Missouri

    I’m like you. I hit a real drag in my knitting for the holidays, until I decided to go small with everything. No sweaters or blankets this year – just simple mitts and hats and plain socks. Thank goodness for those handpaints that create beautiful socks with or without a design pattern. The Sweaterbabe patterns look beautiful! I’m loving the gray jacket!

  72. Lisa

    My holiday knitting is only just now lurching into gear; resolved this weekend that there will be cowls for moms and convertible mittens for dads and husband. Here’s hoping it’ll be fun and not a slog!

    Sweaterbabe…lovely stuff!

  73. Jen.

    Working on 2nd of two Abernathies for sons; next on the needles is mindofwinter’s Adiri cowl, for me. Then, UFO’s, which are always in plenty….

  74. Vic

    Love that red yarn colourway, it’s awesome. Here in the UK, we ‘fell forward’ last weekend and I’m actually all over the place, been waking up so early and on these dark mornings, that’s no fun. At least I have my knitting to keep me busy.

  75. Elaine

    Couldn”t seem to concentrate on my knitting when we didn’t have power for 5.5 days, but kicked it into gear last night. Very strange indeed.

  76. hilary

    That green shawl pattern has been calling to me for ages. I’ve also slowed on the knitting this year and am debating holiday projects.

  77. Lisa

    I also slashed my holiday knitting to two, both of my kids will be getting something and thats just going to have to be enough! Life is too short to be miserable knitting something you don’t care about!

  78. Renee Anne

    Holiday knitting? What’s that? I’ve kind of been working on it all year so now that we’re getting into “crunch time,” I’m almost done. I have a couple more hats to make for Wisconsin winters and those probably won’t take me all that long.

    Oh well.

  79. Lauren

    I always have such lofty ideas about everyone getting something knitted and about this time of year I have to get real and decide who will really get something knitted. I hate having to do it but there aren’t enough hours in the day or days left to Christmas – oh well…

  80. Adrianne

    Those patterns look fantastic. I have this lace-weight yarn, enough for a sweater, and I think that purple sweater’s pattern would be perfect…

  81. Lianne Tanner

    I have 7 grandkids and 5 kids/in-laws to knit for. Some are more appreciative than others and some have lists! I too feel the pressure at Christmas, and I know I have to pick and choose who I’m going to knit for next!

  82. Pam

    Love the Seeater BBabe’s Little Girl Cardigan! My knitting is going like gang-busters! On the the last of 12 pairs of socks for Christmas gifts, and also have 4 other items in progress! Knitting gets me through the day!

  83. Michelle

    I am currently knitting “Selkie,” by Melissa Schaschwary in scrumptious Madelinetosh chunky (stovepipe colorway). It is a fun knit and I cannot wait to wear it! I only knit gifts on rare occasion for a few people whom I know will appreciate it.

  84. Leta

    I am working on a Christmas tree skirt, a pair of simple ribbed socks and an embroidered Christmas stocking at the moment.
    It would be wonderful to have one of these beautiful patterns to make for myself.

  85. Liz

    I’m attempting to revive a sweater UFO, starting with a gauge swatch for a rather different pattern. Long road ahead.

  86. Janette

    lessee…got a cardi almost 3/4 done, and started a pair of socks (my first toe ups!) for my son. I crochet a snowflake or bell in the in between moments, they’ll probably be my gifts this year!

  87. Jennifer Daly

    Knitting up eight to ten mug cozies for Xmas gifts…only one is close to being finished. Need to get that one off the needles and then that success will propel work on the other seven or nine…Maybe if I put on some Xmas music?! …nah.

    Thanks for the giveaway of some beautiful patterns!

  88. geeky Heather

    I’m working on a cowl and a hat, both of which I will need soon as our temperatures are dropping.

    I LOVE SweaterBabe patterns and I’d love to win some! Thank you for the giveaway!

  89. Kate

    Gorgeous patterns! Good luck with your holiday knitting. It certainly can be a drag sometimes. I finished something for my mother, only to have her request something else days later! But I told her maybe next time, she’s already taken care of 🙂

  90. cindy

    Have a sweater minus a sleeve, a double knitting swatch, and felted totes in the works now.

    Would love a chance at these beautiful patterns!

  91. Jamie

    The patterns are lovely.

    I have been knitting in spurts lately. I have started several projects in the last month that are sitting at the 10% finished stage, while others have gone from idea to FO in no time. I am currently working on a project begun almost exactly a year ago that stalled at the halfway point.

  92. megan

    lovely patterns. My knitting mojo comes and goes too. I rarely give knitting as gifts anymore because most don’t appreciate the gift as much as i would like them too.

