WWW: Wrapping; Sherlock Fans love Sami’s hat; memoirs of an early 20th century knitter

I mean, seriously. Adorable. Photo Sharlyne Slassi/The Guardian

I adore these: tiny little sweaters, designed as cozies for hard-boiled eggs, but I think they’d make lovely decorations. A miniature aran sweater! Free patterns published on the Guardian website.

Just perfect.

Printable gift wrap – ostensibly cross stitch designs, but they look remarkably like Fair Isle charts to me.

Last Friday in the UK was “Christmas Jumper Day” – people were encouraged to wear their most festive (or silly… or both) sweaters and make donations to the Save the Children charity. The Guardian has a slide show of some really good ones. What’s great about them is that a pleasing number are hand-made: many hand-knit, but several are also clever customizations of store-bought sweaters. Excellent use of pom-poms, too!

Glad that others love it, too!

I love that the discussion boards for fans of the BBC TV series Sherlock have noticed the 221B hat pattern in the most recent issue of Knitty. Did you know that this fab hat is the first pattern ever created by 15-year-old Sami?

A fabulous way to raise funds.

Malaysian-Chinese singer-songwriter Gary Chaw and Chinese actress Karena Lam Ka-yan are promoting a program run by the South Chinese Save the Children Fund. The group is selling a kit that includes yarn, needles and instructions to knit a hat to be donated to Nepali children, and proceeds from the sales of the kit will go to support underprivileged children.

Insights into a life long ago: Kenny Brown, resident of Cornwall, UK, has published his mother’s memoirs: The Ways And Life Of The Old Newlyn: Fishermen, Wives And Their Families by Blanche Harvey Brown. Blanche was born in 1906, and tells of her life in a small Cornwall fishing village. Knitting played a huge role in life when she was young, and it’s fascinating to hear a first person account of a way of life so different from our own.

We have winners! Krystina, Sheena and Mary are our winners of our Knitty Anniversary Yarn Giveaway.

Knitty anniversary yarns

Knitty anniversary yarns

A huge thanks to Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Indigodragonfly and Lisa Souza for creating and donating these beautiful yarns!

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