First weekend of WWKIP: Where did you knit?

Kate knitted in the audience at a comedy show.

A sock, of course.

A sock, of course.

Amy’s LYS, The Purple Purl, yarnbombed a 400ft fence in a nearby park on Queen Street.


tools of the trade

tools of the trade


Zoe carefully examines an apple core


Lots of abandonded WIPs turned into fodder for yarnbombing


Michelle, Debbers and Miko help make the park more Purple


Every post needs a pompom hat


Jennifer sews up tube after tube



Rosa gets to work.

More photos on their Facebook page.

Lettuce Knit knitted and spun in public on their patio – yes, a yarn shop with a patio!

Brenna, spinning in the sunshine

Brenna demonstrating her vintage sock knitting machine

There may also have been snack breaks.

There may also have been snack breaks.

A brave knitter - some of us were too busy chatting to pay attention to lacework!

A brave knitter – some of us were too busy chatting to pay attention to lacework!

The weather was perfect.

The weather was perfect.

On Sunday, WWKIPTO hosted a huge event in Toronto’s high park. ¬†Excellent picture here, courtesy KniterlyErin.

Knitters were spotted at the Relay for Life 24-hour road race fundraising event.

More events are scheduled for this coming weekend – check your local shops and guilds! Kate will be in Waterloo at the Shall We Knit Studiopalooza.

Last Saturday was also the third International Yarnbombing Day. Some fantastic photographs on the Instagram blog.

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7 thoughts on “First weekend of WWKIP: Where did you knit?

  1. Tina_R

    I crocheted a steering wheel cover while waiting for an appt. (it’s 108 F today and a cover is sorely needed!)

  2. Karen

    I knit at an outside concert in between rain drops (set my golf umbrella on the ground and knitted under the edge of it till the rain got too heavy and we needed the umbrella over us!).

  3. Thatgrrl

    I finished sweater sleeves and knitted a hat for my niece while bartending at a benefit for St Jude Children’s Hospital.

  4. Anna

    I knit at the shopping centre and in church – neither is unusual behavior for me! My church knitting regularly starts conversations, and my shopping centre knitting over coffee this weekend prompted very pleasant chats with strangers. Fun!

  5. Laurie Knight

    We knitted during a rainstorm at a beach music concert! We were under a shelter, so the important stuff (yarn and food) stayed dry!

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