  93. Diane

    I think knitting mojo’s need to take breaks…mine was lost for awhile and came back (mostly due to a “must knit” project). I’m having a grand time knitting myself a Mr. Greenjeans sweater from handspun. I’m also not really planning on knitting anyone anything this year for Christmas, other than the neighbor kids (and I’m giving them the choice of mittens or hats…hope they pick hats!)

  94. Andrea

    I hadn’t come across Sweater Babes before and love the patterns! The whispering leaves cardigan is lovely.

  95. Kim

    You are an identical knitter to me-except that I’m not normally a slow knitter! My mojo has just come back. I finished 6 wips that were in the closet and have started and finished 3 more. None for me sadly!i did reward myself with new yarn last week though, for finishing things in my closet of course! :

  96. carolyn

    I am stalled on a hat for my son’s gf – just need to pick up the bottom edge and I can’t make myself do it. Waiting for clue #2 for a mystery sock. Took a peek at the sweaterbabe patterns – lots of wonderful cables!!

  97. Janice

    sigh…. lots of hats planned, but not started. I did start a jumpsuit for dear friend’s baby due in January. So far just one leg done, as I put it down to knit prayer shawl for another friend who lost her adult son. 2nd prayer shawl in works, but stalling.

  98. Cyndi

    I hate the time change. They should just pick one way and leave it. Love the giveaway, though! Beautiful patterns!

  99. melissa

    I know the feeling re: knitting have-tos.

    Man, that green vest is gooooorgeous. Someday I will pause in my knitting-for-others and make a sweater for me!

  100. Amanda

    I love SweaterBabe’s patterns!! Currently I am working on a sweater for me in some wool that I spun, an entrelac baby blanket, and a beautiful lace shawl in some yummy lavender alpaca yarn.

  101. Karina

    Those look like wonderful patterns. Thanks very much for offering them, I think I could be interested in a number of her designs.

  102. Anne Fuhrmann

    Almost done ! with the feather and fan shawl, free pattern from Ravelry and courtesy of Chelsea Yarns, done in fabulous Noro silk garden. Ready to start on a cowl to gift, and some little Christmas ornaments…love to win a Sweaterbabe pattern set!

  103. Christy

    I’m only planning making two Fish Hats for my boys for Christmas this year. I don’t know if I’ll have time to make anything else. Sweaterbabe has some gorgeous patterns. I love the little girl sweaters and wish I had a girl to knit for!

  104. Angela

    I have a sock to finish and then a hat to knit for Christmas then I’m done. They’re last minute add-ons since I normally do my Christmas knitting earlier in the year. I don’t do well with pressure 🙂

  105. Kristi

    I’m knitting Christmas ornaments this year for gifts. That’s one thing you can never have too many of. Another thing–great patterns. Thanks for the chance to win more.

  106. Alia

    Ohhh, those SweaterBabe patterns are incredible! Especially that first one, the pattern down the back is just wow.

    Personally, I am working on the jaywalker socks and just started the lowry pullover. The socks were making me lose some knitting mojo because they’d taken awhile, but once I gave myself permission to work on more than one project at a time, I was much happier about knitting again.

  107. deborah

    You are not alone in the slow knitting. And now that I’m trying to learn crochet also even less knitting is getting done. I do love SweaterBabe patterns though, I have many favorited over in my Raverly list.

  108. Suzanne

    So funny you should say that about slashing your holiday knitting! I’ve done that, too, and it’s reinvigorated me! I’m working on ‘Monkey’ socks in a Blue Ridge yarn colorway, and really enjoying them. I’d like them for me, but if they’re too small, my sister or niece will get them as a holiday gift. But no pressure. I’ve even kind of let the word get out, and it’s funny that now people want me to knit for them. Guess it’s true that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone!

  109. Niki

    Love the Sweater Babe patterns. Katherine is very talented.

    It’s good to know I’m not the only one that hits a molasses patch in knitting. And I also dread “have to” knitting. I can put that off for a long time.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.


  110. Karen

    How sweet of SweaterBabe to do that! I haven’t knit one of her patterns yet, yet being the operative word…

  111. Jeannette

    Oh, what cool patterns! I hope I win. 😉 As for what I’m working on, I’ve been trying ever so hard to finish several UFO’s that have been at 95% on Ravelry for awhile. So close!!! I have a baby sweater that just needs buttons, a Lettuce Pullover by Hannah Fetig that just needs the collar sewn to the body, and I just finished some Saartje’s baby booties over the weekend… FINALLY. And of course now I’ve started a pair of socks. Because one must always be knitting socks.

  112. Pilaar

    Another giveaway?! Knitty has some great friends 🙂 I totally get the overwhelmed gift knitting this year, last year almost everyone got something but this year I stuck to myself and hubby. Just finished weaving in all the ends on his Brioche cardigan from an older issue of Interweave Knits, sourcing the zipper for it today and then onto a nice cable pullover for myself. Sometimes you just gotta go with gift cards, you know?

