WWW: Center for Knit & Crochet; Holiday Treats; New Book!

New logo coming soon!

We have written before about the Knitting Heritage Museum group, an organization dedicated to establishing a Knitting and Crochet Museum. A symposium was held in Madison, WI, earlier this month with the purpose of discussing how such a museum could be created, and what it would be. More than 50 participants attended, including knitting scholars, archivists, fiber artists, authors – including June Hemmons Hiatt – publishers – including Trish Malcolm of Vogue Knitting –  yarn company owners – Beth Casey of Lorna’s Laces, Jack Blumenthal of Lion Brand Yarns. The discussions were enormously fruitful, and at the end of the weekend, a name and statement of purpose were chosen, and the mission was clear:

The [International] Center for Knit and Crochet:
To preserve and promote art, craft and scholarship

We’re very excited about this, and will be following the development with great interest!

So hungry… for knitting…

Yarn retailer Jimmy Beans Wool has come up with a genius idea for this holiday season: Fit for a Feast. They’ve launched a limited edition Holiday Collection of products, inspired by the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. A full “Feast” serving includes exclusive products in one-of-a-kind colorways based on favorite Thanksgiving dishes. Each dyer has provided a recipe for the dish, too!

A huge range of indie dyers are participating: Koigu KPPPM in “Fluffy Pudding”, Madelinetosh has contributed a gorgeous harvest cold color called “Turducken”, Fyberspates lace yarn in “Mulled Wine”, Sweet Georgia Tough Love sock in “Truffles and Sage” (delicious!), and so many others.

If you and your stash aren’t hungry enough for the full Feast, various sampler baskets are available, including “Leftovers” selection, the “Just Desserts” collection, and the “Sweet, Savory and Stuffing” sampler.

I hope you like it!

If you’re looking for something to do with all those tasty yarns, consider Kate’s new book, launched this week… “Knit Accessories: Essentials and Variations provides the classic accessory patterns all in one place: cowls, hats, legwarmers, mitts, socks. With two or three styles of each, in multiple sizes and gauges, the book provides all the go-to patterns you need for your holiday knitting. The patterns are straightforward enough to be accessible to even a newer knitter – and for the more experienced they provide the information needed to start customizing and creating your own designs.

Although not strictly knitting, I found this absolutely fascinating… artist and blogger BrandiGirl is writing a series of blog posts about color schemes, explaining why some colors go well together, and some don’t. Part 1 explains the color wheel, part 2 discusses Hue and Saturation, and part 3 – to come soon – will discuss how colors affect each other.

Very simple and very clever.

Imogen Hedges, a design student at Kingston University has built an un-knitting machine. The machine uses a bicycle wheel and other household items to unravel yarn from knit fabrics. The genius touch is the kettle that steams the yarn as it goes by, to relax it.

Seasonal and adorable!

UK department store chain John Lewis has launched a “Knit Your Own Snowman” kit to go along with their just-launched 2012 holiday advertising campaign.


Knit a meat pie! Scottish theater costume designers Jackie Holt and Ruth Bailey have just published “Knit Your Own Scotland“, featuring patterns to knit a whole range of Scottish icons – people and pastry.

The BBC America blog posts a round-up of Doctor Who themed knitting. Sad they missed our favorite one, though.

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