Jillian’s Spinning: The Hansen Has Landed

All of you who guessed that a Hansen miniSpinner is my new wheel are right!

Here’s what UPS brought on a day so snowy my husband and I had help dig out the truck when it got stuck at the end of our road.

My birthday came early!

My birthday came early!

Yes, two boxes, I got many things, just a second and I’ll show you.

The boxes were so well packed, not one thing shifted.

Snug as a bug in a rug.

Snug as a bug in a rug.

Here’s everything unpacked:

All the spinning things

All the spinning things

I got a maple eSpinner and it’s beautiful. I got a WooLee Winder, the regular Hansen flyer, extra bobbins, the quill, orifice reducers and the brand new Lace flyer. I’m a little overwhelmed. I’ve been spinning a little and it’s dreamy.  I forgot about the fumbled fingered way I spin when I get a new wheel. I try to spin about six different types of yarn simultaneously.  I’ll be doing a big review in the First Fall issue of Knitty and until then I’ll be getting to know her.

My next decision is which Züca bag to get:

What color?

What color?

Those of you that have Hansen eSpinners, I would love to hear any tips you have!


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9 thoughts on “Jillian’s Spinning: The Hansen Has Landed

  1. Gynnab

    Oh I was right! I too recently got a miniSpinner and am in love!!!! The biggest tip is keep tension low!

    I ended up getting a Gray Zuca bag with black frame and its perfect for the mS!

    Enjoy your new toy!

  2. islandspindler

    Lucky you getting the lace flyer! I spin with the Hansen flyer and ply with the woolee winder, bobbin capacity is amazing!

  3. conk

    Congratulations! I love mine, and just took it to Madrona where I picked up the lace flyer. Ditto on the loose tension, and just wait until you see the monster skeins you can wind off one of those big bobbins!

    If you’re going to fly with it, get the Zuca Pro–it holds everything and fits in the overhead bin. And get a battery so you can spin anywhere and everywhere–the one I have is pretty flat and fits perfectly in one of the side pockets of my Zuca bag.

    Now stop reading and Go Spin!

  4. Jude

    Congrats on joining the Hansen fangroup 😉 Awesome spinner, very versatile – especially as you got the different flyers.

    Best newbie tip from me – make adjustments for the brake tension in teeny tiny increments – we’re talking millimeter at a time can make a difference. This tip seems to help folks who are transitioning from a traditional wheel.

    And purple Zuca, of course! (I thought Amy would’ve influenced you already on that decision 😉

  5. Ruby

    You will love your new e-spinner. And of course, I love the Zuca bags. I have the turquoise color and I love it. Perfect for the smaller wheels and of course perfect for the e-spinner.

  6. Michelle Harrison

    I am pleased for you. I don’t have one of those, just the basic, affordable, entry-level one I have had for years. However, If only those two colors are available, I would get the green and have it embellished with black sharpie/micron pigma to make it my own. Surely you know a tattoo artist…

  7. Kathy in San Jose

    Am going to second the Zuca Pro suggestion, because you can more easily fly with it. The Sport model won’t fit in an overhead bin. There is a purple Pro (blackberry) that is gorgeous, just like the yarns you’re spinning!

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