  113. Amber

    I have a lot of small UFOs right now, and a sweater that I fell out of love with that just needs the sleeves to be picked up and done. No holiday knitting for me since my partner pointed out that he asked for a sweater “with llamas on it or something” two years ago. He picked the colors and wants a giant cat face on the front. No lie. I’ve also been obsessed with brioche lately and trying to get it to look “fruitier”.

  114. Kathleen

    I’m working on a Color Affection shawl in Nimu yarn, and about to swatch for a tiny sweater for my tiny baby. Don’t even get my started on my UFOs…I am in denial.

  115. Susan aka paintermom

    I have SO many WIPs! Glad to know I am not the only one. Those patterns are great! Thanks for the giveaway.

  116. Brenda Wheaton

    I have finished the knitting of 5 Xmas projects. 3 are complete and two need buttons, but I am totally addicted to a Catkin Shawletter that I am knitting. It started with 5 sts and will end with over 500 — so it is taking time away from everything else.

  117. Elizabeth@Transitional-Woman

    I am working on lots of projects, like every other knitter, but am in the home stretch on Blossoms by the Brook from Knitty Spring + Summer 2012 by Ilga Leja and a simple one row lace scarf done in a mohair/silk blend. Both for me!

    No Christmas gift knitting this year. I’m still recovering from last Christmas’ gift cowl knitting marathon.

  118. Brenna M

    I have been very dutifully finishing all of my projects before I start something new. A pullover, a laceweight cardigan, a pair of socks, a laceweight spinning project that will be a shawl, the list goes on… but I have decided to work ONLY on those with no new projects. Phew!

  119. Dari

    I can relate to your ‘molasses’ feel!! I have at least 6 started projects, and none with an end in sight! I LOVE Katherine’s patterns! This is a fabulous giveaway!

  120. Tami

    Oh my! I love the long purple tunic! Thank you for the introduction to Sweater Babe and the fabulous giveaway. I hope your knitting mojo returns soon… I’m in the same slump… Lots of WIP’s, some Christmas projects (and others I really want to work on for me) and very little time to work on them….

  121. Evangeline Sargent

    Those patterns are absolutely beautiful. I’m working on a shawl that is going to be entered into a contest early next year. I also have a pair of socks on the needles as well as at least 3 scarves. There is also one crochet project in progress too. The shawl, socks, and 2 scarves all have deadlines coming up in the next few months. Must get going on them.

  122. Maureen

    I have so many UFOs, some are over 3 years old! I think it’s time to send them to the frog pond.

    I adore those first 3 Sweaterbabe patterns!

  123. Cinnamon

    Sweaterbabe has the best patterns! Right now I’m working on a sweater for me, and socks and a hat for my little girl, but there are a two WIPs that have been sitting for over a year…I think I’ll knit some mini sweaters for my Christmas tree instead.

  124. Joanne

    Great patterns! My fingers are crossed.

    I’m feeling a little pressure to get cracking on the holiday knitting – but I, too, have narrowed it down to just a few quick projects. Trying to keep it simple … and enjoyable.

  125. Kacey

    I love the yarn, thanks for adding Briar Rose to my list of surfing and wishing. Also love Sweater Babe!

  126. cara

    Those are gorgeous patterns! Also, it’s a relief to know I’m not the only knitter whose projects have been stalled for a loooong time. I’ve just picked up working again on the wavy collar of Connie Chang Chinchio’s farmer’s market cardigan. I think I thought I would be finished with it this time last year but a bunch of other things came up, like getting ready to move. Happy fall knitting to all!

  127. Deenna

    Pretty patterns! I’ve got multiple WIPs I have to work on today. Is there any way I can stop time and finish both a sock and a hat today?

  128. Ellen

    Good for you for ditching the pressure-inducing holiday knitting! If knitting isn’t enjoyable, then you shouldn’t do it. Gorgeous color for your Bolting! A really nice giveaway offer – thanks for the chance to win.

  129. Savannagal

    I too am a very slow knitter. It can be disheartening some times when I go to my knitting guild mtg and everyone has large gorgeous garments completed, and I have nothing to show or at most a sock. I would love to win one of SweaterBabe’s patterns. Thanks for the opportunity.

  130. Cinda

    I love the concept of “first tier UFOs”. Maybe by setting up tiers for all my knitting and quilting projects, I stand a chance of tackling them. Of course, very few will be in the FIRST tier!!! I’ve had my eye on one of the scarves on SweaterBabe’s site so would love to win this prize!!

  131. Beth Rudo

    I love just about all of the Sweater Babe patterns, even the child ones that I would be forced to knit for people besides myself. But especially the ones I could wear!

