WWW: Celebrity Non-Knitters; Knitting for the Troops; Learning to Tink

A student tackles her first row.

 Annmarie Aquino, a grade school teacher in NYC, is using knitting and weaving in her  classes to teach math and problem solving skills, and to give her students quiet time for thinking and creating.

Two stories about knitting groups knitting for soldiers being deployed to Afghanistan – a group in the UK is making balaclavas, a group in the US has made blankets for the 21 members of a local battalion of Marines.

A new and enthusiastic knitter!

A filmmaker in Bermuda is told by his doctor to try knitting to help him recover from a hand injury. Although uncertain at first, he’s now hooked, and is thinking of ways of building a business with his needles.

A Canadian knitter learns to tink, has her life changed. We’ve all been there, struggling to fix mistakes. The writer is rescued by her mother, who shares the secret of “unknitting”. I agree completely with the writer’s sentiments – there’s something really wonderful about sharing knowledge one-on-one.

The headline probably isn’t accurate, but I adore this picture of Lenny Kravitz in a fabulously oversized scarf. This is giving me ideas…

And in other celebrities who don’t knit news: Hugh Bonneville of Downton Abbey clears up a rumor. It turns out that he used to do tapestry, not knit.

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4 thoughts on “WWW: Celebrity Non-Knitters; Knitting for the Troops; Learning to Tink

  1. Quinn

    The filmmaker story is a bit disappointing. Actually, quite disappointing IMO. Maybe he is being misrepresented and misquoted, because seriously, there is “no way” knitting would catch on with men? Selling handknit hats and scarves “is a great business for anyone”?

    He’s already planning to sell his own patterns and his own knitting and crocheting magazine “to bring the knitting community together”? His attitude seems entirely profit-driven, and pretty shallow in terms of a total lack of awareness of the many, many excellent resources already available, often for free…YouTube? Ravely???

    I wish he had at least taken time to thank his very patient instructor, Gladys Smith, instead of actually being critical and condescending: “My teacher couldn’t read patterns. I think she learned how to knit when she was young.”

    Yes, quite disappointing.

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