WWW: World’s Largest Sweater?, Parrot Sweaters, Lego Swift

Yes, that is indeed pretty big.

A group in Turkey has created what they hope will be crowned the “world’s largest sweater” by the Guinness World Records organization. The garment, designed to highlight what officials proclaim to be the bad habit of turning up the heating in the winter, rather than putting on a sweater, thereby wasting energy. The article, a little bit snarky in tone, if you ask me, mentions the National Sweater Day we mark in Canada, reminding us to put a sweater on and turn down the heat. The sweater took 90 people a month to complete, and required over 500kg (about 1100lbs) of yarn.

Terri O’Shea follows up her blog post about pricing her work with a wonderful, thoughtful entry about why we craft, and how we value our own work for ourselves.

A way to support themselves and their families.

Knitters in the Philippines are seeing their work being valued, as a way to help themselves out of a difficult situation. Meredith Ramirez, a student at Cornell University has launched a Kickstarter to help the Ifugao indigenous people, who are seeing their way of life being threatened. The Ifugao people have traditionally farmed rice terraces, and their income is dropping. The families are being forced to move, away from their homeland. On a visit last year, Meredith taught many of the women to knit with a view to enabling them to generate income by knitting items to sell – but she wants to take it bigger, and to make it self-sustaining. The objective is to kick-start a business selling these hats locally to tourists, and worldwide, online. The program looks to honour and protect local traditions while bringing 21st century innovation to solve a problem: to enable the Ifugao people to continue to support themselves and live in the manner they chose.

Lego feats of engineering, knitter-style: a Lego swift!

Small, warm gestures: a woman has knitted sweaters to save the life of a seriously ill parrot.

Makes my nerdy heart beat a little faster.

Knitter Samantha has created a most excellent Pi blanket, for Pi day. I love the clever way that the value of Pi is encoded into the design. The blanket is being donated to Project Linus, an organization that donates blankets to children in need, for comfort.

Celebrity Knitter Alert, Handsome Young Man Edition: Nicholas Hoult, the actor who appeared with Hugh Grant, in ‘About a Boy’ as a child, and has recently appeared in Warm Bodies and Jack the Giant the Slayer.


I do enjoy a good yarn-bomb, and I love the imaginative nature of this work at the Dallas Heritage Village. Love the vegetables in the garden! The slideshow is definitely worth your time.

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  1. Holly

    Oh fun! I happened to fund that Kickstarter effort just a couple hours ago!

    And as an engineer, I totally appreciate the Lego swift!

  2. Tina_R

    The link for the Lego Swift took me to a Lego Winder (still a great idea). Is there one for a swift (since that’s what I need?)

  3. Cathy

    I love the yarn bomb pictures. Such a great post today, many interesting articles. And the nice story about the parrot wo loves his knitted jumpers.

  4. Sarah

    Yah not seeing the switft…only the ball winder which is pretty epic anyway. Maybe they meant ball winder?

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