  132. Jessica

    I’ve also been in a bit of a knitting slump! I have 4 first-tier UFOs and have barely started my Christmas knitting. I think slashing my holiday knit list is a fantastic move to give my motivation a bit of a boost. Of course, receiving a new pattern in a giveaway would also help… 🙂

  133. AsilomarKnitter

    Currently finishing a stack of Mason-Dixon Baby Genius Burp Cloths for a new nephew and Interweave’s Peace Street Hat for a friend going through chemo. Love the SweaterBabe patterns!

  134. Rachel

    Comment! I love Sweaterbabe’s patterns! I often see a great sweater pattern in the Rav database, and then I see it is a Sweaterbabe pattern! Funny!

  135. shannon

    I’ve been in a knitting slump for months. Maybe now that my Halloween costume making season is over I can get back to knitting. 🙂

  136. Leah H

    I’ve been in the market for some good sweater patterns, and these look like they’d fit the bill. I’m finishing up a Sporto hoodie for my partner, so next up is a sweater for me!!!

  137. Amanda Heyen

    I love sweaterbabe patterns! What a great opportunity. Sorry to hear you are in a knitting slump, but maybe the impending gifting deadlines will keep you motivated and get you back in the swing of things.

  138. Lianne Tanner

    With 7 grandkids and 5 sones/daughters/in-laws I need to remember to limit my christmas knitting or I end up getting overwhelmed and not wanting to knit at all! I limit it to those that will appreciate it the most!

  139. jessi cremers

    I am going through withdrawal! I don’t have any projects going right now. Please pick me!

  140. Erin

    I’m still knitting, but my spinning mojo has been MIA for months now. My poor wheel is just collecting dust in the corner 🙁

  141. kim kay

    I need something to get me motivated to knit too. I’m working on a pair of socks that I’m bored with….

  142. Hester Sturrock

    thanks for the chance – more patterns – my knitting list is so long I refuse to look at it!!! Knit on – Hester

  143. Tami

    I too have been having bad knitting mojo! I also have reduced my knitting list, but have added other crafted ideas in their place.

    Love the red – gorgeous!

  144. Sheri

    Just went through this, myself. Frogged a great number of stagnant projects, started a few new ones, finished a few that were all but done. Knitting on demand takes the joy out of the process for me! Beautiful inspiration here…

  145. barbara

    working on a double sided baby blanket as gift, dealing with daylight savings and no power for a week now since we were in the path of sandy. thank heaven for family tha has kept us wam and fed

  146. Viv Minor

    Giveaway idea I like – skill questions may be where I let myself down but what the…bring it on!

  147. Cindy

    First off, I love the color of your shawl. Red is one of my favorite colors. I have never knit a SweaterBabe pattern, so what better way to start!

  148. Jenn

    Isn’t it funny that we want to knit gifts for people, then resent having those gifts and their deadlines hanging over our heads? Add the fact that some of us (guilty as charged) then feel bad about not wanting to knit All the Gifts and it’s a real downer of a season, knitting-wise.

    We need a referendum that states clearly that no knitter, no matter how capable, is required to knit her gifts just because she can.

  149. Kristen

    I’ve been in the knitting-slumps lately, too. May we both find our way out and back to enjoying our projects!

  150. Ellen

    Love the SweaterBabe website. Most of those patterns look beyond my skill level, but won’t learn if I don’t try!

  151. Nephele

    That is a terrific color on your shawl. I’m jealous. Sweaterbabe has some pretty nifty looking patterns too.

  152. Melanie

    SweaterBabe has such gorgeous patterns! I have had a couple queued for ages. Thanks for the giveaway!
    *hurries off to finish up some languishing wip’s*

  153. Betsy

    Skill testing question??? Bring it on!!! Thanks for the contests and everything else you do at Knitty!

  154. Jess

    I know how you feel! When I get too bogged down in deadline knitting, sometimes it helps me to knit something quick and simple for myself, like a chunky handspun hat or scarf, just to feel like I did something I wanted to do rather than doing something I “have” to do. 🙂

  155. Jaclyn

    Currently I’m slogging away on a Myrtle in Malabrigo Sock for NaKniSweMo. It’s a little hard with grad school, but this sweater knitter will knit on!

  156. Nathania Apple

    I’m keeping my holiday knitting to small projects, mostly cabled hats. I’m making a concerted effort to complete all these guys by the end of the month. So far my tally is at 4 hats and a kid sweater in the last two weeks. Determined to get this stuff done so I can enjoy my holidays at my ease.

  157. Lisa

    College has cut into my knitting time a lot (I’ve only made mittens and a scarf since I’ve been here), but I’m hoping to get more done during break!

  158. Pam

    Oooh, pick me! My biggest problem will be narrowing down my choices. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  159. Michelle

    All your knitting mojo must have come my way. I have three WIPs that I like (I’m usually monogamous) and have two more I’m itching to cast of for gift exchanges!

