WWW: Putting the ‘Woolly’ in “Woolly Mammoth”; ‘Knitting Wars’; Virtual Wake

Can’t wait to see the pictures of the second installation – this time approved!

The Knitting Guild of the Desert, in Palm Springs California, is reinstalling their fantastic “legwarmers for Marilyn” yarnbomb – this time with permission from the city of Palm Springs! – to celebrate WWKIP on June 13th.  More details here. All day, knitters will be gathered around the statue, knitting, spinning and weaving.

Bobbly Beaver!
Putting the “woolly” in “woolly mammoth”

Amanda of KnitSocial sent us these terrific photos from a recent visit to the Yukon in Canada. The work of Yarn Bomb Yukon, who yarnbombed a DC-3 airplane last year, these prehistoric animal cozies may well be the most Canadian yarnbombs ever…

A nice article about handmade fashion, profiling instructors and sessions from last weekend’s Handmade New Zealand festival. In addition to knitting classes, there were sessions on re-purposing older clothes, and creating your own one-of-a-kind style.

Outstanding quote from knitting instructor Tash Barneveld, owner of a Petone yarn shop: “Once you can purl and plain, you’re away.” (“Plain” is the older term for “knit”, common in the UK and Australia and New Zealand. It’s what my grannie used to say, and it makes me smile.)

We knew it was fake immediately – “sew”?!

Interesting discussion alert: are we offended or not? A NYC-based PBS station has kicked off a small fuss with a new advertising campaign… they made posters for fake reality TV shows, making the point that if you believe such shows as “Married to a Mime” and “Bayou Eskimos” actually exist, then that says a lot about the current state of TV. One of the fake shows they created was “Knitting Wars’. I love knitting, but I’d be the first to admit you’d have a hard time making an interesting reality competition TV show out of it… 

A lovely virtual wake for Kathreen Ricketson of Whipup.net over at MasonDixingKnitting.com.

How could you say no to that face?

A group of knitters at a retirement home in Scotland is making blankets for service dog puppies. I would knit blankets in exchange for regular visits from adorable service dog puppies – seems like a win for everyone!

Intriguing discussion on Yahoo! Answers… school project, perhaps?

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6 thoughts on “WWW: Putting the ‘Woolly’ in “Woolly Mammoth”; ‘Knitting Wars’; Virtual Wake

  1. Barb Day

    Okay, I’m one for sewing, knitting, weaving, etc., but I wouldn’t watch that either. I was watching A&E the other night and thinking about the current state of television. It’s amazing the reality shows out there. And what percent of the population actually watches that junk! Don’t get me wrong, some are great and interesting, but some are just idiotic!

  2. Meg

    How about a reality show, “Stud Service”; Sort of like a dating game except with dogs?

  3. egrace

    I’d watch that knitting show. Surely it couldn’t be any worse than anything else on these days, including sports. I never know anymore how long a season lasts either. So they wouldn’t had me trying to find it.
    What fun – I Like having Fun!

  4. egrace

    I LOVE the idea of the Knitting reality show. We could do all sorts of things including a competition to see what you make with 12 size 4 double pointed needles, giving 4 teams of 3 knitters each misc. varieties of pieces of yarn with the direction to come up with a fashionable wearable …, or any other number of tests that would have us all in … stitches?

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