Jillian’s Spinning: Ode to the Hansen Bobbin Winder, I Mean, Quill

When I ordered my HansenCrafts miniSpinner I ordered the Quill attachment. Not to do point of contact spinning, though someday I might, but to use as an electric bobbin winder. Kevin Hansen said lots of Hansen spinners use it that way. Well, if everyone is doing it……

It works great, easy to attach. It slotted right into the orifice.

Quill attached

Quill attached

I slid on my bobbin, slid on the rubber o-ring that comes with it to hold my bobbin in place, attached my yarn from my kate on the floor and off I went!

With bobbin

With bobbin

I used Schacht cardboard bobbins, which were a little loose on the quill. I made the fit snug by stuffing a little fiber into the bobbin before inserting it on the quill.

I had a nearly full (10 oz) Hansen bobbin that I wanted to divide evenly. I set my trusty baking/fiber scale to the weight of an empty cardboard bobbin. Periodically while winding I would stop, slide off my bobbin and check the weight. It took no time to wind off my full bobbin on to storage bobbins, a little more than an episode of Elementary.

I don’t think it replaces an electric bobbin winder if you already have one. I didn’t and I am so happy I got this attachment!


My next stop in the Hansen journey is how in the heck do I organize the inside of the Züca bag? Who has tips for me?




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