WWW: TTC Knitalong, Sock Knitting Machine Museum, The Chatelaine

Stitch & ride

Toronto’s annual TTC Knitalong is scheduled for Saturday July 20th.  Pack a portable project and jump on a bus, streetcar or subway car with a group of knitting friends, touring around the city. Yarn stores on the routes will have special discounts, prizes, giveaways and other goodies. At the end of the day, all teams will meet for snacks and a drink, and there will be lots of show and tell.

Visitors to Toronto note: even if you’re not participating in the event, the website has an excellent overview of the great yarn shops in our fair city.

Do other cities have such events? Let us know!

Vintage knit, modern adorableness.

More than 30 years later, a New Zealand knitter decides she’s finally ready to tackle a pattern published in the May 25, 1970 issue of New Zealand Woman’s Weekly… Cuteness ensues.

After posting about the recently found vintage sock knitting machine, a reader alerted me to the New Zealand Sock Knitting Machine Museum, in Hokitika, New Zealand. Love it!

A needlework chatelaine. Image courtesy The Collectors Weekly

Fascinating: an article about the Chatelaine, the Victorian woman’s toolkit. In the days before giant bags, women would carry key tools with them in this jewellery-like case. Chatelaines were specific to situation and activity – a needlework chatelaine was designed to hold needles, scissors, thimbles and the like.  Others would hold notebooks, perfume bottles, handkerchiefs.

These were both practical but also fashion accessories, and like purses, sometimes style trumped practicality… does it matter if it’s too small to hold everything you need if it’s really really cute? 

Being, ultimately, practical and domestic items, they aren’t well known, and good examples are hard to find. This Collectors Weekly article gives you amazing insight into the item and the women who wore them, along with some tremendous photographs.

How fab is this?

Another fantastic yarnbomb at the seaside, in Saltburn, UK. This is clearly the work of the team that created an epic Olympic-themed yarnbomb last year. Click through to see all the photos!

A knitting city councillor causes a fuss at a meeting of the Liskeard Town Council, in Cornwall. Some of us wish that the disputes on our own city councils were so pleasant…

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4 thoughts on “WWW: TTC Knitalong, Sock Knitting Machine Museum, The Chatelaine

  1. kmkat

    I am a member of my local county board of supervisors (probably similar to the council in the cited article) here in Wisconsin. When I brought my knitting to meetings, one of the local newspaper columnists felt obliged to comment on it as a way of disparaging the board, something like “The board meeting was so unproductive one of the supervisors knitted through the meeting.” Jerk.

    1. Niki

      You knit; he (I’m assuming it was a HE?) took notes. Apparently both of you could do something constructive with your hands at the same time as paying attention to the meeting, yet he chose to be disparaging about something I venture to guess he cannot himself do. But I’ll bet you can take notes.

  2. Maureen

    I appreciate you posting the Trellis pattern, However, there is a problem with the buttonhole placement. I am knitting the smallest size. There’s supposed to be 5 buttonholes. The first is in the seed st border. Going by what the pattern says (buttonhole every 8th row), the next 4 buttonholes should be in Rows 5, 13, 21, and 29 of the cabled section. However, the shawl collar doesn’t start until row 39, ten rows later. Very sloppy looking. I guess I’ll have to add another buttonhole on Row 37–making 6 buttonholes (not visually pleasing)–or maybe continue to a 7th buttonhole, making the shawl collar much smaller.

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