WWW: Celebrity Knitters, Knitted Anatomy, A “Gateway Drug”?

Celebrity knitter run-down: Uma Thurman, Amanda Seyfried and Christina Hendricks.

Realistic and yet not.
Installation and video artist Candace Coursd uses yarn and other textiles in her work. Her exhibit Sick, uses a knitted representation of the human body and its workings.

I’m faintly squeamish and found the images fascinating. As you can see in the video, although clearly knitted replicas, the images created are oddly lifelike and just on the edge of being gory.

This headline made me smile: Cucinelli Becomes Billionaire Knitting $1,920 Cardigans. Yes, I’m sure we could all get rich if we sold our handknits for that amount of money…

A Knitzvah? ‘Mitzvah’ is Yiddish for good deed… and therefore a knitzvah would be a good deed committed with yarn. A community group in New Jersey has launched a program to make scarves, hats and blankets for local hospitals.

A cute little piece on the Oxford University Student online magazine about the resurgence of knitting. I adore the photo chosen, and am amused by the slightly dubious but not entirely incorrect analogy:

“knitting is analogous to soft drugs – you try a little and enjoy it, you want to try a little more – and you soon find yourself addicted to all kinds of hardcore craft. Knitting is a gateway drug.”

Thanks Erika B.! A little birthday wish for us in our 10th anniversary year!

Coming together over yarn and needles.

Love this story: ninety year olds and nine year olds come together for knitting classes… It’s a win all around: children learn new skills, the elderly get to participate in their larger community and see their skills valued, and teachers embrace the real-life stories and history lessons the elders share.

Don’t pretend you wouldn’t say the same sort of thing… well, ok, I probably would… A real-estate shopper in NY falls in love with an apartment because it matches the blanket project she’s working on.

We love seeing mentions of knitting in the mainstream press, and we look forward to the days when we don’t see muggles making such basic mistakes at this… it’s a quilt, guys! Not knitting! (Although it is a lovely quilt… )

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4 thoughts on “WWW: Celebrity Knitters, Knitted Anatomy, A “Gateway Drug”?

  1. Seanna Lea

    Earlier this week on the Jeopardy College Championship, the student from MIT talked about knitting in his little more about the contestants section. It was great hearing it come up and it made me think of Knitty!

  2. Sarah

    I read the headline “Cucinelli Becomes Billionaire Knitting $1,920 Cardigans” and thought of our Virginia Attorney General (and generally considered as potential Governer)Ken Cuccinelli. I thought perhaps it was some kind of political fundraiser… I like this story better. Especially the bit about wearing their garments “in a very casual way”. I don’t think I could ever wear a $1000+ garment casually.

  3. Sue J

    We have a KNITZVAH group in Austin too! It started out hats and scarves for the homeless, and has mushroomed. The group also donates hats to women’s shelters, and children’s shelters, Any Baby Can, etc
    They are on Ravelry too!

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