WWW: Knitted Boyfriend, Legwarmers For an Icon, Shetland Wool Week

Warm and snuggly…

The work of Dutch designer Noortje de Keijzer, “My Knitted Boyfriend” is “a cushion with a story”.


The designer has written a book about how My Knitted Boyfriend came to be. The illustrations are whimsical and fascinating, making us think about the comfort a partner brings. “This way you will never feel alone ever again. With this man you can be sure, he will never leave you.”

I love the detail that the designer’s mother and grandmother knitted the sample… I can just imagine the conversation… “you want me to knit what?”

Dropped a stitch, maybe? (I love this photo – we have all made that face… )

A primary school in Kent, UK, has added knitting back to their formal curriculum, after seeing the benefits of a lunchtime knitting club. Students are improving their mathematics skills, and teachers are seeing positive changes in behaviour, also: students are more likely to sit for longer, and knitting has increased social interaction between students. Rather than indulging in solitary pastimes like playing with a phone, children are sitting and talking to each other. (Note: Daily Mail link.)

Love it!
Love it!

Excellent yarnbomb of the 26′ tall Marilyn Monroe statue currently in display in Palm Springs, California. Ann Leiboh enlisted 40 friends and knitters from Knitting Guild of the Desert to make giant legwarmers for the statue…  The project took 8 months overall, and the installation was done in secret over a Friday night, April 12th.  20 knitters helped with the installation, and there were so many pieces contributed that they not only had legwarmers, but they were also able to yarnbomb the signage about the statue, and put scarves on the nearby Sonny Bono and Lucille Ball statues.

Unfortunately, the legwarmers were removed shortly after installation, but the other items remained in place for a few days.

More info and pictures on the Facebook post.

There has reportedly been so much interest in the Fair Isle sweater-wearing Shetland ponies that a German company has set up tours of the Shetland Islands. The tours are timed to coincided with this year’s Shetland Wool Week. This fourth instalment of the annual festival of wool celebrates Britain’s most northerly native sheep, Shetland’s textile industries and rural farming communities. There will be workshops, demonstrations and master classes and events with well-known local and international knitters and designers. Held October 7th to 13th 2013, it promises to be an incredible week of beautiful scenery, beautiful animals and beautiful knitting.

The Grid weekly paper in Toronto profiles some of Toronto’s male knitters, discussing the shift in cultural attitudes towards gender and craft. You might see a familiar name in the piece…

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3 thoughts on “WWW: Knitted Boyfriend, Legwarmers For an Icon, Shetland Wool Week

  1. romney

    Love the knitting school. They’re fairly near me. Perhaps it’ll spread. But can you believe the quote someone gave in the article?

    “Caroline Wright, of the British Educational Suppliers Association, said yesterday: ‘These proposals will result in some fabulous knitwear but, sadly, fewer world-class engineers and innovators.’ ”

    What an idiot! Knitting is the only good reason I have for learning mathematics.

  2. Nancy Reid

    I would love to make a knitted boyfriend (in her case, husband) for my best friend who’s husband is in the air force. She is so lonely when he goes on a tour. Is the pattern available or will it be in the future? Either way, it was a jolly good giggle to see it and the cartoons. Thanks. 🙂

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