WWW: Before they were famous; a ‘great relationship with yarn’; Lorna’s Laces Sample Sale

Keen new knitters!

A nice piece about Four Purls, a flourishing yarn shop in Winter Haven, Florida. A great overview of a thriving community and a thriving industry (and not a single mention of old stereotypes). The article has what has got to be one of the best quotes of the year so far: “One of the store’s customers, Phyllis Collins, a knitter for only three years, said she’s got a great relationship with yarn.”

Yarn dyers and friends of Knitty, Lorna’s Laces recently did a bit of spring cleaning. They found a whole heap of sample garments and accessories, many of them one-of-a-kind, that they simply don’t have room to store. They are auctioning these samples on eBay, with funds raised going to two charities: Between Friends, an organization whose mission it is to end the cycle of domestic violence, and the Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research.

Note: the first auction closes later today, Wednesday, but more items will be going up soon. Follow Lorna’s Laces Facebook page for more info.

In the early days of their careers, many actors do some modelling. And sometimes they show up modelling knitwearEddie Redmanye of Les Mis fame, and Roger Moore, Mr. Bond himself.

Just what we need to cheer up the city in the last few weeks of winter. Photo courtesy The Toronto Star.

Yarn bombers have been spotted at work in Toronto. Although Amy and Kate both live nearby, we both claim innocence on this one!

Just perfect.

We did wonder if it’s the work of the Bissell Bombers, a group of yarnbombing students from nearby University of Toronto…

The Bissell Bombers’ most recent public installation was this fabulous effort both indoors and out at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

The Bissell Bombers are well-known for decorating the University campus, and will happily take suggestions for what areas of the campus need decorating – bike racks, railings, the dean’s office…

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