    The patterns look great; I’d love some!

  160. Karen

    Working on a slouchy hat while stuck in my house in NJ after the storm. No power going on one week. Need more patterns please.

  161. Shannon

    I love so many of those patterns. I also am done knitting gifts, but just a few left to go then I can make myself something, yea.

  162. Meghan

    I’ve got my FIRST sweater on my needles right now! (in addition to about 20% of a second sock for me.)

    Then I get to work on socks for my husband, and a gift for a friend…. all for Christmas. EEEK.

  163. Cas

    I’m a slow knitter and get frustrated, sometimes. Motivation for me is the next project. Therefore, I need more patterns, and many from sweaterbabe are just right!
    Also, not doing gift knitting this year. Too much work for too little appreciation, when I could be knitting for the one person who I know loves my work – me! haha

  164. Jen

    I hear your pain – I’m still working on gettin gmy knitting mojo back as well. Best wishes to you!

  165. Suzie

    Lovely patterns! I am trying to whittle my WIPs down from 7 to about 3 or 4 – still a ways to go.

  166. Bridie

    I find that squally happens at the beginning of summer and usually just means I need to change my style of knitting to suit the new season… Which is also right now for me

  167. Karin

    My Christmas knitting list gets smaller every year … only those adults who appreciate it get anything and then I do hats for the kids. So just 5 hats and one sock to go. The prize at the end besides being done is that I get to do a sweater for myself 🙂 The weather turned cold this week so my knitting mojo is in high gear right now.

  168. Martina

    Falling back is easy! More sleep for free. I had morning shift Sunday at the bookstore, came home early and knit most of the afternoon. What’s not to like about that day?

  169. s-j

    i’ve got three UFO’s right now. one is a blanket i’ve been working on for far too long (years).
    lovely patterns, it’s a great giveaway!

  170. Tamiknits

    I no longer knit for the holidays. It was too much stress and the gifts weren’t appreciated. My knitting mojo was great until today. 7days with no power due to Sandy will do that to you. Now my fingers, and my mojo, are frozen. Hopefully they will thaw soon.

  171. Danielle Koman

    I am also a slow knitter!! I like to think of us as really enjoying the process of knitting 🙂

  172. Victoria Grimalkin

    What time shift? Are we dancing the Time Warp Again? Love the SweaterBabe patterns, so make me a winner. The hoodie I’m currently knitting looks doomed.

  173. Tara

    I *have* to knit my youngest a hat (with ties!) because she won’t keep anything on her head without, BUT then the other three children decided that they require *new* knit hats as well, plus we’re moving in 6 weeks, so knitted holiday gifts are likely to arrive in January. 🙂

  174. Tina J.

    I love this time change(feel like we are back to normal) but not as much as I love SweaterBabe patterns!

  175. Angelbis

    I’ve been so busy that I’ve barely had time to knit. I’m determined, however, to finish a tunic I started at the end of last winter so I can wear it this year! Lovely patterns, they may tempt me to start more sweaters…

  176. Mary Fran

    Finishing up a Christmas Stocking and keep adding items to my rav queue ahead of knitting for me! Would love to win a new pattern.

  177. Jen

    Hi, my mojo has just come back after two months of no knitting. I would love to have some new patterns to work on.

  178. Dawn

    There are some very lovely patterns there. My current project is finishing a pair of socks I started on last April. Must get over my second sock syndrome.

  179. Sarah

    I wouldn’t mind a few patterns to inspire me to knit more! Knitting has been on the back burner for me and I hope to bring it back this winter.

  180. stitchpunk

    Glad my family doesn’t do Xmas gifts any more! It removes the pressure which is just as well because I’m all about spinning at the moment. I bet some cute patterns would tempt me back to the needles though!

  181. Carol

    SweaterBabe is a new designer for me. Love, love, love these! Please pick me!

    I have one hat and fingerless mitt set to knit for Christmas. As soon as I finish the size 4 pink sweater coat that needs edging and the size 6 green hoodie that needs the hood and button bands.

    I am off to visit the links!

  182. latifa

    my knitting mojo has also been low……
    Hint: dogs do not understand time change, do not want that extra hour of sleep unless it is after breakfast!

  183. Danielle

    “Falling Back” is the easy part. Christmas knitting is well underway with 5 gifts in progress and 4 to be started. Of course, this means the 3 projects I’m knitting just for me have fallen by the wayside.

    The SweaterBabe patterns look gorgeous! I see at least two gifts and one for me just in the samples you showed 🙂 Pick Me!!

  184. koreakiwi

    Great giveaway! I think as long as you are enjoying your knitting then your speed or number of WOPs doesn’t matter 🙂
    I love Sweaterbabe patterns and already have at least 3 on my wishlist!!

