The Designers Write: On Darrowby and The Sallah Cowl

The designers of two of the designs from the latest issue have written helpful blog posts about their patterns.

Bristol Ivy, the designer of the lovely – and brilliantly clever – Sallah Cowl provides some hints and tips on the project, including details on how to properly measure.

I adore the fabric of this cowl – and so clever in the way it’s worked.

The Tsock Tsarina shamelessly panders to me with a serious of out-takes from the Darrowby photo sessions – tons of adorable dog photos!

Beautiful! (Nice sweater, too!)

The Tsarina also provides some excellent additional detail on the design, including a very helpful “superstructure roadmap” diagram.

(And she also says something rather nice about me, which is totally unnecessary but very much appreciated.)

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2 thoughts on “The Designers Write: On Darrowby and The Sallah Cowl

  1. Rosa

    Such a cool cowl! Thanks for the diagram, that will make it easier when I finally cast on. I’ll start searching for a yarn that has silk, bamboo or tencel, because it looks great with ‘slinky’ yarn.

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