sweaterbabe 1

12 thoughts on “sweaterbabe 1

  1. Kathie M

    Beautiful patterns – love the orange sweater on the little girl. I am working on a simple striped top down sweater for my grandson – the 2nd twin – the sweater for the first twin is done. Knitting is stalled for a few more days as I had eyelid reduction surgery last week – really want to get back to this sweater and finish it since I only have the sleeves to do – and then move onto other projects on the ist.

  2. Carol VanVechten

    I’m new to this site. Knitty is wonderful;and I use to
    watch it on Tv. but can’t find the show anymore. It would be so great to win your patterns and fibers,which
    are so beautiful. Thank you for this opportunity. I’m
    7 4 yrs. and also new to the i
    nternet. I love to knit.


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