WWW: Extraordinary yarnbombings, Clever Girls on Switch-Boards, Yarny Magazine Covers

Yes, that is life-size. An actual train.

Ok, I know it’s not knitting, but it’s a big enough project that it’s worthy of mention: Yarn-bomber extraordinaire Olek has crocheted an entire four-car locomotive. Yes, that’s right. A train.

Love it!

Also not knitting, but also very cool yarnbombing: Marcy Kraft created “Rubik’s Cubes” for the Children’s Park across from San Diego Convention Center. She installed slipcovers on 30 of the grey concrete seating cubes for Comic-Con this year, and hopes to cover all 60 of them for Comic-Con 2014, next year being the 40th anniversary of the Rubik’s Cube puzzle toy.

More about the project and Marcy’s other yarmnbombing efforts – including an excellent giant Etch-a-Sketch board – here.

And matching bikini, naturally.

And then there’s this: a knit Vespa with sidecar.

Over 100 prisoners have been trained to knit and crochet since the program started in 2009.

Both knitting and crocheting, both interesting, and controversial: Brazilian fashion designer Raquel Guimaraesis is employing inmates from a maximum security prison Arisvaldo de Campos Pires to knit her designs for her. In addition to being paid for their work, for every three days of knitting or crochet, an inmate gets one day off their sentence. Those who wish to participate in the program receive training, and their work is check for quality, to ensure it meets the requirements set by the designer. The designer herself has provided training, and works with the participants. The finished items are sold in over 70 stores in Brazil, and around the world.

That should be “Clever girls on Skype…”, maybe?

A blogger in the UK shows off an excellent find of vintage 1950s era Vogue Knitting Magazines. Drool-worthy indeed! I love this ad that was on the back of one of the magazines… Yup, I knit when I’m on the phone, talking on a headset, it’s true.

So cool.

Wow. Danish artist Inge Jacobsen has created yarn replicas of covers of some of the world’s best-known magazines. Combining yarn, cross stitch and embroidery, the pieces are fantastic, and are an invitation to look not just at the subject of the photography, but the photograph itself. More info on the artist’s work on her site, here.

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  1. purplepenguin

    I worked in a customer service call center and knit while on the phone. It was a big stress reliever for those times when someone on the line was irate or irrational. Kept me calm, and clear headed.

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