Jillian”s Spinning: Spinning at TNNA

TNNA, or The National Needlework Association show happened this past weekend. It’s a wholesale show for yarn shops to see and buy yarn for the fall season. Also attending are designers, publishers and loads of other yarny and fuzzy types. Amy, Kate and I were all there representing Knitty and eating  legendary Jenni’s ice cream.

Spinning has been creeping slowly into this show. There are classes in adding spinning to your knitting shop and more and more exhibitors have fiber – Yay!

There was a lot of gorgeous fiber (and fiber folk) at the show; I took a few photos with my phone here’s a peek:

Most of these companies only sell wholesale, check with your local spinning or knitting shop to see if they currently or soon will carry them.

Rob Cetner of Wool, Warp and Wheel spinning on his Hitchhiker
A huge spinning fiber display with samples at the entrance
Rita Petteys the chair of Spinzilla a spinning contest to be held during Spinning and Weaving week in Oct. She’s also one of the instructors at the Happy Camper Fiber Retreat in Sept.
The only time these wheels were empty at the Schacht booth. Lots of wheels and looms were sold.
Louet! Fiber, yarn and wheels
Happy Fuzzy
Happy Fuzzy Yarn was a first time exhibitor
Blue Sky
Blue Sky Alpacas doesn’t sell fiber, but used it for display
Lorna's Laces has spinning fiber in all of their colorways.
Lorna’s Laces has spinning fiber in all of their colorways.
Malabrigo now has merino fiber
Treenway Silks has a rainbow of silk fiber
Frabjous BFL
Frabjous Fibers new BFL+sparkle
Frabjus muffins
Frabjous Fibers Muffin Tops. They had all kinds of great packaging that works in yarn stores
Frabjus what?
Frabjous Fibers what is this?
Frabjus 3 feet
Frabjous Fibers Three Feet of Sheep – a yard of gradient colors
Anzula has beautiful fibers and colors, I am deeply smitten.
Sweet Georgia
Sweet Georgia Yarns has some of my most favorite fiber to spin.
Sweet Georgia new
Sweet Georgia’s  new colorways – I can’t wait to spin these.
My favorite new fiber exhibitor was Lucky Cat Craft. She has lots of unique luxury blends.

My brain is full and excited by all of things I saw and all of the ideas Amy, Kate and I came up with for Knitty and Knittyspin. But before I get started on the new, I have to catch up on email.












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5 thoughts on “Jillian”s Spinning: Spinning at TNNA

  1. Warren Agee

    When I used to go to TNNA as a retailer, it was hard to find any spinning-specific products. I’m so glad to see the formation of the SWG (Spinning and Weaving Group) within TNNA. I’m hoping that this will mean more spinning supplies will turn up at local yarn shops over time. It’s always more fun buying fiber in person, plus supporting the LYS is so very important.

  2. Savanna

    All those beautifully dyed fibers…now that I am done with nursing school, maybe I can finally get back to spinning and knitting! Sure wish I had some of those bright rovings though!

  3. Kate Mc

    I am SO proud of my daughter. She has been using a spindle for about a year. I set her down in front of my wheel just this week and she is doing amazing. She is very happy to spin and then knit and then spin some more if needed. I am just wonderfully delighted!

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