  185. Jillian_R

    The Sweater babe makes some lovely patterns. I am super excited about it already!! Great give away, thanks!

  186. Cat

    Beautiful sweaters and just right now it has started getting super dark. Roll on winter fires and sweater knitting!

  187. Linda

    I can so relate to your post. I have too many projects in the UFO category. Hopefully with the change to “it feels like its dark all of the time”, I will get my needles clicking! Maybe a few new patterns would help……

  188. Ruth Whisenant

    I’ve actually been doing well Christmas knitting wise; I love being able to check those off. I just wish I was able to fit in spinning time too, but I guess I should just be happy with what I’ve been able to finish.

  189. Kristy

    Last year, I got involved with too many Christmas knitting projects. It was my senior year of college, and I hadn’t calculated that on top of grad school applications and writing a thesis, several large knitting projects would just be too much! I finished everything, but knitting became seriously stressful, which I hate. This year, I decided not to knit any Christmas presents. Sad, but better for my long-term enjoyment of knitting, I think!

    So many pretty patterns! Thanks for the giveaway chance, Knitty!

  190. Dominica

    First snowflakes today, so my knitting mojo is back! Maybe a drop in the temperature is all it takes?

  191. Gina Z

    I try to keep the Christmas knitting to a minimum. I only want to do it if it will be enjoyable. Usually I try to start very early (like July). This year I didn’t, so very few knitted gifts.

  192. Danielle

    Oh man… I don’t know if I could only pick a couple of these patterns… I want them all! 😛
    I know what’s going on my Christmas list…

  193. Carole

    I have UFOs and lots of good intentions, including Christmas gifts – so much to knit, so little time. Love the Sweater Babe’s patterns!

  194. Kimantix

    The recent cold weather has certainly provided some much needed inspiration and motivation!! My current cast ons include: Electric blue socks (attempting the two @ a time up toe method), fingerless gloves (which I’m now reconsidering – it’s cold out!!), plus a slew of little Christmas gifts for colleagues/friends. I would just LOVE to add a beautiful Sweater Babe pattern to my “to-knit” list!!

  195. Rebecca Rohrkaste

    Lovely patterns! Why not add another “wanna make this, too”
    to the queue? But I REALLY want to finish this sweater I’m knitting, for me…. And make some Xmas gifts….. Uh oh.

  196. Barb

    I have a hard time having more than 3-4 projects in progress at a time. I lose interest. Great article and wonderful give away. I’ve already made a few things by the Sweater Babe.

  197. Fei Fei

    I’ve gotten into the habit of giving knitted presents when (if) I finish them – that way, no expectations, and my friends can get a nice surprise at any time of the year.
    Those sweaters are gorgeous, I would love to give them a try!

  198. Pat Roth

    I am so very completely stuck I am not sure if I can use my needles to haul myself out of the mound of shoudawouldacoouldahavetoo…… Anyone else right there wih me?

  199. Kelly Smith

    maybe this would give me the incentive to actually make a sweater instead of drooling all over the patterns!

  200. Brigi

    I am also thinking about the Xmas presents. I have more ideas I can handle. Also stuck on a sweater.
    I love the SweaterBabe patterns, cool giveaway!

  201. Karen

    Just remember that all that pressure to knit the perfect gift is self-imposed. No one expects a knitted gift but most people would be thrilled with one, so just finish what you can and don’t worry about what you don’t get done. You can always start knitting for next year!

  202. Teri pastorino

    Weather is turning chilly and I am knitting again there are some great patterns here I would love to try

  203. Emily

    I am also planning on only two hand-knit gifts, neither very complicated. It’s a little frustrating that I can’t start right now, though. I really want to knit!

  204. Amy S.

    I, too, usually only knit one or two holiday gifts. I can’t stand the pressure. This year it’s looking to be a couple of cowls.

  205. Mary Kay Smith

    I’m still finding Halloween patterns I want to knit! And so very far behind in getting any Christmas knitting done. But these patterns are gorgeous, so something may get bumped from the que!

  206. Tara M

    I want to start projects and have them done in a day. which never happens and then I get bored with it. 🙁

  207. Genuefa

    I am working on a cowl for a friend spending her first winter in Montreal, we had snow today! And also a pair of socks that I will probably gift.

  208. Ben

    I am starting my wife’s Christmas present tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t take as long to finish as the one I did for myself. I would love to knit her a sweater to go with it.

  209. Therese

    I am making Christmas ornaments and package ties. I just finished a pair of socks I had been working on since last February!

  210. Joanne G

    I grab the gift making moments as they arrive! Fortunately I have grabbed 4.6 moments (.6 are the mittens nearly done). I hope the grab holds for 2 more…one being for my daughter. Thanks!

