WWW: Lambing Season; Knitting Marathoner; Mum-to-be learning to knit?

It’s lambing season in the Northern Hemisphere! We’re thoroughly enjoying all the wonderful pictures: here, here, and here.

TOFT Alpaca shop in Warwickshire in the UK is hosting a number events for shearing week, May 13th-14th. Visit the farm to see the alpacas being shorn, and enjoy workshops on fiber and felting.

Yes. You are seeing that.

Spotted earlier this week: Stephen Fry walking a sheep across London Bridge. The author and broadcaster was awarded the Freedom of the City of London in 2011, and one of the long-held historical rights of that position is to “drive sheep and cattle over London Bridge”. He’s currently filming a documentary for UK television on the City of London, and so he took advantage of his position to take a fluffy friend for a walk.

More here, including some fabulously bemused responses on Twitter.

Sheep may chicly graze…

And the city of Paris has hired four black sheep to mow (and fertilize…)  a grassy park outside the city’s municipal archive building.

Just a taste of the work on display.

The Milestones Trust, a charity in the UK that supports vulnerable adults with learning disabilities, mental health needs and dementia is holding an art exhibition of the work of their community.

Expressions: Secret Garden brings the great outdoors inside, with a wide variety of garden and nature themed textile and fiber projects.

Running April 13 to the 21st at the Paintworks in Bristol, there will be workshops and demonstrations of various fiber crafts, as well as a breathtaking display of art. This exhibition brings the outdoors imaginatively indoors, and explores the way in which we interpret and play with our green spaces, slicing them into parks or gardens, and building them into our lives. The centerpiece is a collection of knitted plants, fruits and vegetables.

The first weekend of the festival will be packed full of workshops and exhibition talks. You can try needle-felting, knitting, photography, drawing, electronic music-making and much more.

A runner from the UK is attempting to break her own record for knitting the longest scarf while running a marathon. You go, girl!

A certain mother-to-be Kate is learning to knit…

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  1. Cathy

    I wondered if I could combine my two loves of running and knitting. I guess I had better start practicing! I have a lot on the needles and a marathon is plenty of time to knit.

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