WWW: Upcoming European Fiber Festivals; Knitting Prime Minister Fuss; Cable Knit Floor Tiles!

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Lively debate alert: Julia Gillard, the (just-ousted) Australian Prime Minster, a keen knitter, was photographed with one of her WIPs for the Australian Women’s Weekly magazine. The photo has kicked off predictable – and frustrating – debate about whether it’s “appropriate” for a politician to knit, and what sort of message it’s sending, and so forth… When other politicians are indulging in less-than-savory – and sometimes less-than-legal – pastimes, the fuss seems absurd.

This fuss inspired mystery author (a personal favorite of mine) Val McDermid to tell a fantastic story about her experiences knitting – when learning as a young girl, to annoy a newspaper editor, and more recently as an aid to quitting smoking. As she says, we knitters shouldn’t be messed with. In her words

Respect the knitters, I say. We are tough, we are ruthless and we know how to bide our time.

How I wish I could be there!

Travel opportunity alerts:
This weekend it’s Woolfest in Cumbria, UK. There are exhibits, workshops and demonstrations, as well as a fleece sale, and a fantastic vendor fair selling all sorts of wooly and fleecy goodness.

What an excellent weekend this will be..

And the weekend of July 13 & 14th there’s a big fiber festival, Le lot et la laine in the south of France, at the Musée de Cuzals, Sauliac sur Célé. More info on the event blog and in the Ravelry group.

Covet alert: faux cable knit floor tiles.

World record alert: Following up on a story we reported on a couple of of weeks ago, we have been notified that the Guinness organization has confirmed that Jeanette Huisinga, has indeed broken the record for the world’s largest knitting needles.

Officially sanctioned yarnbomb alert: In another great update, the Pittsburgh group looking to yarnbomb the Andy Warhol bridge has been given official permission. We can’t wait to see pictures of this project!

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