  211. April

    Yay for patterns! And this is why I don’t EVER do holiday knitting. Instead, I knit what I feel like for someone I think will like it, and if it happens to be ready for a birthday or holiday, then so be it!

  212. Grace

    I’m feeling the same way, I’ve finished one and I have a pair of mittens and socks on the go and I still have one to start for certain. I was hoping to do more but it looks like I wont have the motivation to finish them. I would love to win this though, maybe it would give me the motivation to start and finish 😉

  213. Deb

    Lots of nice patterns on SweaterBabe’s website. I have picked out a few that look like they would be fun to knit! Winning some sounds great!

  214. Rachael

    I have always been a fan of sweater babe patterns! This is a great prize, thank you knitty and sweater babe!

  215. Melanie

    My Christmas knitting requires some effort too. I only have a few to finish. But they are draining my energy thinking of them. I could use some some pattern enabling 🙂

  216. Janet

    Felted French Market bag. Thinking that it’ll be a Christmas present, but sweaterbabe patterns look more fun.

  217. Jan

    I’m having a tough time getting up the enthusiasm to work on holiday projects, but the give-away is exciting. I love Sweater Babe patterns!

  218. Lynn Clements

    Working on Knit Swirl – big project but looking forward to having a nice sweater when done. Would love for sweater babe to be next on the list for me.

  219. Elizabeth

    I’m working on a birthday present for a friend (Leo from Knitty Fall 2004), I thought I had given up knitting to a deadline but I started it exactly one month before his birthday and I have less than 2 weeks left…

  220. Allison

    Best thing about being in college — can knit friends christmas presents over winter break and gift them when school resumes in January!
    Those are lovely patterns too. 😉

  221. Beverly

    Thank you for the intro to a clearly talented designer. I would love to work on any of these patterns and the little girl’s sweater definitely has my grandaughter’s name all over it.

  222. Gloria

    I too am feeling the pressure of holiday knitting. I have decided to free myself to make only one cool present for my daughter and whatever I feel like knitting for relaxation. Maybe a sweater for myself? I haven’t done a big project in a while, so maybe it’s time. SweaterBabe, here I come!

  223. Leslie

    These would be beautiful inspiration for… dare I say it? More UFO’s (ultimately, however, to be finished, and loved!) LOL

  224. Ellen Gaynor

    I’m plugging away at some Christmas projects also, putting myself last. When they’re done, it’s my turn. Love the patterns you’re giving away!

  225. Pamela

    My knitting is dragging. A sweater that I should have finished a week ago still languishes, a lot of “have to” in my pile and very little time. I love the little girl sweater and have 3 little girls who could benefit from it.

  226. Josiane

    I have no holiday knitting planned this year – although I’ve just thought, while I was writing this, that fingerless mitts might be the perfect thing for my new sister-in-law…
    Once that’s done, I could totally see myself knitting lovely stuff from SweaterBabe’s patterns! There are at least a sweater and a cardigan that are really calling my name, and mom has been hinting that she would love a new vest…

  227. Jo-ann

    I haven’t even thought about Christmas knitting yet. But in Australia it’s heading into the non-knit season too. We need to do these things in June/July. Those patterns all look thoroughly knit-worthy. Please pick me!

  228. Meredith MC

    I’m definitely a sweater babe devotee- I love the styles and the very well- written patterns.

  229. Anne

    I, too, have lost my knitting mojo … but I know it will come back. I love SweaterBabe’s patterns …

  230. Chris

    I know what you mean. I’ve just finished the last of my ‘have to’ knitting and I feel as though I’ve lost 50 lbs off my shoulders. Knitting shouldn’t be that way. I woke up this morning actually looking forward to knitting again!
    Thanks for the contest chance. I’ve admired SweaterBabe’s patterns for quite a while. I’d love to win one.

  231. Alessandra Parsons

    Wow, I love those patterns.

    I’ve decided to put all my WIPs away now for this year and have been happily knitting away on presents. I’m in the middle of the last one now. Then once they’re done, I plan to work through my WIPs one at a time until December, when I plan to work on my Christmas cross-stitch and finally finish that (It’s been on the go for several years).

  232. Ann

    These patterns are beautiful! I’m a fairly slow knitter too, but I wouldn’t want to be any different. This is supposed to be my time to enjoy, not rush through!

  233. Robbie

    I’ve got 2 projects on the needles and many in queue. Almost monogamous with my Color Affection those short rows are still addictive at this point. But dying to add a lace project. Too bad everything I like required the needles I’m using.

  234. jean

    Pretty patterns! And I have to say I am in the same knitting place as you. Maybe when the election’s over…..

  235. sallyg

    I’m working on L’llo for a colleague’s baby, who will arrive in January. Planning to knit a pair of socks and hat as well.

