WWW: Shetland Craft Trail; First World War Socks; Knitting Rocking Chair

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Hazel Tindall, resident of Shetland and the putative World’s Fastest Knitter. (Note the straight needles; she’s a lever knitter.)

Love love love: the Shetland Arts & Crafts Association in Shetland, Scotland – home of fabulous Fair Isle and wonderful lace knitting – has developed the “Craft Trail. The trail is a map of the islands developed specifically to allow visotors to explore the amazing physical and creative landscape in the myriad islands that make up Shetland. The journey allows you to visit craftmakers, designers and artists in their homes and studios. It’s not just about knitting, but there’s a lot of wonderful wooliness to see. A wonderful feature on the Guardian, including a profile of knitter Hazel Tindall, and more info about it about on the Shetland Arts and Crafts website.

A sock knitted from the 1915 pattern.

Fab story from Australia about the efforts to knit socks for the troops during the First World War. Knitter Janet Burningham created a pair of socks from an original leaflet, “The Grey Sock Kit” dated 1915, that was found by the family of early 20th century knitter Irene Read in a collection of her materials intended for donation to the New South Wales State Library. The pattern, published as a leaflet small enough to fit into a woman’s handbag, was to be followed exactly so that the socks were as comfortable as they could be.

Rock on!

Students at ECAL university of art and design in Lausanne, Switzerland have invented the Knitting Rocking Chair. Conceived as way project to capture the kinetic energy in a rocking chair, the motion turns gears that work a loom knitter that produces a hat: offering moments of relaxation that are also productive. Clever! It’s part of an larger “low-tech factory” project in the school of industrial design.

Knitting for a good cause.

A knitter in the UK has been using her needles to raise funds for the local air Ambulance. She has raised over £16,000 in the last eight years.

Our kind of holiday decorations! A group of knitters in Iowa City, Iowa, has dressed 130 trees in sweaters in the downtown core of the city. The project, part of city holiday decorations, was commissioned and funded by the local business business improvement association. Fun video!

It’s Wovember! Are you wearing wool?

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    you know what gets me? any time there’s an article on yarnbombing as public art, there are always people saying that the yarn and time would be better spent on knitting for those who don’t have winter hats/scarves/ect. never do these people mention that they do any charity knitting themselves.

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