WWW: Rhinebeck Workshops, Yardage Sale, Chickens in Sweaters, Making a Living?



Registration for workshops at Rhinebeck is officially open! Our own Jillian is teaching six classes. Go and spin with her!


The Textile Museum of Canada announces it annual “More than Just a Yardage Sale” event, running Friday May 24 & Saturday May 25 outside its Toronto location. It’s a fundraiser for the museum, selling all sorts of textile and crafty delights – fabric, yarn, patterns, books and notions. They take donations from all over Ontario, and there are goodies for every crafter. In addition to supplies, there are also WIPs and partially finished projects – always fun to root through. I’ve bought various abandoned projects over the years – sometimes so I could finish it, sometimes to salvage the tools (my embroidery hoop cost 50 cents, and came with an incomplete cross stitch project of an antique car!), sometimes for the materials. And there are often really great books to be found.

It’s a guilt-free way of enhancing your stash – or if you need to reduce your stash a little, consider making a donation.

If you’re in the Toronto area, it’s definitely worth a visit.

If you’re in the UK, a piece from the BBC on a school knitting club’s trip to learn more about Victorian Lace knitting, and visit to a wool broker. (Video link doesn’t work outside of the UK, sadly.)

Members of the DKC

Toronto’s Downtown Knit Collective doesn’t just host the Frolic, they also run a program to make and donate hats and scarves to people affected by cancer.

They set up a tent and the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, and knit throughout the overnight event – and throughout the year.

Inspired by the experiences of friends and members with cancer, the group published a book of cap and hat patterns, “Annabelle’s Caps”, named after DKC past president Annabelle Dawson, who lost her life to brain cancer. Funds raised go to cancer charities, and the hats, scarves and shawls are donated to sick family members and friends, to organizations who support cancer patients during treatment, and to strangers undergoing treatment who need a “hug.”

Can you Make A Living From Your Hobby? A piece on the BBC about crafters who have been able to establish businesses based on their craft.

Happy, well-dressed chickens. Love.

Chickens in sweaters. Students at a school in Kent, UK, are knitting sweaters for ex-battery hens who have lost their feathers. It’s the photos and the quotes from the students that make this story for me…. “when I tell people I am knitting a jumper for a chicken they think I am either lying or completely bonkers.”

In conjunction with Wool Week Australia, Vogue Australia interviews yarnbomber Magda Sayeg in a piece about yarnbombing.

Brittany Holliss of the Bissell Bombers

The Bissell Bombers, a group of University of Toronto graduates, are profiled in one of Toronto’s arts weeklies, The Grid.

Ed: If it seems like there’s a lot of yarny things going on in Toronto – well, it’s true, there are. There are lots of yarny types in the Toronto area, and we’re lucky enough to be supported by many wonderful business and organizations. Southern Ontario is a haven for knitters… Considering a vacation? Come and see us! We’re very nice!

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  1. Julie

    What a great news round up, and the photo of those chickens in sweaters just makes my heart ache, they look so cute! And I don’t normally think of chickens as cute. I also am thrilled to hear about the Textile museum, I’m going to donate to them, for sure. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Ann Devine

    Oh, and I was telling my daughter that I need to get a passport. She asked where I’d go, and I told her “Ontario!”. This was just last night!! I think sometime in July might be nice….

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