  236. Stefanie M.

    I started my holiday knitting in September. I’m down to my last two projects. But I can still commiserate.

  237. ellen

    I’m deep in the holiday knitting and trying to resist the urge to add “just one more little thing” to the list. It’s hard to get started, but once I am into it I stay at it.

  238. Linder

    just had our first informal knit together group of the fall and my inertia shifted into knit mode.

  239. Emily

    I’m definitely feeling the effects of Christmas crunch-time knitting too. Some new sweater patterns would sure be a welcome distraction! 😀

  240. amy g

    I am also very behind in my knitting – I’m just finishing up a gift of a knit bag for last year! I’m new to the sweaterbabe patterns but they look like fun! Thank you for the opportunity! -asg

  241. AnneK

    Thanks for introducing me to a fun designer. I can see myself making several of them for my next sweater.

  242. Linda

    I’ve had the same knitters’ block that you seem to be suffering from – and sometimes it takes a while to get over the hump. I always try to have some holiday back-up plans! But always time for another contest! 🙂
    Knit on!

  243. Barb

    my knitting is coming along. Have you ever had a yarn curse… bring yarn to work and all chaos breaks loose …when all you wanted to do is knit on your break? Anyway, I still try!

  244. Donna

    Still working on the last of the “sock present” socks for my extended family. Then I can focus on the presents in the queue. Where did all the time go?!

  245. Margie

    I always say I’m going to start in January so I can finish all my gifts by December………never happens! Those would be great patterns to start the year off with, something for ME!

  246. Lisa-Marie

    Great patterns. Would love, no NEED yarn. Love giveaways if they involve yarn or food or books!! Thank you !! ;,)

  247. Sue

    Currently working on second sock of a pair and swatching for a baby sweater. Also swatching of sweater for myself once the grandbaby’s sweater is finished.

  248. Maura Stone

    Great patterns… comes another wave of startitis if I win.

    The Bolting Shawl is just beautiful in the Briar Rose yarn. Wear it in good health.

  249. Stacy Mates

    Nice looking patterns, and I’m due for a new project (just finished a buttoned version of Toasty Topper for my toddler, and it fits him beautifully – hooray!)


  250. Renee Cook

    Okay, I normally don’t bother to enter a drawing when there are 400+ entries, but I just checked out the Sweater Babes website and I so love every single pattern that I had to throw my hat in the ring. So PICK ME, PICK ME!!! Lol! Good luck everyone!

  251. Sara in Brooklyn

    That shawl is going to be DREAMY! Thanks to you & Sweaterbabe for the giveaway – and happy knitting to all.

  252. Bethan J

    Having a go and leaving a comment, even though I have 2 UFO sweaters and a bag of wool for a third 😉 (Baby knitting intervened, that’s my excuse!)

  253. Birgit

    I am working on a patchwork blanket project… need to make another 70 patches until Christmas, but would SO MUCH RATHER knit something pretty from Sweater babe…. pretty please…

  254. Carolyn

    The Sweater Babe designs look great and I’m going to look more – I love finding desgners I didn’t know about through your blog.

  255. RichelleCK

    I let go of feeling like I have to knit for others early this year. I’ve made 7 pairs of socks and given all but two away. I don’t feel the need to do it for the holidays, even though I have actual requests. Sort of sounds selfish, but when you work full-time and you’ve already spent the majority of your knitting time this year knitting for others, I think it’s just honoring the knitter. Who’s with me?!?

  256. Betsy

    We were delayed on the east coast due to Sandy canceling flights, so I am dealing with jet lag and change of time issues. New patterns would certainly help distract me!

  257. Bonnie J

    I have never tried patterns from this designer but I would love the chance. Maybe this time will by my lucky charm.

  258. Diane U

    I’m nearly finished with the BFF cowls and then on to blocking and getting mine in the mail. That was a really great pattern idea. I’m making one with an internet friend and we had the best time picking yarn and colors.

  259. nikkapotamus

    Such beautiful patterns. Thanks for introducing me to a new designer!
    I too, have way too many UFOs right now. I have 5 projects in the basket, 4 in the “other” basket and at least 1 somewhere in my car that has half a sock. I’m hoping to find that one before the holidays, because it’s good car knitting.

  260. Catherine

    I only have 4 wips at the moment…a gift, a pattern & yarn gifted to me by a dear friend, and two yarn club projects that I thought would be gifts but can’t bear to let go.

  261. Angela

    I have finished my gift knitting already, yay, but I still have a ton of UFOs. Without the pressure of gift-giving to spur me on I don’t know which to work on next. Maybe I need something new from SweaterBabe!

  262. Kathy

    I love the sweater babe patterns. I have been looking at them for months, trying to decide which to buy first, looking for the perfect yarn for a couple of them. What a great give-a-way!

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