WWW: Publisher’s Weekly Acclaim; WWW-era Knitters; Ohio Knitting Mills Pop-up Shop

The lucky winner of our Knit Swirl kit is Patty in Colorado. Many thanks to Fiber Wild for this very generous giveaway!

Publisher’s Weekly, an industry publication targeted at mainstream booksellers/bookstores has announced their “books of the year” for 2012. In the “Lifestyle” category, two of the ten acclaimed books are about knitting: Knit Your Own Cat, and Cast On Bind Off: 54 Step-by-Step Methods.

Knitting for a cause.

As part of the commemorations for Remembrance/Veterans Day, the National Film Board of Canada blogged some photographs from their archives of Canada during the years of World War Two. The photograph of the “Little Happy Gang” children’s knitting club taken in 1940 is a fabulous document of the time.

Sensible advice from Mary Mooney on the Oregonian blog about how knitters can best contribute to the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

Speaking of good causes: friends of Knitty, the lovely ladies of Waterloo, Ontario yarn shop Shall We Knit have launched a silent auction to sell off some of the shop samples. Proceeds raised will go to the Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund – an organization that helps women undergoing treatment for breast cancer with their daily expenses. The money goes directly to those in need, helping with rent or mortgage payments, household bills, medical, food and childcare expenses.

Might be a nice way to get a headstart on your holiday knitting?

Knitter Martin Smith

A pleasantly non-stereotyping profile of Martin Smith and Gregg Henderschiedt, two male knitters based in Florida. The article reports that The Knitting Guild Association, a US organization that holds conferences and meetings about knitting, said only about 1 percent of its current members are men. I wonder if the Knitty audience reflects that gender division? It would be interesting to know…

I think I would look great in this dress… and my birthday is coming up… 🙂

Ohio Knitting Mills has launched a holiday pop-up shop in Ohio City. Ohio Knitting Mills was founded in 1927 in Cleveland and grew to become one of the US’s largest knitwear manufacturers. OKM produced knitwear for stores from Sears to Saks and labels like Pendleton, Van Heusen, and Jack Winter. The brand has been relaunched, and a book of knitting patterns was published to much acclaim. I’m personally most excited to hear that the fabulous ‘Mondrian dress’ – shown in the picture – originally designed in 1968, will be available for sale at the shop.

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2 thoughts on “WWW: Publisher’s Weekly Acclaim; WWW-era Knitters; Ohio Knitting Mills Pop-up Shop

  1. Nigel Pottle

    Thanks for posting the article about men knitting – I’d love to know the percentage of male to female knitters on knitty and Ravelry. I would think it’s more than 1% but maybe it’s not. And perhaps it’s time we promoted the Knitting Guild association to men so that we would join and improve the numbers. And of course there are lots of men’s knitting retreats across North America and around the world.

  2. Debbie

    Aww! So sweet to see “Knit Your Own Cat” getting some attention! My librarian put that in my hands when it very first arrived at my local library — I had way too much other stuff going on to knit any kitties just yet, but the pictures in that book are super-cute! I’d love to see some photos from other knitters who have made cats with those patterns!

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