Jillian’s Spinning: Clara’s Great White Bale

The day it opened I joined Clara Parkes Great White Bale adventure.

I’ve been following along reading every single blog post as the bale makes it’s journey.

Just last week my package came:

Ooooh sheepy!

Ooooh sheepy!

I love the logo – that sheep is so cute and looks like a merino. But my spinning fingers wanted to get a hold of this:

Perfectly scoured

Perfectly scoured

Commercially scoured merino, with just a little VM and just enough lanolin left in.

clara cards

Must card!

I got out my trusty handcards and made three quick rolags. I will admit I rushed in my excitement and created a few neps. And yes, for you eagle-eyed knitters, that is a Knowknits knitting pouch, they work great for holding handcards.

Then I spun it, woolen, of course:

Spun and plied, before and after setting

Spun and plied, before and after finishing

Yummy, fluffy and springy. I wish I could get some more.

Are you following Clara on her Great White Bale adventure?


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