Jillian’s Spinning: Bobbins – Is Bigger Better?

As I get to know my Hansen wheel, I’m trying to fill my first bobbin. It’s huge and taking forever. That led me to think about bobbins in general.

Here are the bobbins I have:

all the bobbins

Bobbins L to R: Louet, Majacraft Wild Flyer, Schacht WooLee Winder, Hansen WooLee Winder, Louet Plying, Majacraft, Schacht, Schacht Bulky & in front Schacht Sidekick.

The regular bobbins hold about 4 ounces of singles for me. The bigger ones seem to have infinite space!

The biggies: Majacraft, Hansen, Louet and Schacht.

The biggies: Majacraft, Hansen, Louet and Schacht.

I love the big bobbins for plying. I love the idea of big bobbins for spinning singles, but frankly that’s a lot of the same fiber without a break. The Hansen bobbin up there second from the left, already has 6oz on it, and it will hold 12 easily. I had to take a break from the fiber and spin other fibers and other colors. I’m also not sure I can keep my yarn consistent on one bobbin for 12 ounces, but I’ll see.

Plying onto big bobbins takes special extra care as skein management goes, especially for really fine yarns, to keep tangles from happening. I guess I’m not sure which size bobbins I love to spin on the most.

What size bobbins do you like to spin with?


Porpoise Fur Dorset Horn back in stock!

When this issue’s  Fiber Fiesta went live Porpoise Fur’s gorgeous Coomassie Blue Dorset Horn top was out of stock. Rachel let me know yesterday that it’s back in her shop.

Dorset Horn, you know you want some

Dorset Horn, you know you want some



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5 thoughts on “Jillian’s Spinning: Bobbins – Is Bigger Better?

  1. Jan Smiley

    I realized yesterday when planning future spinning projects: I can plan a multiple braid project on one giant Hansen bobbin. 4 oz of the first, something obviously different spun for a yard or so, then the next 4 oz, repeat for a third. So still utilizing the one giant bobbin, but I would be spinning coordinating, not matching braids…..I always wind off before plying anyway, so I’d wind off the first 4 oz onto a storage bobbin, then the next. Actually looking forward to trying that. So far I’ve been spinning 6 oz increments on my Hansen and it’s looked kinda empty….

  2. Denny's spinning lots right now.

    I like big bobbins, I can lie.
    When a spin a big one I feel so fly.

  3. Maureen J

    I’m in the middle-ish of making a 2-ply that I want to cable with another 2-ply, and I’m having an uh-oh moment. I’m plying on my Hansen with a Woolee Wonder, and that bobbin is pretty full. I only have two bobbins for the Hansen and I’m trying to fugure how I’ll ply the same amount of another 2-ply and then cable them – onto what? Someone has to be wound off onto something else, and all I have are standard Schacht bobbins, some cardboard bobbins I bought for storage while preparing a project, both too small for the 2-plies, let alone the cabled yarn, and my standard size ball winder.

    I guess I’ll cross my fingers and hope I can wind off onto a Schacht bobbin from my Matchless. Bobbins are so very expensive that I couldn’t add more to my Hansen order. Perhaps next birthday/Christmas.

  4. Maureen J

    By the way, didn’t Knitty used to have an email notification list for when a new issue came out? I haven’t seen one for the last few issues.

  5. stitchpunk

    Some people seem to love huge bobbins and they’re great if you’re spinning something super-bulky or an art yarn. But my “default yarn” is a 2-ply sock weight and I don’t need jumbo bobbins for that – the Majacraft ones are just fine. I HAVE filled those with fine singles on occasion but usually I get bored spinning the same thing for too long so I’d much rather have a big supply of spare bobbins then a few huge ones!

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