Jillian’s Spinning: Who’s Going to Rhinebeck?

Maybe it’s because the weather where I live is unusually cool for August – it was 73 yesterday. But I feel fall coming.

To a lot of spinners the event that makes our hearts beat faster in the fall is – Rhinebeck, the New York Sheep and Wool Festival.

This year it’s October 19th and 20th, with extra class time on October 17th and 18th.

Who’s going? Where are you staying? What will you buy? The vendor list is up!


My sweater yarn, swatched.

What are you knitting for your Rhinebeck sweater? I’m knitting a cardigan using Ann Budd’s  most excellent  Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters with handspun of course.


Are you taking classes? Have you looked at the list? There are lots of spinning classes taught by teachers from all over the county.

Annis knit out of handspun

Annis knit out of handspun

This year I’m teaching for four days which means I can’t take classes or shop much. Usually, I take a least one half day class, even if it’s something I’ve taken a class in before. There are always new ideas, and new perspectives, plus the classes usually give my shopping new direction.

The half day classes I’m teaching this year are all about knitting with handspun, because that’s what I love.

Straw into Gold: Knitting with Handspun

The Difference a Ply Makes: Choosing the Right Ply for Your Knitting Project

I Like Big Yarn and I Cannot Lie : Spinning Big Lofty Yarn

Square Peg in a Round Hole: Using Your Handspun for Knitting Patterns Written for Commercial Yarn

What are your Rhinebeck plans?




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6 thoughts on “Jillian’s Spinning: Who’s Going to Rhinebeck?

  1. Tina Kasimer

    I will be taking classes all day Thursday and all day Friday (Jillian’s classes BTW) and shop shop shop and thoroughly enjoy myself for the weekend! My daughter is coming from the University of Rochester and I have a cousin coming from Ohio for her first spinning class and her first Rhinebeck! I love this festival- garment watching, artichoke eating, leaf peeping…..everything. I also like to see people walk around with big smiles on their faces. They are in their happy place! Also great is meeting people in the classes.

  2. Kate Mc

    Do you know of any books out there about knitting with handspun? Would love a few titles. Thanks!

  3. greta

    I am TOO EXCITED for Rhinebeck this year. I’m trying oh so terribly hard to keep to my budget and pair down my wish list, but it is THE event of the season. Bison – I’m getting bison for sure. And Shetland – it’s next year’s featured breed, so I have to have that if only for the competitions. Then I need/want/need and new mid-weight drop spindle (doesn’t have to be pretty, although it wouldn’t hurt, but it has to be balanced). Of course I have to get my sock yarns for the year – can’t go without socks. And books. I’m getting books, but since Jill hasn’t sent the author list to go up yet (hopefully tonight!!) I’m not sure which – but I’ll get 2. At least 2. Then there was this lovely lovely mink lace weight – did you touch it last year? Oh my… I must get some this time around. Classes? Maybe if I can go on Friday. But shopping? I am so ready for shopping! OH! BUTTONS!!!! I need more buttons.

    Actually I think I need to breathe a little and calm down.

  4. Acraftylawyer

    I’m going! Taking the drum carding class on Friday, and the photography class Saturday. Maybe being otherwise occupied on Saturday morning will keep my buying frenzy tamed a bit. I’m going to finish my Orkney, an all over fair isle Rowan design, to wear on Saturday, and will bring shawls in case it isn’t cold enough for a wool sweater. I’ve been there years when I was freezing, and years when I had to take my sweater off by noon.

  5. cal

    i live in the Hudson Valley, at least in part so i can be near Rhinebeck! it’s definitely one of my favorite weekends of the year. i’m thrilled to be taking YOUR Yarnitechture class on thursday, and i will spread the word that there is room in your half-day classes! can’t WAIT!

  6. Brandi Schoch

    I won’t be making Rhinebeck but I will be teaching spinning and fiber prep locally during that time so I’m definitely in the spirit of the thing:)

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