WWW: Wool House Special Edition

Wool Britannia!

The Campaign for Wool in the UK is running a special exhibit in London, “Wool House“.

Friend of Knitty and expat Torontonian Alli blogs about her experiences visiting and volunteering at the event here.

In her words,

Wool House is “a stunning showcase of wool for interiors, fashion and the world of artisan and craft making, highlighting the beauty and versatility of the fibre”.​

​What Wool House really is, is a feast for the eyes. Taking over a wing of Somerset House, the exhibit demonstrates how pervasive wool is in our lives. From furniture fabrics to art to clothing textiles to the various forms and possibilities of felting. Wool House is a celebration of all things sheep.

Designers, artists and crafters of all stripes are participating in the event. There are demonstrations and workshops, on everything from spinning to felting to knitting to weaving… Alli and Rachel give a spinning demonstration, caught on video here.

There are exhibitions of fashion and wool clothing, including amazing pieces from Vivienne Westwood, and this replica of the wedding suits worn by Mick and Bianca Jagger:

A wool wedding suit.

There are showcases of home decor – entire rooms decorated with wool, created by leading interior designers.

The very definition of cozy.

And there are amazing pieces of art – including these fantastic winged pendant lights by artist Kate Ramsey.

If you’re in the London area before Sunday (and not allergic to wool – sorry Amy!) I highly recommend a visit.

Urban pastures.

You can follow the activities on the Campaign for Wool’s Twitter feed.  If you can’t visit in person, enjoy the eye-candy online: a Pinterest board, various fashion bloggers’ posts here and here,  Country Living magazine’s post here.

This initiative is one part of program in the UK to help educate and inform the public about the uses of wool for clothing, home furnishings and other applications, with the objective of driving increased use of wool to support local industry. This campaign has world-wide impact, as it it helping educate about the economic, social and environmental benefits of natural fibers and supporting local producers and farmers.

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  1. Cathy

    What a great concept. I love this movement to get back to local resources and natural one to boot. Who needs synthetic fibre for clothing when nature supplies us with so many wonderful options?

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