WWW: Ryan Gosling; Sweet Georgia; the How-To of a Cozy Commercial

Kate, who usually helms What’s What Wednesdays has been felled by the flu. Jillian is stepping in to do a quick update about what caught her eye in the knitting world this week.






Ryan Gosling knows how to knit! Or at least he learned how on the set of one of his movies. Maybe this will make Kate feel better.





Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Have you seen the behind the scenes video from Sweet Georgia Yarns?  In four minutes you get to see the Sweet Georgia Yarn operation and listen to owner Felicia Lo talk about her passion for color and fiber.




Clara Parkes’ Great White Bale adventure has started. I always forget to check the blog and there are already two posts. If you are in the same (forgetful) boat as I am, don’t fret. Clara is working on an email notification system for blog updates. If you’ve signed on to be a Traveler, go read about the start of this unique adventure.


The coziest commercial

The coziest commercial

Do you remember the gas company ad where the interior of a house was covered in knitting ? Now there’s a peek into how the commercial was made. It’s amazing how many people worked on it.




The coolest flag


Knitty has always had a special love for Wales given that one of our Besties lives there, and it’s the home of Amy and Brenda’s P3 retreats. Now Wales is coming to Toronto. The North American Festival of Wales will be in Toronto August 29-September 1. We’re hoping for some fiber vendors!

If you are interested in attending one of Amy & Brenda’s P3 Retreats there are still a couple slots available for their upcoming Spring retreat in March. Take a look, you know you want to!


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