Spinning Tuesdays: Spinning gifts or What I’d Buy You If I Won the Lottery

I love to give gifts. I love picking out just the right thing that will delight the recipient. If I had won that billion dollar Powerball lottery last week, here’s what I would buy all of you.


PLY Magazine subscription

Jacey Boggs’ brainchild

Jacey Boggs is one of the most creative minds in spinning today. She got it in her brilliant head to start a new quarterly print magazine for 2013. I am beyond excited to see the first issue.


Anything But Lazy Kate by Nancy’s Knit Knacks

Ply master

This new kate was recently released . It’s self contained and ready for traveling. The thing I love the most about it? Three (3!) different ways to tension. Take that feisty bobbins!

Sidekick Spinning Wheel

Spinning on the road

I’ve used my Sidekick now for more than a year and love it more than when I first got it. I rate it one of the two or three most versatile travel wheels around, plus I just love looking at it.


Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs: Techniques for Creating 80 Yarns by Sarah Anderson

Spinner’s book of wow

The pub date for this book keeps getting pushed, now it’s due mid to late January. Why this book? You know the Barabara Walker stitch dictionaries? It’s like that, but for making 80 different  yarns.


How’d I do? Happy with your gifts?  What’s on your list this spinny holiday season?


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9 thoughts on “Spinning Tuesdays: Spinning gifts or What I’d Buy You If I Won the Lottery

  1. Elizabeth

    Ply is definately on my list! From the description, and what I’ve seen of Jacey Boggs’ work to date, I’m expecting what Spin Off used to offer, indepth articles about topics suitable for all levels. Beginner articles and patterns are fine, but beginners don’t stay beginners long and most spinners I know quickly learn to adapt patterns and write their own. I used to read Spin Off articles that were beyond my skill and then aspire to that skill level; there was always plenty of information to get me there. Spin Off now bores me most of the time, I turn the page expecting more, but there isn’t any.

  2. Elderbird

    The yarns are lovely! Would love to pet any one of them. Yours is the second recommendation for Ply I’ve seen today. I will probably subscribe in a few minutes…

  3. Chaos-theory

    Wow! Those look great. Now I know some more things to add to my want list. Anyone know if Ply will be available in electronic format?

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