Spinning Tuesdays: Help Rebuild Judith MacKenzie’s Studio & More Sampling – I Can’t Help It.

As many of you know, the studio where Judith MacKenzie is artist-in-residence burned to the ground on October 29th. She has lost most everything associated with her fiber career – equipment, fiber, books and resources. Interested in helping or donating to the cause? There is now a site dedicated to rebuilding Judith’s studio – RebuildJudithsStudio.

Judith’s newest DVD from Interweave.


In spinning/knitting news. I can’t leave well enough alone. I thought I want the blended version of my Fiberstory yarn for a sweater, on the right below.

Plied and combined.

But after reading all of your comments I changed my mind  to the piled, kinda stripey version, on the left above.

Then I got in into my head that maybe I want at least part of it to be lace. So back to the wheel and needles.

Colors combined with plying, left, and drafting, right

I may still say plied and I am surprised. I’m not a big fan of striping, but I’m falling for the plied version, I love the way the dark teal pops.

I do want to spin a little finer, this is at the top end of DK weight, which will lengthen the color run. And of course on a sweater the knitting field will be bigger, making the stripes narrower.

Have I mentioned lately, that I love knitting with handspun? So many possibilities!


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4 thoughts on “Spinning Tuesdays: Help Rebuild Judith MacKenzie’s Studio & More Sampling – I Can’t Help It.

  1. Savannagal

    Whichever you choose will be beautiful, though I do prefer the blended version over the stripey version. I love handspun yarn too. I just don’t know how to spin and can’t afford to buy any. Good luck with your decision.

  2. Rickie van Berkum

    Why not use some of both in your sweater? The body plied, and the bands drafted (or some other combination)? That’s what is fun about handspun, you are not limited to one or the other, and you are unlikely to get that effect with a commercially spun yarn!

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