Gift Knitting: Distressingly Few Days Left

I’m not starting to panic just yet, but the deadline for my holiday knitting is coming up faster than I’d like. Lots of knitters make many of their gifts; many knitters start early (I met a very clever knitter once who told me that she makes one gift project EVERY MONTH THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. She was faintly smug about it, but deservedly so); I know many knitters who have long and very organized plans for gift knitting (Ms. Harlot I’m looking at you with your spreadsheet).

I tend to take the other approach: through November and December I insist that I won’t knit any gifts at all. My grumpy and not-totally-defensible rationales include such gems as: I’ve got work-related deadline knitting so I don’t have time, I don’t have many people on my list who would appreciate knitted gifts, and those that do already have all the hats the need, and it would be too predictable for me to give hand-made gifts.

And come about the 15th of December, I invariably start to relent. After all, a hand-knit gift is an expression of love, particularly when I am so busy with “work knitting”. It says something that I’m willing to take the time. I usually manage to whip up one or two hats for key names on my list.

Whether you started early or late, whether there’s only one name or many on your “to knit for” list, here’s a few quick knit projects that will help you finish up your list without too much effort….

A headband: Calorimetery!

Absurdly quick, but very sensible.

A bulky weight hat: Shroom!

This wouldn’t take long at all.

The Kink neckwarmer: designed specifically to use up small quantities of handspun, therefore quick to knit!

Suitable for the most elegant on your list…

The clever and chic Embrace scarf– only 3 72yds skeins – that won’t take long.

A cozy double wrap!

The Perdita lacy beaded bracelet

Simply beautiful – and not too big.

Borough Mitts: Manly but not at all boring

These will go quickly…

The Prepschool Tie!

Love it.

A steering wheel cover!

In a darker color, this would be great for the guys in your life, too!

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5 thoughts on “Gift Knitting: Distressingly Few Days Left

  1. shelley

    I decided Wednesday to knit another pair of socks for a gift that needs to be mailed. That means I have to have them done by MONDAY. Egad. What am I thinking?!

  2. Sarah

    Yes, the ever-dwindling number of days remaining is getting me, but here I am on the innerwebz. I have one block of a blanket left to make, (and then the assembly) and the last five feet of a scarf to go. Then there are the things I have not yet begun: 5 or 6 hats, a pair of socks, a wrap, and up to five scarves.

  3. Catherine

    Brilliant ideas – thank you. The only problem is that with two scarves and half a cowl done and the gaptastic cowl to make I now desperately want to make the Borough mitts!

  4. Amanda

    I’m feeling pretty good – I did a pair of legwarmers, four hats, a pair of glittens, a purse, dozens of dishcloths, and I’m almost done with the cowl my sister told me she wanted last week. Now… I have to get started on the blankets, soakers and bibbs for the two friends becoming moms in March 🙂

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